Vintage English 3-Speed Bicycles : English 3-Speed Bicycle Tires & Rims

Vintage English 3-Speed Bicycles : English 3-Speed Bicycle Tires & Rims

The most common size tire on an English three-speed
that you’ll find is going to be twenty-six inches by one and three eighths. If you’re
trying to identify the size of the tire, you can look at the tire, and right on the sidewall
it will be written twenty-six by one and three eighths. Another piece of information on the
sidewall is the tire recommendation, recommended inflation pressure, and these tires are a
fairly high pressure tire; much higher than the balloon tire bikes and the middleweight
bikes. The pressure on this size tire, this twenty six by one and three eighths is fifty-five
pounds. The English bikes always had chrome rims, rarely had painted, you can, just under
certain rare circumstances would it have a painted rim. Generally it’s going to be a
chrome steel rim. If you see a rim that’s got a dull finish to it, but it’s metal, that’s
an alloy rim, and it would not have been original to the bike. Tires; these bikes are great
for riding. These are reproduction you know after-market Taiwan brand tires. They’re actually
very reliable. If you were going to be commuter on commuting on this bike I would say go to
your local bike shop, or your local department store, and buy the tires they have in stock.
They’ll be great for this bike.

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  1. Great Video, I am a tall man 6'5'' and when I bought my Raleigh about 15 yrs ago it was the last year they sold 3 speeds in the USA. The bikes were Raleigh of America made in China. I could not get a large frame 3 speed , so I took it in a 7 speed model. My gears have never worked well. They are Suntour brand, the bike is not the same quality as the old Raleighs. Maybe I can find a good English racer in a second hand shop. Being 6'5" what size frame should I get Thanks, Keith?

  2. i never use nominal sizes go for ISO tire size you can NEVER go wrong

    ISO 590

    there are 7 or eight 26" tires out there by using tire ISO there is never a mistake getting the right tire

    get the best Schwalbe

  3. where can i get tires for raleigh sport 26 x 1 3/8 ? because i bought ones at amazon and dida not fit. they were a little bit larger, maybe were from schwing not for raleigh. please help. from mexico

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