What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?

What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?

– (laughs) Oh! (electricity crackling) For my science project today, I am going to have five microwaves, and in every one of these cups there is a certain amount of BBs. And there is 1,000, 500, 100, 10, and one. So we are going to test and
see if the amount of metal makes it so the microwave gets
destroyed faster or slower. So to make this as scientific as possible, we have bought five brand new microwaves of the same make and model. – [Dan] Alright, so
Lincoln, what do you think the difference is gonna be between the one that has one BB in it and
the one that has 1,000 BBs? What’s your initial thought
before we actually test it? – So I think that if there is one metal BB inside of the microwave, I
think that it’s going to take slower to catch on fire or do something that’s harming the microwave
or have some kind of reaction, faster than the one with 1,000. – [Dan] Okay, Lincoln, so do you recommend that other people try this? It sounds kinda dangerous. And we have safety precautions,
a fire extinguisher just in case anything goes wrong. – [Receptionist] Oh, oh, my God! – Fire! – Oh, fire, oh, my goodness! What’s the procedure? – Yeah, let’s see what happens when we put metal in the microwave. So the first amount of metal that we’re going to put in is one. So let’s start off small and go bigger. There’s just one metal BB in there. No metal BBs in there, aw!
– Oh, no. – Yeah, that one escaped. So we set the timer for 10 minutes and we are going to see how long it goes. So are you ready? Here we go, three, two, one. (microwave hums) (somber music) Maybe we used the wrong kind of metal. One BB is not doing anything. Let’s progressively get bigger. Yeah, nothing’s happening over here. – Can we hold on just a minute? I can smell something. Alright, stopped it at
eight minutes exactly. Let’s open this one up. (upbeat music) 10 metal BBs. – [Dan] Okay, do you think 10 metal BBs are gonna do anything? – (sighs) No. – [Dan] After the first one, no. (both laughing) – Three, two, one. Alright. (upbeat music) Alright! Don’t really, it says it’s deflated, and it’s galvanized steel air gun shot, I don’t know.
– I would think steel would work. – Yeah, I don’t understand. – [Dan] Let’s just skip to the 1,000. – Yeah, 1,000, that’s a lot. It took a very long time to count. Five, four, three, two. (upbeat music) – [Dan] How’s it going over there, bud? Science experiment’s
not going so well, huh? – Uh-uh, we have to get actual metal. – Alright, so Lincoln’s going
to need to do some research to find out why the steel balls are not interacting with the microwave. Maybe you guys know, you can
let us know in the comments. Alright, well, that was fun. (both laughing) I think we need to change
it up a little bit here. – Yeah.
– Let’s do one, let’s do number of spoons or silverware or something. One spoon, two spoon, three spoon, four spoon, five spoon. – Yeah, let’s try it. – These BBs do not do anything, and it took forever for him to count. Alright, put ’em in. (upbeat music) Put ’em in, how many are in? – [Lincoln] We got five. – [Dan] Five metal spoons. – Three, two, one. (upbeat music) (laughs) Oh, I saw
purple, I saw blue light. I saw light, I promise you, I saw a light. It was blue, I’m serious, watch. – [Dan] Oh, I see it, I see it. – [Lincoln] Look, there it is! (dramatic music) – [Dan] Okay, so we got five in there. (electricity crackles) – Oh!
– Oh! – [Lincoln] What was that, what was that? (dramatic music) Oh (laughs), it’s like
little beams of electricity flowing in between them. – [Dan] So not quite what you expected? – (laughs) No, I didn’t, well, sure, little tiny–
– You get the tiny– – There was little tiny electricity going through the spoons (laughs). Thought it was gonna be bigger. – I think this experiment is turning less into a
scientific experiment and more into let’s blow something up. – No, it’s not.
– And that’s not what we’re here for. – It’s not doing what we expected. – Well, that’s what science is all about. You make a hypothesis, you test it, and you see what happens, and this didn’t meet our hypothesis. – Let’s try–
– That’s a good thing. Maybe microwaves these days– – Can we try different
one with a bigger spoon? Like one big spoon?
– There’s five spoons in there.
– So we kinda need to go to tinfoil. – [Dan] Okay, put it in, don’t start it. Same thing for all of them. (microwave beeping)
– Alright. Yeah, made sure the first
one, the first one is tiny. Look at this ball of tinfoil (laughs). – [Dan] Okay. – Five, four, three, two, one. (dramatic music) Oh, oh, no!
– We killed the breaker! – No (laughs). – [Dan] Too much power. We got one little spark and
the whole thing went down. – So what I thought as my
hypothesis was actually incorrect. But that’s why we do
scientific experiments, to see if it will do the way that you think it will or if it won’t. Just because our microwaves
did not have any flames or get destroyed in any
way, it doesn’t mean that you should go and put
metal in your own microwave. It is very dangerous. (metal clanging) (dramatic music) – [Dan] Alright, Lincoln,
you put everything in there. Is this what you expected to happen? – No. – [Dan] Blue lightning, the strange smell. (electricity pops)
(Dan and Lincoln yell) Pretty much–
– Awesome. So it’s been going for six minutes. We’ve just seen some blue lightning. It’s been a great
fireworks show at the end. – Wait, wait, wait, is this a second science
experiment with blue lightning? (dramatic music) Alright, so there’s
Lincoln’s science experiment. This is, I would say, the most
dangerous science experiment that I will allow him to do. Luckily–
(metal clattering) Oh.
(dramatic music) Is it making noise now? Alright, we have a giant
pile of brand new microwaves. I think we’re gonna go
onto the local classifieds and give these ones, that we
didn’t ruin, away for free. It’s still alive, it’s still
doing the blue lightning. – Yup. – Yeah, there’s a random Sunday
night science experiment. Now Lincoln gets to go
and write it all up, and write what he found and learned. (metal thudding)
– Whoa!

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  1. Quick story: once I was going to heat up a poptart we did not have a toaster my substitute MICROWAVE so I forgot to unwrap it so a bunch of electrocutions

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  3. “1000 BBs, took very long to count”
    But literally every container of BBs I’ve ever bought have in containers of 1,000 and even if it wasn’t, the act of buying several containers is a thing, because there’s no containers of 1,161 BBs just roaming around.

  4. No one:

  5. One time when I was like 7 or 8, I accidentally put a pop tart in the microwave with the wrapper on it. I haven’t used a microwave since

  6. Well since i was a kid i always put metal things in microwe and since then forward today never exploted,That microwed loves meh xd

  7. It has to do with the shape of the metal. Microwaves work by flowing electrons through the item. Sparks occur when there is a build up of electrons and they arc between surfaces. Since the BB's are round, there is no build up and no arcing. Spoons spark a little but not much because of the few edges. Forks spark quite a bit. Crumbled up foil will spark dramatically.

  8. The BBs are too small; typical microwaves will only interact with things that are ~2.5cm or larger.

  9. As a duck I know why they shut off…….It’s because the set out small radiation waves and they must of overpowered by radiation

  10. I once put in my dominos wings in the microwave with the aluminum still on it and nearly blew up my microwave

  11. When I put my Chick-fil-A sandwich bag in the microwave to reheat the sandwichand I didn't realize that the sandwich bag had tinfoil on the inside and so it created a mini fire

  12. The sphere shape of the air soft bullets is what prevents them from sparking. You could possibly fill the cup up without a reaction.

  13. Dad spends 700 dollars so that his son can make a bomb in the garage in order to get a passing mark on a 5th grade assignment.

  14. Me and the boys were playing and we watched spoons spark in the microwave 😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. u can clearly tell they already know what's going to happen they staged this whole thing let it go for 10 full minutes then see what happens

  16. anything like this with kids in it is going to be too safe. I'm here to watch something explode, i'll have to find amateur

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