Vlog Talking Food Episode 1: Grocery Cart Etiquette

Vlog Talking Food Episode 1: Grocery Cart Etiquette

Vlog Talking Food Episode 1: Grocery Cart
Etiquette Hello and welcome back to in the kitchen with
matt. I am your host Matt Taylor. Today, in this vlog episode, I am going to talk to you,
about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, grocery cart etiquette, yes. So let
me paint the picture for you, I am going to the grocery store, and pull into the parking
lot, and I identify this spot that is really close to the store, and I am getting all excited,
this is awesome, and then I pull in and low and behold, when I get into it, right in the
middle of the spot, there is a grocery cart, now here is the kicker, the cart return is
literally 20 feet away, empty. Come on, really, is it really that hard to put the grocery
cart away? Come on, just do it. It�s really easy to do, you take your groceries out of
the cart, put them in your car, then walk the cart back to the return, literally takes
20, 30 seconds, at the most. So please, please, do us all a favor, and return those carts.
I will thank you, everyone else that wants to find a parking spot will thank you; the
workers that work at the grocery store will thank you. It�s a win win situation, I mean
and you will burn a couple calories, taking that cart back, let me tell you. Another thing
about grocery carts, at my grocery store we used to have these really cool little carts,
I called them mini carts, so it was like half the size of a normal grocery cart, it had
a top and a bottom, they were awesome, especially if you wanted to buy more then one of the
little handheld, baskets, but you didn’t want to lug around one of those huge carts, these
little carts were great. And all of a sudden, few and few of them were available, at my
grocery store, and um, next thing you know, there are none more available. And I asked
one of the guys that worked there, where are all of these carts, I love these things, apparently
they have all been stolen. Come on, really? Okay, so moral of the story, put the carts
back where they belong and do not steal them, I am Matt Taylor, thank you for watching,
this has been another episode of In the Kitchen with Matt, stay tuned for another episode,
take care.

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  1. I've had that encounter numerous times and I hate it to death! Lol some people can be lazy. 😅😅

  2. I love those small carts too! Here in Canada (or at least in Kitchener where I live) the grocery carts now have been made that they cannot be taken off the store lot. If you go over a line at the parking lot entrance the wheels will lock up and the carts won't move. not sure how they do it, but it sure solved the missing cart problem!

  3. It's a shame that you even have to make a "grocery cart etiquette" video…….I have never not put my cart back……There is just no reason not to.

  4. Off topic…. Riddle me this. Let me set the seen. My SIL is a vegetarian her husband is not and will eat 3# of turkey at Thanksgiving. My sister says she is a vegetarian when she meets ppl but will eat all the meat if you have paid for it. I host Thanksgiving every year because my mom hates to do it and the two "vegetarians" won't cook a bird. Also my MIL hasn't had a working oven in a decade and her house smells like dog piss. So that leaves me doing it and I generally don't mind. My parents, the glue that keeps us together are choosing to go to Florida this Thanksgiving so I am choosing not to host for the 1st time in ten years because it is nice to be a guest sometimes . My SIL is doing it and has asked me to bring the freaking turkey! Not the Jello salad, or the rolls but the main fucking course of expensive turkey. Now I know when you bring a bottle of wine or what not you leave it because the host hosted and they get the left overs . I want to take my left over turkey with me when I leave. I'm salty that I have been asked to bring it as other people will be bringing dishes they bought pre-made for a couple bucks and I will be spending $40 and waking up at dawn to cook. Thoughts?

  5. Oh boy, don't get me started on grocery shopping/cart etiquette. I hate shopping to begin with, and generally buy online for groceries; however, one simply can't allow a store shopper to choose one's meat, ham, bacon etc. Normally a calm person, my stress level rises to screaming point when store grocery shopping.

  6. I cannot agree with you more. Also, you didn't mention that when carts are stolen or damaged in the parking lot prices in the store go up.

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