Vintage Muscle Bicycles : Vintage Muscle Bicycle Tires & Rims

Vintage Muscle Bicycles : Vintage Muscle Bicycle Tires & Rims

Generally a muscle bike is going to have twenty
inch wheels. This one has twenty inch wheels front and back. The front on this one is,
this is a Schwinn bicycle and it has the Schwinn rim, Schwinn S7 rim. Schwinn got pretty clever.
They made their own size rims so that you would have to buy their size tires. This tire
is twenty by one and three quarter inches. That’s not the same as twenty by one point
seven five inch tires. Schwinn tires are a little different size and they won’t fit a
standard rim. Here’s something to be careful of. We just picked this up. I didn’t look
at it very carefully. I thought it was something. I thought it was a complete correct bike,
but it actually isn’t. This is a Schwinn Stingray. You can look on the web to learn these details,
but this is actually the wrong rear wheel. This is a definite genuine Schwinn rear wheel,
but it’s a Schwinn S7 which has a diameter of one and three quarter inches. This bicycle.
This Schwinn Stingray of this year, this is a 1971, this should have a Schwinn S2 rear
rim which has a width of two point one two five.

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  1. They probably got tired of buying those stupid special size tires. The walmart stingrays use a fat odd tire now, but you can buy it at walmart. They are smart.

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