Vespa Tire Pressures – Vespa Tyre Pressures – Scooter Tyre Pressures

Vespa Tire Pressures – Vespa Tyre Pressures – Scooter Tyre Pressures

Hello everybody and welcome to my Vespa tips tricks and hints. So today is checking the tire pressures on your
Vespa this should be pretty standard if you’ve got the same tire sizes as these.
So this is the tire pressures that you actually need so front 26psi, rear 29psi if carrying a passenger it needs to be 32psi. So what
you’re going to need for today is a foot pump because I’m old-school, I like to use
my foot but obviously you can use an electronic one you need a decent tire
gauge again you could have a digital one but I’m old school so this is just a
manual tire gauge and obviously you’re going to need a foot because I’m
old school and I like to pump the pump. Oh and also you’re going to need a nice
cup of tea because halfway through you’re going to want a nice brew. Right
let’s get cracking so first of all let’s get the, oh know first of all we’ll just
show you the rear tire it’s a 130/70-12 So let’s get the tire
cap off and let’s just test the pressure. So gently push in well push in quite
hard and then it pops out let’s have a look at this so this is showing 24psi
should be 29 to 32 on the rear obviously 29 if you are on your own 32 if you’ve got a passenger or something in the boot section if you’ve got one of the rear
carriers. So this is a front tire 120/70-12 Again should be pretty standard of
course all other Vespas so same pressures didn’t have to be this
particular Vespa model. So let’s get the cap off and let’s test this one so push
it in and that really looks low, so this one is showing about 20 psi this should
be 26 psi so I’ve been a very naughty boy driving around
under-inflated which is not good news for your miles per gallon and also it’s
not very safe either. So let’s get a foot pump attached. My advice is don’t buy a cheap foot pump. I went through about 3 of them. Absolutely rubbish, I ended up buying a decent one which cost a lot more I’ve had it for years, always get
what you pay for in this world. Right these are pretty inaccurate but it’s
kind of a rough idea. Let’s get pumping pump up the jam pump
up the tire. So what I do is go by this gauge but
this as I said earlier this is inaccurate but I would over inflate it
because it’s easier to let air out with the tire gauge the proper one. So let’s just test the pressure again. This is showing about 34 psi so
this is too hard so we need to let some air out of this, so just to let the air
out just push on the tire valve very gently don’t push it all the way in and
then you’ll hear it hiss like an angry snake. Don’t make a snake angry by the way whoa. Why would you? Alright let’s test this so
this is showing 29 psi perfect because I’m not carrying any passengers and I’m
not planning on it and also if you were carrying passengers there’s obviously the
suspension that you can adjust whether it’s hard or soft that can be for
another video right now let’s go to the front tire but before we do that I’m
feeling a little bit thirsty! ‘hey careful man there’s a beverage here huh’. Oh that was a nice cup of tea. Very nice, right let’s get this pump on. It’s quite inaccurate but let’s get pumping. I’m old school you could use an
electronic digital one but you know good exercise. Alright let’s test the pressure right
this is showing 29 psi it should be 26 so that’s a little bit too hard
let some air out. 26 psi perfect there you go don’t forget to put your tire cap back on the
valve cap. So thank you to my foot pump. Thank you to my tire gauge, thank you to
my Vespa, thank you to my foot and leg, and thank you to everyone out there for
watching and that is the End. So hope that’s helped somebody out there so thanks for
watching. Bye.

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