Walmart Bike VS Whistler Bike Park

Walmart Bike VS Whistler Bike Park

My name is Paul and I am a mountain bike punter. But what if I took all that away? What if I tried to ride Whistler Mountain Bike Park on the Cheapest bike available to me? I thought I would give it a go and see what happens. An averagely skilled mountain biker who just so happens to live in the best place for mountain biking in the world – British Columbia, Canada. Specifically Squamish. With more than 150 bike trails on my doorstep and the best bikepark in the world just up the road – I’m pretty spoilt for choice! Not only that but I am also lucky enough to have a few mountain bikes at my disposal. With Carbon Frames, High Quality Suspension and powerful disc brakes, I’ve never had it better when it comes to riding. But what if I took all that away? What if I tried to ride Whistler Mountain Bike Park on the Cheapest bike available to me? I thought I would give it a go and see what happens. Of course I’m not the only person to have given this a go. Channels such as Seth Bike Hacks, Singletrack Sampler and Skills with Phil have already tried this, but just how many bike park laps could an average rider get through? It all started with a trip to everyone’s favourite rental program – Walmart. Unfortunately the North Vancouver location didn’t have what I was looking for, and while the nearby Canadian Tire did have a wide selection – with some low priced models having such “super modern” features like an a-headset and front disc brake – the returns and warranty policy didn’t really suit my needs. Surprisingly I didn’t even need to go that far! In Squamish’s own store we found the ideal Huffy full suspension mountain bike – it even had 27.5 wheels! And well…the lady at the counter gave me the kind of reassurance you would hope for from your nearest retailer… A few scans later and it was time to take it home for a once over. After checking the bike out, I didn’t think things would go to badly! ind back the clocks 20 years and things like V-brakes, Shimano Gears, rear coil suspension, a front suspension fork ans indexed shifting would have been enough to ride anything! The welds on the other hand didn’t really fill me with too much confidence. I did need to do some modifications before hitting the park, starting off with swapping the brakes over so that my left hand operated the rear brake. It’s probably been around 15 years since I last did this and I had forgotten how tricky the cheap brakes can be to adjust – it took me about an hour to get them feeling close to ok! Now I did decide to draw the line at the plastic pedals, if I had my favourite DMR Vaults on I figured I’d be more comfortable and slightly reduce my risk of crashing. Smashing the wheels that seemed like they were made of cheese was the biggest concern though, so I added about 5 turns (yes 5) of tension to the spokes to make them as stiff as possible. My buddy Will was on hand to ride with me, but probably came just for the carnage. …well this beast is trail rated – what can go wrong? And so off to Whistler village to see what would happen and hopefully not dying in the process. There was some awesome chat with my fellow punters in the lift line, I’ll put those together in another episode as there was too much gold to edit in to just one video. Make sure you hit subscribe so you don’t miss that one for sure. Look, I didn’t want to go crazy on a black diamond trail to start off with. B-line is most riders’ first trail in Whistler and is filled with berms and is pretty smooth and flowy. Well…on a bike with working suspension at least. After hitting a small drop on Wednesday Night Delight my confidence had gone from low to not so low. So it was time for Devil’s Club – now a blue tech trail, but it was previously rated as a black. I was so surprised the handlebars hadn’t snapped off, I mean I wasn’t really pushing it at all because of the brakes but it was still pretty rough. Guess I’d better step it up and go for a 2nd lap. Time for some crank it up action, a blue jump trail that is one of the most popular in the park. This trail is definitely a way faster speed, but I thought I’d try a bit harder than the 1st lap and hit some of the features. With wall rides, table tops and other jumpable features – I really was surprised when nothing bad happened. In case you were wondering, this bike jumped as well as you think it would do – like a kangeroo with no legs. OK so it survived crank it up. Might as well try a black rated trail now. With rock slabs and some faster speeds, Whistler Downhill is actually one of my normal warm up trails on my downhill bike – but the Walmart Bike made it quite a different experience. The brakes really hit their limit here and not wanting to completely wreck myself, I puntered my way down the rest of the trail using the preferred ‘tripod’ method. With Heart of darkness being the final trail of this lap, I almost couldn’t believe that the bike had survived yet another trip down the mountain – even ending with me catching up to some fellow punters. Wow, 2 laps down. Something was starting to happen that I didn’t really expect – the bike was outlasting the rider. As you have probably heard, that intense knocking sound is actually the “suspension” and it wasn’t doing very much. Combine this with the 40psi I had in my tires, it was pretty exhausting trying to hold on. Better head back up for another lap I guess. This time, I headed down a full lap of Crank It Up. With the trail filled with braking bumps the size of microwaves and my brakes now not working at all – I was starting to question if I would make it down in one piece. So there it was 3 full laps of whistler bike park. A dropped chain and my rear shock spring coming un-done – is that it? No bent handlebars? No taco’d wheels? Not even a puncture?! I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I hadn’t sent it down at full speed thanks to complete fear – but the walmart bike had done better than I ever thought. 3 full laps of the world’s roughest bike park – that’s not bad. Better celebrate with a beer. Afterwards there was only one thing to do, see if Walmart would take back the Huffy. With no brake pads left I probably, wouldn’t agree with the ‘Trail Rated’ slogan on the bike. But it did exceed my expectations and, unfortunately for Will’s enjoyment, I ended up in one piece at the end of the day. But still, I wouldn’t recommend you try it for yourself and I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon. Oh, and I got my full refund.

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  1. OH OH OH I get to finally say it… FIRST!!

    Haha sorry, on another note, I loved everything about this video! Well done

  2. Why do Huffys always squeak? Mine squeaks so much just riding it on the road, so I'm honestly afraid to take it anywhere near an actual trail.

  3. i have to say im impressed that you would do something as stupid as even ride one of those pieces of junk even out of your driveway. i use to go to toys r us and would ride there bikes around the store until i was escorted out of the store. now i know my bike isnt anything to write home about and nothing anything like any of yours. just from the looks of to junk bikes at walmart. i would hate to ride any of the trails around where i like. i saw a kid that his mom bought him a bike at walmart. she was trying to jam his new bike in the back of her SUV. i told her it woulf be easier if she took the front wheel off. she just kept pushing it into her vehicle. i kept my mouth shut. i patted the youngster on the back as i walked away saying good luck. i think if this kid here was doing what you did he would be smashing into something that wouldnt move. thanks for reading my whining

  4. I had a Walmart grade bike and I "thought" it was good but when that one broke ( 3 days at bike park) I moved on to a hard tail and it was a Marin. HOLY S#$%, who ever is riding a Walmart bike, blow it up and go get a real bike that is not a piece of garbage.

  5. My former friend had cut me off and hit my front wheel and made a crash on purpose. It destroyed the fork of my 1200$ sonders e bike it 200$ repair and he was using a Walmart bike to kamikaze me.

  6. i can guarantee that my bike which is 8 yeaers older than this one will easily outperform this bike without even breaking a sweat.

    but i had to pay more than 10 times as much for my bike than you did for this one, and i also got a good price. i bought a 2010 specialized stumpjumper for about the equivalent of $2000. it was one year old but it had never left the shelf in the store. so it was a new bike but one year older model. i still ride that bike and i still love it to bits. the only thing i would l would love to have is 27..5 tires and not the 26 i am running. but that's not a big deal until i have the money to buy a new bike

  7. Yes yes. Take the bikes back for some young child to give it a go after you beat the balls off of it. Wise.

  8. I'm always one to call out people who make fun of cheap bikes for poor people but the bike did say trail rated , it deserves to be brought down a peg or too lol. No qualms with him returning it. The sound of the brakes was hilarious, like in a movie where the chicks giving birth and starts screaming so the guy screams with her lol

  9. 3:31 when you hear this on a trail get behind a tree becouse a Walmart bike is about to crash and deck something and trust me it hurts if you are that something it hits

  10. This video was great. Just to think, MTBikers use to do this in the 90s with ridged frames and V brakes. That bike sounded very loose. I'd check the welds. I'm surprised the stem didnt snap.

  11. You cheep Son of a Bitch!!! You should have gave that bike to some poor kid that couldn't afford one. What a scumbag turning used stuff back in. Fucking Canuck!!

  12. 2 PEOPLE i KNOW DON'T COMPLAIN ON HOW AWFUL BIKE THEY RIDE Skills With Phil AND SAM PILGRIM. We rode that kind of bikes in the 90's we had a blast.

  13. Did any of the lift attendants say anything to you? Honestly partially surprised they’d let you go up with that thing without at least a warning 😂

  14. ok I understand the bike is a hunk-o-junk but you are squealing like a little girl on a roller coaster. Man up bro.

  15. Why actually go through with taking advantage of the return policy like that? Interesting experiment, but scummy and not in good faith.

  16. i have a schwinn sidewinder and i was at my local bike/dirt park and i hit a jump and landed wrong but it was a kinda big jump and i was dumb to do that on that bike even tho i have done it many times before but i got too much speed somehow then i landed wrong then bars turned then the bead came off the tire got a lot of bruises and my ribcage really hurts but im ditching that bike and plan on saving up for a dirt jumper which would be perfect for my bike park (btw the bike park is called beach and peach)

  17. This reminds me of when I was completely new to downhill riding and I went to Antur Stiniog as my first track experience, on a Specialzed P1 that I borrowed from a friend. Hard tail jump bike with 40mm front forks is not fun, even for a seasoned professional, let alone a complete novice.

    I was basically clamped on both brakes all the way down and still getting faster. I had to literally throw myself off at one point, or face the consequence of going over a berm to fall onto the lower part of the track.

    Took me over 10 minutes to reach the bottom, and had you handed me a plastic cup to crush at the end of it, as a strength test, I would have failed to even bend it. My arms were in peices.

    I went for a second run, but it lasted a matter of seconds. Back tyre got shredded on some slate.

  18. We are so spoiled now. Not to be too cleche, but when I was a kid all we had was crappy Walmart bike and did stuff like this happily. And we didn't cry about it.😭

  19. The thing with big box bikes are; different brands (like huffy, mongoose, ozone, etc) make the exact same bike. I have this bike you used in this video but labled as the “ozone ultrashock”, and i am impressed at what a much better rider than me can possibly do with this bike. Its safe to say that it can handle the hand-made trails me and my buddies make. Thank you very much for making this 🙂

  20. love you'r videos keep up the good work 🙂 and can u pls help me get some more followers on my instagram

  21. There are definitely different types of canadians, some would definitely have gone full send on everything with that

  22. Yeah um, sparks flying off your bike should be a clue to stop riding. With like trees being a bit flammable. And like being in the forest….?

  23. I have a $86 Ozone bike from Academy. I took it on trails for almost 10 times now. The rubber is really thin now. I don't ride on big trails, but I have been on trails with a lot of roots and like the trails in the first half of the video. That bike has no problem whatsoever. I think it depends on the rider's size also.

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