We Try To Escape 5 Stars In Grand Theft Auto 5

We Try To Escape 5 Stars In Grand Theft Auto 5

– The freeway is over here somewhere. (tires screeching) I don’t know why I stopped at a red light, I forgot what I was doing already. (energetic music) (police siren wails) – I used to do this when I was younger. – I like doing the missions
in Grand Theft Auto, but I’m not very good at driving. – I really think I’m gonna escape, I don’t know, I just,
it can’t be that hard. – My strategy is to wing it and figure it out as I go, because I’m playing the game. – So I guess now I just
have to find a fast car. Oh, there we go, okay. – This looks like a good
car, like a compact SUV. (honks horning) – I used a cheat code to get this car, because I’m a genius. – Boom, baby, let’s go. I’m in the middle of nowhere. – Alright, so I’m at five stars now, they’re shooting at me, they’re shooting at me
and it’s very frightening. – I’m gonna just try to go east, which I have a really
bad sense of direction, So I’m not a 100% sure. – Off-roading a little bit. No, I just hit- ain’t even funny. Oh, shit. Okay, this was not a good place to start. – Alright, I’m just gonna take
the freeweays all the time cause I can go the
fastest on the freeways. Oh God, the f- (sighs) The helicopter shoot at me? – Oh, okay. I feel pretty alive. – We’ll just get to the main
road as quick as possible, (car crashing) and not flip the car. Flipped the car. That’s not what we wanted to do. – If I remember right
from the older games, if you repaint your car it’ll at least lower your level. So, I’m gonna try to do that. – I guess we’ll just run really fast. There is a car that I want that I spotted. Just run faster, Franklin, your life is on the line, you can use a jogging. – Traffic is not too bad. (car crashes) Ooh. That one hurt a little bit. – Franklin, do the thing. Mm-mm girl, I’ll be taking that. What the f- Thank you, okay, okay. (swearing) F- you man. Sorry, she did insulted me. Okay, let’s go. Go faster. – Ooh, like. Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up. Oh f-, okay. Well, that was a mistake. That was a huge mistake,
that was a huge mistake. I should have not gotten up. Oh God. Oh Goodness. (crashing noise) Okay. Well. What the f- (police siren wails) – The cars are getting
more serious looking, there’s like SWAT vans. I have made a full circle. They’ve shot … Something’s- oh God, I
don’t know what happens. I think the bullets might
be affecting my car’s driving ability. I’m gonna have to steal another car. There’s a bus. Oh shit. Okay, I’m gonna just run, just gonna run. I’m getting shot a lot,
I’m getting shot a lot. There’s no cars. Okay. I did not do well under pressure. (police siren wails) – Okay. Oh man, this car is so shitty. Can I get out and steal a police car? Or no, is not how that works? (shouting and fighting) Okay. (shotgun) I would like- oh. You can’t steal a police car. (police siren wails) – That was… that didn’t count. – Do I get another chance? Okay. – Alright, I have five stars now. Okay, let’s do it. Alright. Stop shooting at me, I need to
get on the frigging freeway. – Whoam. Parking garage? That’s not open, why is not open? – ♫ This is fine, yes it is. ♫ Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. Okay. It’s fine. (police sirens and chaotic sounds) (lady screams) – I’m so sorry young lady. – Oh man. There’s a lot of madness going on… (explosion) Something just blew up behind me. – What I’m gonna do is steal this young man’s car, and then drive again. – No, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. No, aah. I can still get out of this. I can still get out of this. I just get a nice clean scratchy road. – Go faster. Go f- faster. (laughs) This is as fast as I can go. – Look at that. Look at me weaving through traffic. This is what I do in my day-to-day. What? Oh my God, look at- – Okay, that’s not good. We’re just gonna have to- They’re really kicking my ass. I’m just… this is d- It’s very stressful, I’m never wanna be running
from the cops, ever. (police siren wails) – Mini Cooper. Okay. Get out, Franklin. You can do it, you’re a resilient man. You’re a resilient man, get up. Oh man, Escalade. That-s not the best- (gunshot) (police siren wails) – Right now my tire is out. New car. Let’s do it. Let’s see, let’s see. Is it open? Oh well, I have to lose the cops. In order to change the color
of my car to lose the cops, I have to lose the cops, and I’m just gonna keep driving. (car crashing) Oh, boy. Oh, no. (police siren wails) – I 100% thought that I would be able to
get the stars back to zero. I was gonna go in dead alley, and they were gonna be like, “Where did she go? I don’t know, we should just give up.” And that didn’t happen. – I tried, I got to seven minutes. I stopped mainly because
my hands got tired. (police sirens and chaotic sounds) That’s the only reason. That’s the only reason. – Why else do you guys wanna
see us do in Grand Theft Auto? Poorly or well, who knows? Maybe next time I’ll be super good at it. I’m gonna find my GTAnish
one of these days. (playful music)

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  1. Use the cheat to get the wanted level down the phone number is 199952993787 it will remove 1 star each time you use the cheat (like if this is helpful)

  2. Here's how I avoid the cops every single time:

    1. Open the map and look for the freight train tracks.

    2. Drive to said freight train tracks.

    3. Drive on those tracks at top speed until you reach a tunnel.

    4. If the cops are following you, keep driving, if not proceed to step 5.

    5. Turn off headlights and radio and hide in the tunnel until the cops leave; remain vigilant of oncoming freight trains.

  3. PRO TIP: if you want to escape 5 stars wanted level try to hide on a sub way. It is the most effective way to lost the cops

  4. How to escape 5 stars :

    1. Get a good car
    2. Drive off-road until you find a tunnel or go to the city subway if you have a motorbike.
    3.lose the cops in the tunnels.

    How to get 5 stars :
    1. Find a roof you can be able to shoot and see helicopters.
    2.shoot pedestrians until you get the cops now start shooting cops and exploding things as well as also shooting helicopters but don’t worry about those till later.
    3.Start to worry about the helicopters at like 3 stars and shoot them down as there will be less helicopters and more cops to shoot, also to be able to get away easier.

  5. Bro do y’all not know how to use reverse and just PUSH YOUR WAY OUT OF THE FAMN COPS!!! USE SOME GRIN-ADS!!!!!

  6. I always get a tank at the airport, get five stars, and attempt to escape, one time I did it with a thing called a plane.

  7. U can steal police car in gta5 in the game I do it all the time but u will get shot in the game cop will shoot u

  8. How to escape so easily:
    1. Go to the pronsboys right next to a road with a hole to a highway.
    2. Go onto the highway.
    3. Drive foward untill you see a hole to the right side of the highway.
    4. Go into that hole and drive foward going into a tunnel and then stop.

    This will make you lose the cops because they don't drive Into the hole, but, they will get out and walk into the hole. Don't worry because by the time they do that it'll be too late and you'll lose the cops. I know this because I do it all the time and it works. Every console it works for.

  9. Last time I escaped 5 star in 2 minutes on my Xbox 360. In mission The Big Score. So easy, I even did not enter train or go in tunnel, whole time I was driving.

  10. I can do better I have been playing for 6 years gta5 and 4 I survived 5 stars in gta5 so easy to escape I’m a pro I guess

  11. If i played

    R1 R1 ⭕️ R2 Right Left Right Left Right Left on
    D-Pads 5x

    *cheat code for PS3 GTA 5
    to lose cops for story mode only*

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