Update: DupliColor Tire Shine has lasted 14+ months so far!

Update: DupliColor Tire Shine has lasted 14+ months so far!

Today, we’re going to see how well this
Dupli-Color Tire shine coating has held up since I applied it 14 months ago. Welcome back garage heads! By now, all you subscribers know my 85 Toyota. Back in August 2017, its tires were the test
subject of a product called Duplicolor Tire Shine. Instead of typical silicone based tire dressings,
which attract dirt and sling off, this is an actual clear coating that bonds to the
rubber of the tire. I recently had a subscriber, Sean the Detail
Guy, ask me how it’s holding up… Let’s take a look. First of all, I need to give the truck a good
bath. This truck does a lot of work towing and hauling
all kinds of stuff, from lumber to engines. I will say though that I try not to drive
it in the winter anymore because of road salt, so these tires usually only see sun, water,
and dirt… but no snow. So I’m washing the tires twice to remove
all the dirt for a good before/after comparison. Let’s start right here… looks like I scuffed
the tire on something and you can tell how dull and flat the surface is where the coating
got scraped off. Other than that, they’re looking really
good. Let’s go over here to my acura, which had
a silicone based tire dressing applied to its tires a couple months back. Look at how the dirt and brake dust stuck
to the product. It looks brown unless you keep applying more
product after each time it gets washed off in the rain. So Tire Shine definitely wins this battle. Check out that wheel on the label… It’s the exact wheel that’s on my Mustang. Here’s a little trivia for all my fellow
wheel nerds out there… Be the first person to post the manufacturer,
and model name, of this wheel in the comments and I’ll ship you a can of Tire Shine. The only catch is I can only ship it to an
address the continental US, because aerosols can only be shipped by ground. So good luck! And Please subscribe if you haven’t already
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  1. Bought this stuff do a super good job cleaning your tires one light coat don't rush tape of your rim and the stuff looks sweet great product

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