Vintage Bicycle Appraisal Tips : Vintage Bicycles Value: Does Style Matter

So does style matter when you’re talking about
what makes a vintage bicycle valuable. It does, but within each style category prices
there is great overlap in price unless you’re talking about the antique high wheeler bicycles
which go for astronomical dollars and that’s not really what we’re focusing on in this
series. There are styles that I don’t collect and I don’t like. For example, I don’t collect
racing bikes, I don’t like that style although some are very valuable and very collectible.
BMX style bikes, I don’t collect them. Both racing bikes and BMX bikes to me look like
any bike you could go into a bike shop today and see. I like things that have more style
and I think a lot of people like that. For example, over here, this is the middleweight
style, this bike is all original, it looks kind of funky but it’s in good condition and
it is a good collectible middleweight style bike. That bike in that condition might go
for a couple hundred dollars. The next is the balloon tire style which I really love.
They had art deco style tanks usually a leather seat, big spring in the front and big springs
in the back and big fat tires and art deco style lights. This thing in this condition
right now, this is a 1937 balloon tire bike and in this condition it might go for around
a thousand dollars. The tires are not original because we ride this thing, too. Another style
is the muscle bike or stingray style. Now this bike has a number of things that are
not original which I could go into in detail but I won’t in this series. But it’s got the
classic banana seat, it’s got the monkey handle bars and a very desirable thing in this style
to make this bike more valuable is it’s got this type of a shifter. Now this bike in this
condition as I say there is some incorrect parts, it hasn’t been cleaned up or anything,
this bike might go for around two hundred and fifty, maybe three hundred dollars as
it is. There are things that we’ll do to it that we’re going to restore it more to original
condition. And over here, the classic English bike, these things are bullet proof, they’re
great for riding, they’re unique looking bikes, they have fenders, they always have the bead
on the fender tip. A bike like this in this style, this would probably sell as a commuter
bike, maybe a collectible bike, maybe for around a hundred fifty dollars.

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