Vintage Bicycles Styles : 1955 to 1965 Bicycle Styles

Vintage Bicycles Styles : 1955 to 1965 Bicycle Styles

These are middle weight bicycles. Generally
middle weights were made from around say 1955 to 1965 in general. Different manufacturers
did all these bikes a little before and a little after these dates, but generally speaking,
that’s the era. They have a thinner front tire than the balloon tire bikes. The round
dimension on this is 1.75 versus 2.125 inches on a balloon tire bike. The fender is narrower.
The whole headlight arrangement has changed. They still have an elaborate headlight system,
but now they’ve integrated it up here with the tank. This would have some clear glass
lenses and they are very difficult to find. I don’t know of anyone who is making those.
The tank is slimmer. There’s a switch here for the headlights to come on in the tank
and the batteries would be stored in here. Here’s another middle weight bike. This one
is more of a stripped down version, and actually it’s not that old. The first bike that I just
showed you was probably from ’61 or ’62 and this one is probably from – this might even
be from 1970. And this has got to do with looking at bikes and determining if they truly
are vintage. This one was made after the era of the middle weight bicycles and at the time
it was probably very inexpensive and very undesirable. Now as time has gone on, this
thing from the 70s is becoming vintage. And certainly it looks different than the bikes
that you’d find today if you went into a bike shop.

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  1. The first bike you were showing has a rat trap springer on it . I recently bought a W.F. with one on it . How can you tell around when these were built ? The one I got is in bad shape as far as the wheels go . They were completely rusted away where they sat on the concrete in a basement . The rest of the bike is in fair condition . I plan to put an internal hub 8 speed on it , something different .
      Do you know much about English bicycles ? I have a Triumph 5 speed , haven't found anything like ie it out there . Lots of 3 speeds .

  2. I need help figuring out where the serial number is on my hyda bike I just got it out of the garbage it's in great condition and I'm trying to fight it's value out

  3. I just bought one of the has the good front Lens clear glass but I wanna ask what size battery goes in the tank

  4. Would someone please tell me what batteries are typically used in these headlight compartments? I recently picked up an old Hiawartha bicycle with a similar set-up and I'm trying to get it fully functional. I believe they are C batteries, but could use some confirmation. Please and thank you.

  5. I had one exactly like that first one. I think my parents bought it for me in about 1962. It was labeled Murray Missile.

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