Version 2.  How to replace a tire valve without taking off the tire using tool kit.

Version 2. How to replace a tire valve without taking off the tire using tool kit.

We are redoing this video as per viewer
comments we have had encouragement from Ifaac Newton who said it will reduce the size of
your brain idiot. Theknotman1964 claims to have been put to sleep by the boring narration. choatelodge goes
as far as to say that video forced him to contemplate suicide and finally BarefootIguana recommends that a
demonstration be done man. Without further ado FORMAFIST presents: How to replace a
tire without taking up the tire using
toolkit version 2. This is the kit. If I can find one online that you can buy I’ll put a link in the description. These are the parts
of the kit if you can imagine that is in your tire take this tool and slide it alongside give it turned and pull out the old valve stem second thing you do you take the new
stem thread it onto this tool this tool has a metal back so you can hit it with a hammer you take this sleeve put a bit of grease in it, put it
right against the tire put this in and punch it all the way
through now some of you are skeptical that a it can be done but why would they make it that you can’t use so I’m gonna prove
that it can be done

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  1. Better by far. I no longer feel the urge to hang myself through ennui, but rather I feel the urge to go to Princess Auto and try to find this tool.

  2. I understood version 1 of your explanation but I must admit that the actual demonstration in this version is better.  Having read the crude and unnecessary comments in version 1, I hope you find my comments helpful as I intend them to be.

    My critical comment:  It would have been nice to witness the actions hidden by your leg and the lubrication applied to the cone/valve stem base.

    My non-critical comments are as follows.

    As of October 12, 2014,:

    (1) Comments found concerning the quality of the snap-in tire valve tool kits were mostly poor due to the plastic cones cracking easily.  One commenter made his own from spun aluminum after his plastic cone broke.  Another from Jan. 2014, stated that he has used his (plastic cone, apparently) numerous times without incident.  Maybe the quality of this part has been improved.

    (2) "Princess Auto" locations are in Canada, ONLY; no U.S. locations.  (;jsessionid=805B06011BA247735469022EFA7BB1D4.com1)  [Are you Canadian?]  Their web site shows the "Snap-in Tire Valve Tool Kit" but no price is given.  (  Princess Auto has a demonstration of the Pro.Point Snap-in Tire Valve Tool Kit on Youtube.  (Pro.Point Valve Stem Tool)

    (3) There are two similar snap-in tire valve tool kits (Laser – 5540 Tyre Valve Tool Set 3pc) in stock at Amazon.  (

    (4) CAUTION!  "Snap-in tire valve tool kits" may not work in vehicles (10,000 lbs or less) made after 2004 and later (2005 -> present) because of the, possible, dTPMS (direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System.)  ( 59921)  Also, don't think of using products which inject sealants to plug tire leaks because these products can destroy dTPMS or TPMSs in general.  TPMS equipment can get right pricey … $200 … so , be careful.

    (5) From what I've read, some TPMS units (some Ford models) are strapped around the inner drum of wheels, sometimes opposite the valve stem opening, and which (the wheels) requires, only, the "old" basic valve stems; they, the stems, MAY be removed with snap-in tire valve tool kits but I warn you and others to be on guard.

    All of the above was learned by me JUST to remove a leaking valve stem from the tire/wheel of a hand dolly.  Can you believe it?!  A freaking, tubeless, 10-inch diameter tire!!!  What a pain in the a$$ this excursion has been!  But, that's how one learns and I have learned MORE than I EVER wanted to know about tire valve stems.

    Thanks for your video.

  3. This tool is available under a different name, on
    "Tool connection 5540 Tyre Valve Tool Set 3pc ( Laser )"
    [ ]

  4. Is there any easier and more effective way to remove and install a valve stem? If this is the best way I may just buy that little kit.

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