What Is A Dirt Jump Mountain Bike?

What Is A Dirt Jump Mountain Bike?

– Some of you are wondering,
what is a dirt jump bike? I like to say it’s an over-sized BMX. You can use it in the skate parks, you can use it on the street, dirt jumps, slope style. I’m gonna walk you through the whole bike. (subtle rock music) So I’m gonna start from the
ground and work my way up. You’ve got two different sized wheels when it comes to dirt jump riding. You’ve got 24-inch wheels, here, which is a little bit of
an old school size wheel, but there are still them diehard fans that do still use them. This side, we’ve got 26, the most common sized wheel when it comes to dirt jump riding. They’re super light, very strong, and they can take an absolute hammering when it comes to crashing, or them big jumps. So, when it comes to tyre choice, I’ve gone for an XC tyre. This is super lightweight, strong, the tread pattern is low-profile. I’m running at 60 to 65 PSI, which helps with rolling resistance, and the dreaded pinch puncture. I hope. Next up, drivetrain. There’s two different kind of cranks when it comes to this, but it’s all personal preference. BMX cranks, durable, cost-effective crank that allows you to run a 25
tooth chain ring on the front. Mountain Bike, super slick, lightweight, strong, but you’re limited to a 30
tooth chain ring on the front. Pedals. It’s all about flats, no old clips involved with dirt jumping. For me, I’ve gone for
a small platform pedal, and I’ve wound the pins out to give me that extra bit more grip under my foot. Brakes or no brakes, that is the question. For me, I’m running a hydraulic disc brake on the rear, with an extra long hose which I’ve wound around my head tube to give me that extra bit more flexibility when spinning the bars or
doing tricks with the bars. Another option is gyros. This is a piece of equipment that runs underneath your stem, which allows you to spin your bars freely, without any cables interfering with the spin of your bars. So, when it comes down to the heart of this bike, it’s all about the frame. Generally made out of aluminium, or chromoly. It’s super light, strong, stiff, it’s a neat little package. Neat. So, when it comes to
geometry on this bike, you have a real steep head angle, real short rear end, BB’s middle. Just allows you to throw this bike around and just get in amongst it, you know? Flick it about. Generally, all dirt jump bikes come with suspension forks. I’m running mine at a high pressure, super stiff, but just enough for those heavy impact landings. Right, we’ve reached the top of the bike, the cockpit, the bar and stem. Generally, all bars are super narrow, and stems are super short, just to give that extra
bit more manoeuvrability around with those bars. I’m running my bar length at 760, and the stem at 40 mil. So, hopefully that’s given you an insight to what a dirt
jump bike is all about. If I’ve missed out anything, or if you wanna know more about it, let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you about it. If you wanna know how to do a bunny hop, click right here. When you’ve learned that, click here to see our bunny hop challenge. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe and give us a thumbs-up.

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  1. Hey Blake, will you recommend a dirt jump for an auxiliary bike in order to improve jumping? Maybe start jumping on a dirtjump and after do the same on a mtb.?

  2. I am quite new to mountain biking and jumps and all that but I struggle to lift the bike up to do wheelies. Maybe it’s just me and not the bike but I also can’t get enough lift on the bike. Can someone please help. When it comes to dirt jumps, my bike hardly ever lifts off the ground. I don’t know whether this is to do with the suspension or something but I just have an issue with jumps and have many times, hit the down ramp and gone fo the bike bars 😂
    Please help me tho anyone

  3. Any one know a bike company that has a 24 in complete I thought ns did I would like to get the inspired flow but all north American seller's are out for a while

  4. How can i increase my ride height on my dirt jumper? It feels like I'm riding over my handlebars too much. Any suggestions?

  5. BMX or Jump Bike for the skate-/pumptrack park? I’m stopped counting my age with 29.5 🙂 What would you go for?

  6. Hi GMBN. Looking at potentially buying a dirt jumper (potentially the calibre astronut). Being 6ft 6" it's basically "what's the max size for this bike? Cool, I'll have that one then." But when I was looking it's just one size fits all and looking at other dirt jumpers this seems to be a theme. Do you guys think this will be an issue for sommeone of my size? Thanks for your help!

  7. 760mm is super narrow??? My eMTB has a 690mm bar. It's a hardtail with geometry somewhere between an XC (steep head angle) and trail bike (shorter chain stay). But it is a halfords bike…

    I'm soon to be getting a Canyon Spectral and even that comes with 760mm bars. Hmm…

  8. Guys need help.i came from bmx now i want to build my dj bike.im juz 5'5,what size of frame should i buy?i play street btw

  9. I’m thinking about building a dirt jumper. I noticed you have fox 36 forks but the stanchions are short. Can you explain what’s going on here? Thanks

  10. WHATEVER happened to the OTHER "I" in "Aluminum"? It ever shows a a mistake.
    Must have a Brit spill chucker. 🇬🇧 🤔 .

  11. noob question just starting, how long is the ideal handlebar for dirt jump? I was ok with 750mm when I was in my enduro bike.

  12. They essentially are a bmx frame that has been fitted with a longer set of suspension forks, gears and a different chainring and crank.

  13. Can you have a dirt jump bike with a 9 gear rear casette so you can properly climb on trails or is it better to stick with a single speed casette on both front and back?

  14. I was wondering how comfortable dirt jumpers are to ride. Im 5 foot 8 and am thinking of buying a canyon stitched pro 2019. I have a bike at the moment that hurts my back when i ride it. Do you know why and if i will have the same problen with the dj as theyre quite small. Thanks

  15. That gyro! It looks like it’s attached to a single cable in the front, instead of the usual left & right two-into-one cable. That’s how the earliest BMX ones were, and they were called rotors. The gyro came out later. So technically the one in this video should probably be called a rotor, not a gyro.

  16. Is a kid's mountain bike with 24" wheels about the same size as an adult's dirt jumper? All I have at my house is a road bike and a kid's mountain bike (schwinn mesa), so I've been using the kid's bike to learn some basic mountain biking skills starting with the manual… good idea??

  17. Blake, I’m building my first DJ Bike. I’m using a Pivot Point frame I’ve got a question about handlebars. I’ve noticed a lot of people are using raised handlebars. What benefits am I getting using a raised bar? What size of rise would you recommend? And how do I find out how narrow I should use for the bar width?

  18. Love the video ! Well explain! I'm pretty new in this , im looking for a dirt jumper , in the same style and price range of the Norco Ryde26. Any recommandation ?

  19. How would i know what size wheels can fit into my frame? It looks like both could fit, but im scared i wont be able to exchange the singlespeed out of the backwheel

  20. Hi Blake I am struggling to find a budget dirt jumper it’s so difficult have you got any ideas of what to do

  21. Blake can you help! Im 6ft 4” 20st not fat what jump bike would be best man?? I have been jumping an orbea rallom m10 full Enduro I can jump to a point 17ft tt .

    Great content n love following you 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  22. Coupe Somebody help me?
    My frontwheel is vibrating wenn im droping it down!
    Is this the fault of my suspension? Or is ist something else?
    Bike: stiched 360 pro
    Please help

  23. Could you help me out with the bb/cranks of the scott? I want to put some RF Sixc Cranks on my Voltage frame but dont`t know if it will fit…

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