Walmart’s Auto Care Center Offers Expert Advice and Support

Walmart’s Auto Care Center Offers Expert Advice and Support

Just a typical day for the Champagne family,
morning routine in high gear. Coffee? Yes please. I have such a busy day today. Yeah? Yes. Jaden? Yeah? Can you come here? What do you want
for breakfast bud? Cereal. Cereal? Okay awesome lets get
some cereal for Jaden. Jaden, you excited
for Jackson’s birthday? Yeah. You’re getting a gift for him
today, huh? Mm hmm. How was soccer last night bud? I meant to ask you. Good. Did you make some new friends? Yeah. Did you score a goal? Yeah. Of course
he scored a goal. – Good job, bud. – Alright sweetie,
we’re leaving, okay? Okay. – Have a great day. – Alright, have a great day
too. Bye bud, I love you. Bye, love you too. ( music)
– The battery’s dead. With a list of stops to make,
there was no time for the car to stop. We have this
awesome day planned, errands to run, and
what do you know? Our battery’s dead. So the car won’t start? Just won’t start. – I’m gonna have to get your
keys and get a jump so we can get our day started. – We have jumper cables, so
hopefully Curt can figure it out so we can get our day going. – [Curt] Gonna have to
figure out where we can get a battery. – In the meantime I’m gonna
go inside, do some research online, see if I a
find myself a battery. My first thought is, go to, see what they have in stock. Sure enough, they have
something to fit our Tahoe. (instrumental country music)
– Thank goodness that Walmart is basically a one-stop shop. Checked online, they
have the battery we need. – That was perfect. – That was perfect. – [Attendant] Good morning,
welcome to Walmart Auto Care Center, how can I help you? – Good morning, we
have a dead battery. – [Attendant] You’ve come
to the right location. Why you don’t come inside
so we can help you out? – Okay, perfect. Oh yeah, look
at all the batteries. Perfect. You said that you have
issues with your battery. Yeah, the battery
died this morning, we had to jump the vehicle and–
– And I went online at and I saw that we
put our make and model in and maybe you had
something to offer. – We do have the EverStart
batteries, they’re a great battery, and we have
different warranties that we can offer for you. Also, we can check and
test the battery for free and install it for free. – [Hunter] That’s great. – All at the same location. – Warranty’s awesome. – That’s wonderful. – Let me introduce you to
Winton, our battery specialist. – [Winton] Good morning. – Great to meet you. – Hi, nice to meet you. – Let me show you what we got. – Thank you. – What kind of
truck do y’all have? – 2010 Chevy Tahoe. – We looked online and saw
you maybe carried EverStart. – We carry EverStart,
have been for 20 years. H6 will be what
you guys require. It’s designed along the exact
same dimensions, requirements that came in your truck
so it’s a perfect fit. They had done their
homework online. They knew that the H6
was the battery for their vehicle. – What about warranty? Do you guys do
anything like that? – Warranty on the Maxx,
which is what we’re gonna put in your truck, is a five-year
warranty, three year free replacement. If you have a problem anywhere
in the country you take it back to any Walmart and your
warranty will be honored. – That’s convenient. – That’s great. – Walmart was close
by so it’s convenient, Hunter was able to look up
online to make sure the battery was in stock,
and we’re here now getting it installed. – Is there an installation fee? – No installation fee. – Free installation? – Completely free installation. – [Curt] I like that. – [Hunter] That’s great. – What happens to
our old battery? – Walmart is into the
sustainability business. We take ’em back–
– Oh wow. – So 99% of everything that
comes out of these batteries goes back into other
consumer products. – That makes me happy. – That’s great. – You’re getting a top-rated
battery at a Walmart value price, so let’s get
your installation going. – Thank you so much. – So far, customer
service has been great, very informative, they talked
about warranties, battery options for our
Jet ski, our truck. It’s great. – Installation has
started, Curt’s gonna wait. In the meantime, since we’re
at Walmart, I’m gonna get some shopping done with Jaden,
go buy a birthday present, and we’ll get it all
done in one stop. – Hunter and Jaden are off
shopping, I’m just waiting and should be done soon. – [Hunter] That matches
your soccer shoes too. Good job, bud. We’re here at Walmart,
everyone is so friendly and so informative that I’m even
learning some stuff about batteries, which is great. They have a battery for us. (horn honks)
– Now they’re gonna pull the truck in the back with a
trained technician is gonna use state-of-the-art testing
equipment to make sure that the battery is, in fact,
the problem. It’ll test the battery,
they’ll test the system, make sure that when they
leave here they’re gonna be completely satisfied. [Narrator] Once the battery
has been selected, the installation by Walmart’s
trained and certified technicians is quick and easy. Plus, Walmart Auto Care Centers
recycles all batteries that are replaced, taking the
best care of their customers and the environment. – EverStart seems to
be a great product. Excited to have it in the truck. – So how was your experience? – Experience was great. – It was awesome. – Thank you for choosing
EverStart batteries. – Thank you so much. – Thanks again. Have a nice one. Providing the power to keep your
vehicles going strong, EverStart knows
performance is not an option, it’s an expectation. Their favorite sound is
an engine roaring to life.

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  1. This is not what i was looking for. I was trying to get legit information about the walmart auto center and what services they offer to the public. This is more or less a scripted tv program :/

  2. They test that battery at 1500cca! Holy balls that is twice what the battery is rated for, at 12.57v and 696cca as a result that battery they have is perfectly fine when an group H6 battery is rated at 730 cold cranking amps, also in Florida they dont use cca rating they use ca ratings as it does not normally go below 32°f

  3. Talking to a guy in an EverStart polo in front a wall of EverStart batteries : “We looked online any saw you maybe carry EverStart?”

    Who wrote this?

    *Edit after watching until the end.
    Why would a Walmart employee thank them for choosing EverStart? I guess it makes thanks, I thank customers for choosing Mountain Dew on their way out too.

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