We’ve Got An Update…

We’ve Got An Update…

– What’s going on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets and we have an update for you on the givewaway. If you don’t know what’s going on, we’re giving away any size
any finish wheels from TIS, and we’re gonna mount and balance a set of any Atturos on there for you too. So you get wheels and tires. We just launched this last week, hope you all enjoy your
Monday, by the way, and we’ve already sold a few
hundred of these hoodies. And the thing is, we
only ordered a thousand. So they’re going really fast. If you want to get one, that’s what gets you automatically entered to win the giveaway. So as you can see we obviously have the breast cancer ribbon on the front too. Not only does this hoodie get
you entered for the giveaway, but it also helps us make a contribution at the end of this contest to
the Susan G. Komen Foundation which basically does a
whole bunch of research and prevention and they
help out with treatment and whatnot for people
affected by breast cancer. I know there’s a ton of people out there, probably you that are watching this, I know me, people in my family have been affected by it, there’s
plenty of people here that have had relatives affected by it, so it’s really this nationwide cause that we’re super happy to stand behind and kinda bring awareness to. Obviously October being
Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So this is the hoodie,
this is the front of it, we have the TIS logo kinda worked in there with the Custom Offsets
logo and the ribbon, and then this is the back, super cool, American Flat with the
pink stripe in there for breast cancer awareness. So like I said, if you
want to get entered to win, it’s any size, any finish TIS wheels plus Atturo tires, you can do that at customoffsets.com/giveaway. That’s where you’ll find the hoodies. We’ve also got a ton of people that have been chipping
in extra donations, so there’s a little dropdown, if you’re feeling generous and
you want to do that you can, but my no means are
you obligated to do so. It’s just really awesome that we’re seeing plenty of people step up and work towards making this huge donation to those guys at the end of this. Also, this is a fast one. The last one we did was
like three months long. This time we’re not doing that. This end November 11th. That’s gonna be the last day that you can get entered to win. Then we’re going live the following day at 6pm Central Standard Time to announce the winner live on Facebook and live on YouTube. So wanna get entered? Like I said, customoffsets.com/giveaway. This is the hoodie, and the
camera has now given up. (electronic beeping) (upbeat music)

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  1. Appreciate you guys, I’m a senior in high school and have been in the house alone all week, my mom is in MD Anderson in Houston getting her breast cancer treatment. She was diagnosed in June and it’s been a crazy learning curve ever since.

  2. Does this include TIS Forged? Plus how long does the hoodie run? I bought the standard C.O. flag hoodie awhile ago and it's a tad short on me so if this runs a little longer that'd be awesome.

  3. I lived in Wisconsin and my wife is from there. You guys are awesome. I gotta get this hoodie. Custom offset are fucking awesome guys

  4. Are those just regular ass off road tires, you guys should make special tires just for snow plowing, nobody makes good ones

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