Walmart Mountain Bike Iron Horse 29″ Sinister Review

this is a quick review for the iron
horse sinister twenty nine digit number in my first mountain biking for
beginners video i mention that bites in the big box stores are not made for
offered to use and they all have warning stickers informing you of this recently i was informed that walmart
sturdy carrying a full suspension by that did not have a warning sticker i’ve been received this comment from
blue rock of one forty five and decided to make a video to clear things up and
see what’s going on what i found was that the company that
now owns the iron horse bike brand has started producing bikes ken however do
not confuse these bikes for the iron horse bikes from several years ago wal-mart has to be selling four
variations of this new iron horse sinister the sinister six point one
these sinister six point two with a six point three mt six point five if you’re thinking of making the iron
horse industry her first mountain bike or as a starter bike my advice is to
stick with the six point five though quality apart on the other three
are significantly different i took the time to personally inspect
six of the semester six point five sq and found out that the quality was high
enough for something i would recommend with a few minor suggestions every single bike expected had loose
bolts or cables if we do but one of these i highly recommend giving it a
full inspection or to not buy a pro the other thing i’d recommend is
upgrading the rear shock to something more durable that’s not something has to be done
right away but for now extra two hundred dollars the iron horse and stir six
point five would be really nice starter bike with a proper shock another downside is that they only
seemed to come in one size so be short fiction before committing to a purchase people with the shorter torso or shorter
arms may be able to replace the stem with one at a shorter and write it
perfectly fine the front suspension is heavy for twenty
nine yr essentially four point nine pounds but that’s trying to be expected
for an entry level buydig with all bikes as you ride you’re going
to one-up upgrade the parts despite is one of the lowest priced full
suspension twenty nine er’s available that means if you don’t end up sticking
to the sport who wouldn’t have wasted two thousand dollars on a brave new bike if you already have a bike enter into
the sport i would recommend investing in upgrades rather than dropping five
hundred bucks behind this bike i still need to make a few upgrades to it don’t forget to check out our other
videos for beginners to mountain biking and have fun out there

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