Vittoria Mezcal and Barzo Tires Quick Check – XC Tires

Vittoria Mezcal and Barzo Tires Quick Check – XC Tires

Hi everyone! Winter is the time to
play with new things and in my case I have a few new tires. But first of all, I am going to take a look
at the Vittoria tires, and what you see here is the Barzo and the Mezcal. They are both cross country tires that
I am planning to use in 2019. The compound they use in their tires uses
Graphene, which is supposed to give you
a whole bunch of good stuff And you see here for the Barzo, this is for loose, and mixed type of conditions. Actually if you look here on the back they give you a tiny bit more about that. They call it hard pack, mix terrain, and maybe a little bit of wet. The only other thing here on
the label is the ETRTO. So, 57 mm expected width of this tire, and that’s the inner dimension, 622 mm. Supposed to be 730 grams. And by the way, that’s the product
code for them. On the Mezcal, I have the Graphene blah blah, but I don’t have the info about the application. This is more of a dry, hard pack, and mixed condition tire. On the back here, kind of the same information is listed. But you have the ETRTO
which is by the way the same, 57 mm and the weight, which is supposed
to be 710 grams. Once you remove that strap and the
packaging, you’re gonna find this inside, which is not a warranty paper. This is actually how to install a tire on a rim. And here on the sidewall, you can see the
information about the tire, 29 x 2.35, both tires are that. That’s the ETRTO, these use the Graphene,
they are 4c – four compound tires, tubeless ready, or TNT, and
they do provide the sidewall protection. Sidewall feels pretty rubbery and
actually this is a two-tone tire. You can see the black of the thread, and the sidewall it’s a lighter grey. Barzo on the scale is 759 grams. This is over the 730g mention here
or the 745g mentioned on their website. As opposed to that, Mezcal comes up to 705 grams. We have 710g mentioned here on the box,
and on the website they mentioned 725g. I’m installing the tires on a set of
Stan’s Arch MK3 rims, that I have reviewed not too long ago. They provide a 26 mm ID or internal dimension and this redesigned profile has 16 mm height. Tires have a pretty tight bead but I was able to install them without tire levers. You can see here, made in Thailand,
and the rotation specified on each. I have them at 40 psi right now and I will leave them
overnight to stretch a little bit. I’ll be back tomorrow to take some measurements. Here you can see the round profile of both tires but you can see on the Barzo,
those channels that would provide a bit more cornering, or a bit more
aggressive cornering. Also, this continuous ridge of knobs
in the center of the Mezcal that would give you great rolling resistance. One day later, 25 psi in the tires and you can see how the cornering knobs and the casing are pretty
much at the same level on the Barzo. That means that the thread width, and the casing width, will pretty much be the same. Looking at the Mezcal, it’s not much different. The cornering knobs and the casing are the same level. It was very easy to set up tubeless and if you look, the casing is nice and round,
no site-to-site wobble, almost perfect. Something that I can’t say about the tires
that I’ve seen as of late. Measured width is at 2.24, as we see it there. Switch it to millimeters,
that’s almost 57mm, but guess what? You have 57mm here, ETRTO. So 57 millimeters width,
that’s what they say on the specs, even though this is a 2.35 tire that measures 2.25. Mezcal, pretty much the same, 57 millimeters, and you can see the caliper here, pretty much touching on the casing, the side knobs here do not protrude out much, if at all. As for the height of these tires, the Mezcal is about 72 millimeters. Remember, my rim is 16mm tall, and Bazo is maybe a millimeter taller than that, so about 73mm tall, with the 16mm rim height. The difference is coming from
the height of the knobs. Mezcal center is 2.5-2.6 mm. Cornering knobs about 3.8mm tall. Barzo, you add about half a millimeter, so these would be more
like 3 millimeter tall, and the cornering knobs here will be 4.2-4.3mm tall. So overall nice volume tires, that I’m looking to use not necessarily for racing given their weight, but maybe just perfect trail tire combination. I don’t know, they look pretty with that the gray sidewall. The volume is not as big as a Maxxis IKon 2.35, but the Barzo seems to be
more aggressive for a front, for sure. What about you guys? Have you had any experience with
Vittoria tires? Or Geax brand before that? Let me know what you think in the
comments below. If you found this useful, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe, and until next time, I will see you folks on the trails. Cheers guys, Cheers!

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  1. Imho Saguaro is better than Barzo, Barzo loses its grip quite unpredictably over loose, Saguaro has a bit less ultimate grip but is more predictable. Also, my 2.2" (true 2,2" in size) Saguaro is larger in volume and thread width than 2,25" Barzo, but that might just be a defect.

  2. i have the Barzo 29erx2.25 wide tire in the front and i like it plenty of grip in most conditions looking to the try the same back tire when the wetter gets better

  3. Love the Mezcal. Am going to try the barzo/mezcal combo for the NUE races on the technical days this season though

  4. I’m running a set of Vittoria Morsa…. love them on the looser trails by me. The Mezcals I like to give a go on they look like a fast tire😎

  5. On my 9er RIP9 I used Saguaros front and rear for quite a while with the only complaint being overall volume. I ran a Barzo but it was killed pretty quickly by my SoCal high desert terrain….. and I feel ya on tires wobbling. For the $ we spend for these tires, they should be far better. I will never use any Schwalbe tire again, unless I want to rub the paint off of the inside of my stays or fork.

  6. I’m running two barzos, Really impressed with the grip and speed so far. I also have a peyote set. I think the mezcal tires would be my pick for xc speed without losing grip, I think they have better side knobs while possibly being faster than the peyote. Right now things are pretty messy on the trails near me and the barzo has been great even on wet root beds

  7. I think on the tire rolling resistance website the mezcal had lower rolling resistance than the Ikon! If I ran Ikons where I live I’d use the exo version so the weight isn’t too far off. My peyote tires are lighter than the mezcal or barzo but have the same sidewall and I’ve ridden them on rocky trails with beds of baby head rocks where I was sure I’d get a puncture and they held up great. It was disconcerting to hear the rim striking the rocks through the tire in the rear, but no significant damage to be seen. This was after a season of xc racing and trail riding. For most of the trails around here I’d like more grip, I’ve done a lot of two wheel drifting around corners. I may run one in the back with a barzo up front this year.
    The casing is more elastic than a Maxxis Schwalbe or Specialized tire, almost adding suspension. It’s an interesting feeling at first but I like it.

  8. After using different XC tires from Schwalbe, Continental and Maxxis. I think that Vittoria’s tires are a little better than their competitors.
    I used the Schwalbe Racing Ralf, the pattern design was good, the side casing wasn’t strong enough, I teared the side walls pretty easy.
    Then I changed to Continental Race King and X King, both tires rolled fast, but their lack grip, they were also harder to set tubeless and didn’t seal punctures well, even if the whole was minuscule and I used the continental branded sealant.
    After that I used Maxxis’s Ikons and Crossmarks, but I had really big problems with teared side walls, even with the EXO casing. The Ikons don’t have much grip on loose conditions.
    Finally, from Vittoria I have use Barzo, Saguro and Mezcal and I haven’t have any problems set them it tubeless and they seal punctures really well. Barzo is the best all arounder tire, Saguaro has an aggressive pattern, but they do not clear mud really well and Mezcal rolls great, but the Barzo has better grip in most conditions.

  9. I tried a lighter rear tyre on my trail bike. I noticed no difference in rolling speed but a massive difference in grip and traction. Especially difficult technical climbing. Sections I've made many times I could not do. Tyre stayed on for 1 week only. Old 2.3 high roller maxxis went back on. The juice ain't worth the squeeze. Unless your a xc maniac(long distance on tame trails) then try some real tyres. Xc tyres suck dogs balls.

  10. Great review and details thanks! What do you think of using the Barzo on the rear as a replacement for 2.35" Maxxis Ignitor? I just put a Michelin Force AM 2.35" on the front and love it but need to replace the rear in a couple of months.

  11. I have experienced with the saguaro tire…at that time it was geax saguaro. Now vittoria saguaro. 120tpu tire with nobby xc thread design. The thing that striked me most their rubber compound for loose and hard terrain which is used on this tire are lasts really good. Which you wound not understand with couple of days of usuage. But over time you would certainly get this. One weakness though, in muddy condition this would loose it's grip so easily sometimes people might think this is the first time riding you on the trail…dnt know how to brake…dnt knw how to control…so on.

  12. Using the Mezcal on my mtb mainly on paved trails and some hard pack, pressure around 38psi, I'm 240lbs and these tires hold up well, I needed a tough tire, will get another set when they wear out.

  13. Please tell me about Presta Valve in detail. In our country there very less expensive bikes. And Presta Valves are very Rear to see and no body have knowledge about that even bike shops and mechanics. I want to convert my non-tubeless ready mtb in tubeless and I want to know everything! I have watched 30+ videos even yours about this but didn't get right knowledge!😢

  14. I’m using panaracer driver 29 pro at the moment, great tyres for dry and hard compact surfaces not great in the wet muddy trails and very loose rocky trails
    I’m actually looking into getting mezcal tnt g 29er’s 👍

  15. In my experience it is rare that vittoria tyres are not achieving quoted width. Most times they were the biggest tyres I've meassured. HOWEVER graphene series is relatively new model, from wide rims fashion era and possibly 26mm internal is not what they had in mind although I'd say 25-27mm is to me a very sweet spot for width vs weight and practicality. I don't like casing sticking out beyond side knobs as it promotes sidewall cuts. My Dartmoor Thunder rims are 32mm internal and are designed for up to 2,6" according to spec, which to me is quite too wide for that aplication, but seems like wide rims fashion has got outta hand a bit. So I'd say 2,35" should have quoted width even with narrower rims than Yours. Verry dissapointing from Vittoria.

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