Van Life Q&A With Joe & Kait Russo | Camper Van Life S1:E15

Van Life Q&A With Joe & Kait Russo | Camper Van Life S1:E15

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  1. Watch Episode 16:
    Van Life FAQ:

  2. I started watching some of your videos because of the van, but you guys are very likable so I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Cheers from the UK.

  3. For the future to consider: There have been a number of, let's say, "challenges" with new owners of Hymer Aktiv with respect to "fit and finish" (e.g., on FB Hymer Aktiv Owners and Wannabees, ClassB Forum, etc.) I think it's fair to say that any RV will involve some maintenance and repair of these kinds of things, too. For prospective buyers, more information about what your experience has been, e.g., what challenges you've had, how much time and expense is spent dealing with these issues would be really helpful. This certainly can also be put in the broader context of "what's going right", too. Thanks for the informative videos.

  4. You mentioned the bathroom is tight and the bed is more than you need. I am 6' 2" and i am wondering how much headroom is available and whether there is sufficient room walking without constantly ducking and how sleeping would be.

  5. People have their own opinions whether it's negative or positive and for me there's no negative things about this and hopefully one day i can do the same thing like both of you it's awesome thing that i really want to do..and if i have done this in my life My life will be complete..keep doing whatever you like as long as make you feel happy just do it.;)

  6. We have a Travato and we never use the bathroom either. We have a portable toilet with a bag and we just go and dump the bag. No mess, no odor, no weight, and we love it!

  7. My new favourite vanlife channel! You're so pleasant to watch. Very well written and produced vignettes! Question: are you guys vegetarian or vegan? You seem to eat a lot of the foods I do. I wondered how needing so much fresh food and produce would work for wild camping off grid for weeks at a time? I'm vegan.
    Also, if you ever need a driveway or shower or number two trip, come to Abbotsford, British Columbia! Love the coffee addiction too as a fellow Italian javaddict!

  8. Kate; if you were to advise any Asian or Pacific Islander on what to bring with them if they have a Camper Van; what would be the most important piece of cooking appliance to take with them.

  9. funny she mentioned feeling sick if you're sleeping out of level. or "motion sickness" I have the same problem I thought it was just something weird about me, its like a disorientation that feels similar to motion sickness.I can be a little out of level but I try to orient the van preferably so my head is elevated and I'm tipped in towards the wall rather than out towards the edge of the bed.Otherwise I wake up over and over and just kinda feel like I'm sliding off.SOMEDAY I am going to add levelers,id love to just be able to push a button and adjust the vans level when parked.

  10. Just started watching your vids. Very entertaining and enjoyable….I envy you two. Some day my wife and I would love to live the RV life. But family commitments are putting that off….for now. Keep posting the vids so I can live vicariously through you.

  11. Hi guys, what are your thoughts on the size and location of the fridge in your Hymer? I am looking at the Roadtrek Zion also.

  12. Ur sure right about fitting mostly everywhere in van…way more convenient. ..we travel semi truck (my husband job)and we barely even find empty spots in truck stop area…so good for u using van

  13. We love our Berkey water purifier… have had it for about 3 or 4 years now… still love it …it will last forever I believe. Y'all are so cute and give such excellent info… don't stop please. I love all the videos…We have a Toyota van we use it very well even for 2 people. Like you say living outside is great meaning living room and kitchen outside. Sand witches if it is raining although we could use a covered picnic table when it rains or tarp. Fun, fun, fun.. we have had..

  14. enjoy your channel so much. Have been trying to decide between a class B, B plus, or one of the sprinter chasis class c. I am single, so do not need much space. Am already downsizing even though it will be 3 to 3 and a half years until I do this. I am hoping to do some work camping for the non profit organization bookstore in the Yellowstone Park. I will also be needing to spend two months to three months in the very cold, many times below freezing weather in Amarillo Texas. How do class b coaches stand up to cold weather. I will be continuing to stay full time in the class b in the winter weather. Are there specific features I should look for? Did you while shopping for class b's find any that would be better for winter weather than another?

  15. I'm sure you heard this one a few times. It's a little personal so I'm totally okay if you don't want to answer. Obsiously you guys are young so….ever thought of having a little bambino? And if yes would u still live a nomad life? Maybe go a little bigger like a MB pleasure way or leisure van? So in a few words still a class b but slightly larger ? Again u don't after answer that if it's too personal. Cheers and enjoy your beautiful lives ✌🇨🇦

  16. You said you would get rid of Bathroom. Have you considered making storage in there and just keep the toilet available? Would you destroy the van if added shelving or hanging in that area?

  17. Up recently I owned a Ford Trans connect and did some long several week road trips. Did not camp in it and now after watching the videos wish I had kept it to make into a small camper. One problem I had was the tippy feeling in high wind or passing big rigs. Wonder if you feel that in your class B?

  18. Thanks for the comments about the burky. My home at the coast has funky tasting water, almost fishy tasting, to me. Think I may invest in the burky to have better tasting water.

  19. I love your honesty about day to day living. You are a great couple and know how work well with each other. I am an older woman and want to keep it simple as I will be traveling alone ( with my parrot). I appreciate your comments about not having a bathroom. It is helping me to make my final decision. Thank you for making such great videos.

  20. I might have just the suggestion for you on your motorcycle desires. I found this looking for smaller transportation with a van or small RV in mind for myself. You might get by with a rack on back of your van instead of towing something, though I grant to open the rear doors to the outside means to remove them. Anyway:

  21. I've found you guys yesterdey by accident on Pinterest, started to watch and simply fell in love with what you are doing! I always tell my husband…someday we can sell the house and hit the road. You guys are showing us how this can be possible…of course it's not easy and there are lots of things to be considered…but you are doing it and that's amazing! Thank you for sharing this experience of yours. Don't mind the negative comments…deep down I think it's out of jealousy. Bless you and Leo. 👏🏻😊🚐🛣

  22. You guys are awesome you guys really balance each other out it is not forget Leo he's an awesome dog LOL😇🙏🙏👋

  23. I just discovered your YouTube videos yesterday, and I love them!  We recently retired and would like to do some extended travel through the US.  My husband and I are debating on the size van/RV needed.  Your videos will be very helpful to us as we make that decision.  I love your upbeat personalities! You are just the type of people that I love meeting as I travel. Ignore any negative comments.

  24. I just want you know that I have completely enjoyed your journey. I have been thinking about living in a van and I thinks the size of you Van would suit me. You two show how it is to live in a van, highs and seemed to worked out things.

  25. Thanks, really really enjoyed this, you guys keep it real, I am an expat teacher living in Singapore and what you are doing is my goals… ty

  26. Q: Do you think the Winn Revel might be a better fit for you now? (bathroomless, 4×4, higher clearance, smaller)
    Q: What do you think is the best setup to minimize the negatives of carrying a moto on a class b? I'd love to carry a moto and pwc but not sure how to best accomplish this. Any thoughts on managing this weight?

  27. Hi there dearest friends Russos and Leo. Several ideas came out as I watched this movie.
    1st: negative comments (?) really there are really really bad attitude persons (I have an idea of a guy whose name begins with T and ends with p… LOL) that's why (and I also have a YouTube channel with around 5k subscribers) I changed the comments to 'approve' exactly after I had some guys like T…p vomiting their brains in the comments. So I approve all the comments and I rest assured that no bad attitude appears.
    2nd: This September I went to Ireland with my Wife and our Dog (yes, I write Dog with capital… God sent them to us to show His love) and we made 6.500 kms on a class B like yours, Fiat Ducato Weinsberg 2.3Diesel 6 speed manual 130hp (We are Europeans) hired, and we made around 23.5 mpg, sometimes more, sometimes less.
    This trip was our second, and (I'm 63yo) it changed my life… I envy you guys, I watch your movies whenever I can, We really really loved this kind of going around.
    And our goal was to reach Ireland to stay a few days with our daughter, so we like ran across Europe to get there and be with her, and ran back again (the van was hired). We did not took full advantage of how and what nice, life can be living in a motor-van like this.
    3rd: Bathroom: we used a lot our bathroom, for 1 and 2 LOL, even when driving. In Europe we add a special blue product to the cassette so it never smells, and dilutes all that go inside, so bathroom for us was really one essential choice. We stood in camping sites, so we did not shower inside, but I could not see a problem with that if needed (as I think you too). Our van had a window in the bathroom and if needed one could take a shower in the outside 🙂 LOL I loved that feature…
    So guys, thanks a big big lot for your kind movies, you're awesome people, loved by many of us, and please keep up the good life and excellent movies.
    God bless you

  28. Guys….you have a great channel. PLEASE do not let any negative comments from the peanut gallery affect you. You know better than that!  Thanks for you videos!

  29. Great Q & A session. Clearly you enjoy the choices you have made. Love the adventures you publish. Happy New Year to you.

  30. Good travels, Kate is 100% why it works.A companion needs to be on the same wavelength on most of lifes travels.Lucky both.Dog is an equaliser & strengthener.Enjoy!

  31. I think it is amazing what you are doing, I m planning my build for late this year, early next year. Keep the videos coming really impressed.

  32. "Get rid of the bathroom" – Well from the US tax side of things, you could not deduct the interest you are paying on the class B loan if it came that way. But I can see your perspective.

  33. I just found your channel. Getting ready to retire from hospital and going to write full time. I'm looking to travel and write, so your videos are helpful. Thanks

  34. I just found you folks and have really enjoyed all the information this VLOG gave. I have multiple dogs so I want to take a cargo van and make it into a camper.  I will make runs up and down the East coast as I live on the Southern coast of North Carolina but will keep my home. Again thank you for sharing this info.. Safe travels Russos.

  35. Sorry, but it doesn't remove all the fluoride. Test your water out of tap and after fluoride, you'll get pissed off that Berkey misleads and infact in Twitter dialogue admitted to that. I do love my Berkey, as my tap water stinks.

  36. Do you recommend using an RV surge protector when you plug in to 30 amp shore power? We haven't been using one but with the eco trek power system, inverter, etc., I'm thinking we should be. Does the Hymer Aktiv 1.0 have built-in protection? The prices of these surge protectors range from $100 to $400 – what do you recommend?

  37. Nice, would you consider a Winnebago view or Trend, Dynamax Rev 24 foot, or Coachmen Orion? They have dry baths and feel bigger then your campervan but are near the lengths of your van and have a dry bath.

  38. So where the hell do u shit everyday? Drive from your camp site all the way to a gas station every few hours?

  39. Excellent video! I am building a moto van for my dirt bike with a shower and a bed. It is also a ProMaster 2500 window van, 15" shorter than yours. I am also not going to put in a toilet there, but I do want a shower because riding dirt bikes I get very dirty!I chose the window van because I can drive it in traffic like a car. The shower will be all the way in the back, on the driver's side, and it will have collapsible/foldable walls in order to save space and retain the good all-around visibility. The bed will have to be a foldable bench along the driver's side wall. It's going to be awesome!

  40. I'm less than two years from retirement. You guys, fitrv, and ultramobilty are my people! Thanks for helping me make educated decisions regarding a class b. Would love to meet you someday. If you're ever in northwest Ohio… have a driveway and hot shower waiting.

  41. Please come to the Midwest with the van! ❤️ editing to add you are welcome to park in our driveway! We would love it! Coffee and Wine included!

  42. I wish I had found your channel sooner, excellent content, think im gonna spent the whole night going thru the huge collection of videos yall have put up. Thank you for sharing. I have a few questions; You mentioned you have a national gym membership? Would love some information on that 🙂 Also I didnt catch what you said? ALK member? (22:43) PS: I did scroll thru the questions so as not to trouble you with someone asking a second time, but didnt find these 🙂 tia)

  43. The negative comments are from jealous people. They’re angry because they are stuck in their boring lives and feel they can’t do the same as you. God Bless!🙏❤️

  44. I get anxiety driving a anything bigger than a midsize van, smaller is better for me. Running out of gas and refilling the gas tank gives me anxiety so the better the fuel mileage the better. Stealth is important so smaller blends in better.

  45. Hi guys do you think 🤔 your van would work for a single guy? Do you have a solar set up? Do you think it would work for winter ❄️ climate living permanently? I live in the UK and would mostly be stealth and wild camping. It would be my full time house!

  46. Love your videos! How did you first choose the class C & then how did you choose the Hymer over other class B’s? Thanks,Pat

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