Walmart Bike Torture Test – Street Trials

Walmart Bike Torture Test – Street Trials

In the last video, we took our Walmart Mongoose
to the mountain bike trails, and verified that it would hold up to the short term needs
of a beginner riding novice trails. I say short term because the hubs on this bike are
wearing at an alarming pace. The headset is awful too, and by awful I mean it sucks shit. So now there’s only one thing left to find
out. What can I do on this bike before it fails violently and catastrophically? Time
to ride some street. Now, keep in mind, an experienced rider can
do pretty gnarly maneuvers on even an entry level bike. It’s when you start crashing
and taking hard landings that you can really tell what a bike is made of. This bike is
made of pure, liquefied garbage. It must be. The parts bend very easily, but you can just
bend them back. I’m not sure how I feel about that. We kept subjecting this bike to increasing
levels of abuse, bending and tweaking it back into place as we went along. You’ve gotta
admit, it shouldn’t have survived this drop. The chainring can’t take a hit, but we’ll
let that slide. After getting the Mongoose running again,
I was pretty sure that any more damage would require tools to correct. So, I decided to
attempt a 360 on it. After dicking with the wheel and front brakes,
I was able to limp home on this bike, but I think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t be
riding street trials on a Walmart Mongoose. There actually exists a discussion board all
about buying, repairing, and modifying department store bikes. That’s cool. These guys are
hobbyists and they know what they’re getting themselves into. As for the average joe or
jane who’s looking to start mountain biking, you’re probably better off at a bike shop
that can stand by their assembly. Even in the short term, it’ll save you money and
frustration. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. "even in the short term, it will save you money and frustration," he said. I got my bike since five days. it got a RockShox Pike RC, Shimano Deore XT shadow plus, DT Swiss rims and a deluxe RT and a KS LEV Integra. I'm a beginner, used it twice and at the second time the threads in the right cranks failed and the pedal came loos. You can always have bad luck.

  2. So all in all sounds like the perfect bike if your kid keeps nagging you about a MTB (or probably any kind of bike they sell). Just get him or her one of these, tune it up and see if they get invested into riding. If they do and fuck the bike up, great, just go to a shop and buy them a proper brand bike next (and hey, learning how to fall is part of the experience). If they don't, at least you didn't waste God knows how much money on a superb bike and have to sell it to get some of the cash back.

  3. i have a shitty walmart hardtail for 180$….ive driving it for over an year but i had to replace cassete and front fork…..and yesterday i did destroy it in half on hard trails cuz i got new diamondBack mission pro

  4. Can you make a project on it and add tubless tires and disc brakes and new rims new rear shocks and a new fork

  5. If you have mone to destroy a bike why you didnt buy my me a bike cause my is garbage and im to little to make money, my parents didnt have money to buy my a bike

  6. Bike is garbage for what you put it through lol… I also say that the person who buys this will never do that. Love the channel thank you

  7. I taco'd a magna frame twice on the street. could never justify why those broke. however i didnt know there were nicer bikes then the ones i could get a walmart back when… so i look back on that and chuckle. wish i still had photos of those bikes. taco'd two "full suspension" magna bikes..

  8. Great video to watch if you are considering a Walmart Mongoose. Surprised though the price or model name wasn't mentioned. If this bike was only 100-200 bucks I still think it's a steal, you just have to avoid purposely jumping it. I mean the bike survives a huge drop onto concrete that would break most peoples crotch bone, and then you complain that it made a loud noise ? lol. Still a great informative video. Curious how long the bike would last with more cautious use.

  9. Lmfao Seth I’m haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if someone else has already said it but U.S assembly techs for Walmart are the most over worked cracked out of there face money chasers alive bro lol, my personal best is 115 rideable bikes in one day , that’s from the box to the test , aired up gears adjusted and everything tightened , we build them on speed stands with impact guns and I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone that had a torque wrench or even cared straight up bro check in on it. As long as it meets company safety specs it goes

  10. Old video but I’m wondering how this bike would perform after some upgrades and removing the quail stem for a thread less one, anyone done it?

  11. I just received the total steel frame model of this bike, via ups yesterday, ordered from the walmart website,….and I only paid $107, but apparently the wheels are extremely out of true that I thought the wheels were overtightened on the hubs and locked, well, seemingly they are bent, both of them, I mean, maybe it would be best if they packaged a set of rims, the hubs, and two boxes of thirty six each spokes sets and just assemble at home, …..not exactly ready to ride after assembly,….and the handlebar was installed upside down on the stem but I was nearly unable to loosen the bolt, must have been painted or such that way. One thing I am working on with several old bikes I bought is actual truing of wheels, I was never practiced at it, so it bugs me a little, something I sort of let pro bike mechanics work on my bikes in the past, ya know. Of course, I live on the southern Oregon coast, and bike was shipped from Savannah, Georgia, across the country, so maybe shipping screwed it up, but the box looks great, though its possible since the wheels look out of true on one spot each only that the box got slammed repeatedly along its bottom and did something to the rims….oh well,…I suppose every bike ordered online will need "professional truing and repair and assembly and adjustment,…once again, I suppose I will find out it would have been better if they threw in the derailers and shifters and such like that in a box,…could save them money and a customer a few dollars. Unsure if I want to call them up and offer advice or gripe, considering I don't plan on returning, etc etc, not at that low low price, its an experiment in cheap wal mart bikes I am doing, studying them, for fun, and getting back into riding after a number of years since I did some serious road biking.

  12. I have a 24 inch mountain bike at Walmart. It costed 180$. Though out the time I had it. I had to fix the breaks a few time. I also heard a lot other noises though

  13. I bought something similar as a beginner and with each part broke I replace it with a more expensive performance part and in about 3 years I had a very nice bike made completely from parts – but good parts!

  14. Interesting research. Personally I now have the nicest bike I've ever owned, and I'm the shittiest I've ever been at riding. I'd say the biggest problems for inexpensive bikes are the wheels(all aspects), also handle bars often bend, also square tapered cranks often fail where they're attached to the bottom bracket. Honestly you can get pretty great bicycles nowadays for 5 or 600 dollars, probably well worth the upgrade.(I wish I was spoiled with those options back in the day, probably would have saved some headache!!!)

  15. The bmx (I used it as mu general bicycle) that was given to me at the age of 7 or 8 was more expensive than this, bloody hell.

  16. I know this video is 3+ years old but the ragtime music? I wanted to fall asleep. I hope you're using better music these days. The music not only made the video awkward but dated these guys as well … I felt like I was watching a couple of 45+ year old Dads that shouldn't be doing outdoor bike activities.

  17. Somehow I have used a Walmart bike for 1 year now going down 20 foot staircases,jump off 2-3 feet jumps,going on trails and crashes but yet I have only had to replace the back tire 3 times,tighten the handlebars 1 time,and tighten seat 1 time somehow my bike is the Walmart bike that could….

  18. I would say most people buy the bike to just ride around town and not many trails. Knowing a junk yard owner, sadly they end up in a junk yard for just having a flat tire.

  19. Just a bad bike all around. Not rugged enough for trails. Too heavy and too much suspension slop (and wrong tires) for a commuter bike (but you're not out too much is it gets stolen). Might be okay on some flat dirt paths. I split the head on my Mongoose just riding fire trails in the Oakland Hills.

  20. I once did a 2000 foot decent of intermediate trails on a borrowed Sears bike. It did not end well. I also did not buy my friend a new bike after destroying his.

  21. I rebuild and sell used bikes. I have never found a cheap ChiCom bike with bearings that were not far too tight and adequately greased.
    Low quality is nothing new to Chinese bikes along with bad quality control. I was in China in 1986, I was at a Socialist Paradise State run department store. I was checking then out for other people on the tour with me. Many were horribly assembled and some were missing parts. New bikes mind you.
    Once again, you get what you pay for. Shop work prices mean many people that take these bikes in for service often decide not to have the work done. They often abandon them on the street. I can make them better than new but they are really only good for Burning Man.

  22. Whats the website that tells how to repair a department store bike? I've got a horrible walmart bike! I am gonna go insane if I dont get there soon…

  23. I had that bike before. It was pretty good, but after 5 months of having it, the whole rear derailleur just broke off. I didn't even take it on a mountain bike trail

  24. I've Never had Problems
    Can't Expect Too Much with Inexpensive Parts
    As Long as you Take Care and Be Smooth with your Riding
    I Also Replace the Cheaper Parts I know will Fail Earlier and Everything Works Excellently and Lasts

  25. I used to work at a bike shop in Santa Rosa pretty close to Shiloh and Annadell State Park which have some pretty heard trails and people come in with their huffys and mongooses with their frame just completely tacoed in half mangled and all around just un repairable things I’d reccomend them at least getting a cheap bike from our store but they never listened

  26. everyone’s talking about the bike when we should be talking about Seth’s amazing shoes

    no hate though I love you

  27. Oh come on do one. XTR/sram eagle swap an entire Walmart bike. Put a non tapered fox fork and a nice air can on it and see how she does.

  28. I kind of hate that department stores pretend like their bikes are the best and prey on beginners who don’t know any better

  29. this bike is made of pure liquified garbage, it must be, the parts bend very easily but you can just bent them back. I don’t know how I feel about that. well I know what I think about that, that means a GOOD SEATHS BIKE HACKS VIDIEO!!!

  30. i acttually have a bike that my dad bought me for 200 $ from a website called emag(not for bikes) and i had a bike shop build it and i have ridden it for 2 years and not much of it was stock only the seat and the crankset 😉 it rides better than ever and i love it

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