What Is Dry Rot On Your Tires?

What Is Dry Rot On Your Tires?

What exactly is dry rot? Dry rot is commonly associated with lumber
— a fungal decay that causes dry wood to crack and crumble. As for tires, dry rot isn’t caused by a
fungus. But the result is similar: dry, brittle rubber
with cracking around the sidewall. So what does cause dry rot? Time, mostly. You usually see it on older tires, especially
if they aren’t used much. It can happen sooner if tires are underinflated
or put into storage. Certain cleaners can damage a tire too. A tire with dry rot is just like an old rubber
band—brittle and easy to break. Except if a tire breaks, it’s a much bigger
deal. If your tire has dry rot, odds are you need
a new tire. To be sure, swing by your auto dealership
so they can take a look.

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  1. Believe it or not, my tires bare dry rotted and my truck had 146k miles. It currently has 180k miles with the same tires and no issues nor pops at all. I guess dry rot is sometimes safe.

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