Vittoria Enduro tires for hardpack: #VittoriaMorsa

Vittoria Enduro tires for hardpack: #VittoriaMorsa

so what goes into making a good dry condition enduro tire well there is a lot to goes into it today we are going to tell you a little bit about how we design this Morsa which is our answer to this type of terrain so let’s take a little closer look at what is that terrain looks like first you are going to start with this kind of hard pack dirt right here if you notice you are not going to dig into that with rubber knob right you also got this kind of rock and you got roots but on top of all of that you are going to get this kind of dusty lose overhard kind of decomposing dirt right that basically comes from this hardpack area right here and so to make a tire that is going to conquer all of that you need to able to have a fast rolling tire you need to able to have a fast rolling tire and needs to then have room to clean all this dust out and it needs to have a lot of siping to grab these surface where the tire will not dig in and so to start what we did was we ramp the leading edges of all of the center knobs on this tire so the rolling direction is really fast but when you hit your brakes all those square edges stand up providing tremendous bite underbreaking additionaly all of the knobs all the tire have siping, these little groves that allow some flex you can see that flex right there right and that allows the tire to be very gummy of the surfaces where it can’t dig into again it is just a surface phenomenon on this hardpack terrain right so you combine those two things with the little bit of spacing to clean all that dust out and you have a really fast rolling tire that is going to hook up on a range of hard pack type terrain and allow you to really maintain that speed and stability through it all now this tire you will see has this trial casing which is a 120 TPI tubeless ready casing with sidewall protection, this grey sidewall. And also APF insert which stand for anti pinch flat so it offers tremendous amounts of protection and that is covered by Graphene 2.0 compound and this new Graphene 2.0 compound is made to be really grippy roll really fast and yet give a good amount of longevity for a performance compound now one of the things we always talk about with Graphene 2.0 is that it is optimized for wet use and now you know there is a lot of dry conditions we are taking about here but inevitably it is going to rain here so if you, you know riding over wet bedrock, wet roots or wet kind of hardpack terrain this Graphene 2.0 compound is going to give you that traction that is put down in the 4C lay up process so you have separate base and surface compound in a center as well as the side so the center rolls very fast and wears really well and the side hooks up in corners so that is kind of an overview of this Morsa for more information on all enduro and trail products, please visit

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  1. Very cool. Congratulations!

    Annnnnd by chance, 29er of this model can be found on the market? I ask this because in Brazil there are almost no bikes with 27 "wheels

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