We Put Wheels on A Supercharged Snowmobile. She Rips! 200+ HP

We Put Wheels on A Supercharged Snowmobile. She Rips! 200+ HP

[Music] so neither of us have driven a snowmobile this powerful ever and we really want to but there’s no snow so we’re gonna go ahead add some wheels to it find a way to keep it cool and then send it around the yard before we destroy it yeah so this is just one of the front wheels from the Jeep and a spare bolt I have so basically we’ll just use this bolt as a as a axle shaft and I’ll essentially just unbolt the ski and then weld this bolt on to a little bracket bolt that on and then boom we’ve got wheels for our snowmobile [Music] so it all works out yeah I just need to find a little spacer for out here and then bolt it bolt it up and that one’s done haha just welded to tune the bolts straight together head to head should be strong enough for a short rip oh yeah I have a theory that the front tires aren’t going to be on the ground very much during this rip all right we got the snowblower tires on from Cinderella snowblower tires on a snowmobile she’s spitting yeah they’re both meant for snow right yeah so what’s the plan the plan is not die and see how frightening Lee powerful this thing is this it’s a bit of dirt everywhere it sounds like a great plan yeah that’s a lot of power holy crap this is gonna be awesome how does it handle these snow blower tires like surprisingly well it drives pretty nice [Music] [Music] [Music] found a new lawnmower [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] that is a truly obscene amount of power that’s ridiculous in the best way I want one of these engines in everything now I guess I’ll have to call it until we get some race fuel then yeah it’s gonna be awesome this is by far the nicest engine we’ve ever worked with in anything we can’t wait to see it out see how big it is and heavy it is we’re gonna weigh it and everything yep and after all that auction the bolts held up we got the engine out and it turns out the front of this car without the engine is so light but I can pick it up in fact easier than the front of the snowmobile now she’s off the jack stands no more floor Jack’s required yeah there’s so much room in there it’s a pretty cool little engine and transmission setup yeah the transmission is so small it’s way smaller than I expected tiny yeah it’s cool the snowmobiles yes it’s almost bigger a triumph right now that too little of this back here is about 98 99 inches then with the triumph 83 inches yeah that 16 inches shorter so now you’ve seen the beast and all she can do that’s it for this video but in the next one we’ll take that engine put it in the triumph and see how far we can get hey guys I wanted to take a second to show you emmanuel online.com they’re supporting this video and it’s a really good source for manuals for everything I mean look at this cars engines Marines motorbikes power sports definitely everything we need so we’re gonna start getting our manuals from here you download them instantly super cool stuff so go ahead and check out their site and see if they got what you need [Music]

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  1. about the cvt, if you run the engine like it should be, the output of the cvt is going to be in the passengers's footwell…. lol. i'd say keep it all, but run the cvt upwards, then down with a caged double linked chain drive to a custom shaft and a miata irs (the triumph diff is as weak as the stock linkage sucks). given how light the car is, the engine only needs to fit behind the axle. anything against the firewall is going to be back heavy.

  2. That thang sounds meaner than hell. U boys better put a paten on that wheel switch kit. Thats a good ideal. Stay safe

  3. hahaha i seen your title and thought to myself "of course you did" haha awesome videos!! keep em coming!!

  4. Well you're on the verge of something new. Water cooler rhe motor and put on a serious bolts to hold the front tires on and some way to grease your roller wheels underneath since there's no snow for lubrication and you've got something

  5. Парни,вы классные)!Но я нихрена не понимаю в инчах,только в метрах и сантимнтрах

  6. I’d keep that snowmobile just the way it came and have a blast in the snow when it comes. That thing is nasty and would climb anything. Find an older Honda Fit with manual trans and use the swap from that for the Spitfire👍🏼 Good luck, really cool project

  7. Ща вспомнился видос где тачка гонялась со снегоходом по треку и вот он был на лыжах и они мурыжили ему ковер спецальный и я вот ща думаю а не легче им было колеса также присобачить???

  8. Wait wait wait wait… Why isn't this snow mobile with tires on the front a thing ? Dude that thing rips, I know they make dragsters out of them but why doesn't the manufacturer offer this as a option? I would seriously trade any of my biked for one of these from the factory.

  9. What's with this "WE" thing, I'm yet to see you get your hands dirty, there's only 1 genius on this channel.

  10. Mess around long enough and then build a second rig, you may have a new sport on your hands fellas. Slightly bigger front wheels with more travel and you might be able to jump it. Awesome AF!!!!

  11. going to understeer everywhere, these cars are light and so is your engine.. Best do something about the suspension, and camber switch at the back will make for some fun times.

  12. The bolts you guys used for spindles are terrifyingly thin…I would never trust that much power on such a tiny shaft…not even to go around the block…

  13. Weld two sprockets on the jackshaft. Run chains to a solid axle through the rear idler wheels and run a set of super wide gocart slicks. Would that b possible?

  14. You guys may have just come up with something! Patten it and I look forward to seeing you on shark tank!!!

  15. If anyone could take a sled chassis and replace the track with a dozen all terrain wheels, it's Ethan. Can't wait lol.

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