Unity vs Unreal Engine : Game Engine Comparison

Unity vs Unreal Engine : Game Engine Comparison

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  1. It's more like C– (minus-minus) not C++ in UE4. It's severely restricted by UE's conventions and template hell. More like a different language or at least a diferent CPP dialect altogether.

  2. Wow, I don't know if it was intended or not but there's a dozen things that are omitted here. From the top of my head, in Unreal you just have the PBS shader, there's no "dropdown" like in unity to change the shader, you just have one and if you don't like it it's extremely hard to change it ( requires heavy engine modification ). Postprocessing : In Unreal there's a dozen things on by default, problem is that certain things cannot be disabled like tonemapping in actual builds (only editor). Secondly, you might think a postprocessing effect is disabled but it's actually still applied but it's results are not used. Postprocessing is sort of hardcoded in Unreal, in order to completely remove certain effects again you need to do some modifications. Did you know Unreal has a mandatory Z prepass ? You cannot disable that for say a mobile game, you need to modify the engine to disable it. In Unity it's dependent on some factors but you definitely have control over it.

  3. lol are you the same guy? are you Bsodgaming? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLIdX03ks4U you sound almost exactly the same with the same accent also

  4. I use to create mods for HL1 back in the day, and for doing half of the stuff this programs do i have to use a miriad of differents programs and tools, i am really amaze with it. The only problem always is the same, having the time for doing it.

  5. What if I told you unity can make just as good graphics as unreal if not better

    It's not the tool, It's the craftsman that wields it that produces the amazing art you enjoy.

  6. Sound files = Sound farts!
    These kinds of assets = "These kinds of asses".
    ^_^ Just messing around! Thanks for the vid.

  7. This video is an excellent, objective comparison. Not only that, the comment about coding vs the visual scripting is a superb way to clarify the connection (and difference) between the two! It seems to me, through tinkering with both systems and watching a variety of comparison videos, that the choice between Unreal Engine and Unity is like choosing between a PC and a Mac (respectively). It boils down to personal preferences. Both are rock-solid choices with pros and cons. Both have extensive community development and support. Both have fantastic quality outcomes. Try them both for a bit, see which one favours your style of learning, and go with that. Personally, I and some of my friends use Unreal Engine – but many of my friends use Unity. It ultimately is really a matter of what "feels" easier/right for you.

  8. Hey great video Jayanam, btw me and some friends, we're making a video game on Unity, we're 14-16. We have good ideas and all that but we're just lacking the execution. If there's anyone interested in the comment section who wants to help out- (If we make any money, you get a cut of it 😉 ) Just contact me- [email protected]

  9. If you were to make an RPG game, probably in the old Pokemon game style or South Park: Stick of Truth at best, what would you choose?

  10. Noobie Guide:

    Unity Strong Points = User Bases is Huge, allows non programmers to use code in their programs (cut/paste – change your variable names. Small on Computer Memory.
    Unity Weak Points = No Default Point and Click programming (needs upgrade in Subscription). Appearance puts of Newbies. Lacking Default Templates and Scenes.

    Community Support = Huge and Web-searchable. ex: MonoBehaviour – Result= Exact Information.

    Unreal Strong Points = Great Quality Default Graphics, BluePrints are easy to interact with. Beautiful to look at.

    Unreal Weak Points = No specific info on what each blueprint does and how to use it, without YouTube (Functions and Tutorials go out of date with new Updates), No Advanced Math Functions (or a node that would take a Math function). Vectors are made with R,G,B channels (can be noobie confusing). Calling the Correct BluePrint is confusing at times. Calling BluePrint to BluePrint though CASTING is confusing at time.

    Community Support = Low (Web Tutorials are Out of Date, sometimes impossible to follow). Ex: HUD BluePrint – Unreal Document (not the information I was needing), some YT vids.

    LumberYard Strong Points = Clean Interface (attractive). Comes with Starter Game (vertical Slice) – Objects and Scripts(Lua) easily readable and Editable within the Game-Engine (no Loading Visual Studio/UltraEdit) – References are there on side panel.
    Easy to Use. Collisions/Physics are simply added with a Component and it Shapes the Collision the Geometry automatically – Wonderful.

    LumberYard Weak Points = No info on how to effectively use Lua to create scripts or how to call the correct functions(Noobie). Visual Programming Flow-Graph is Discontinued⚠❗ Not a Large Community (as I learnt about Lumberyard from Star Citizen)

    Community Support = No Existent, Lua Scripting Help for LumberYard (Non-existent). Ex: Search: EntityID Lumberyard = Found Reference in Manual, but with no world application (noobie)

    Delta Time, Unity made a Video = Perfect, the others (basic text description)

    My Person Experience:

    I've used UNREAL from a Noobie Perspective = Unpractical even with BluePrints. I created a simple UI that switched images. It took me a while to learn, but I was successfully able to make my Program, and I was successfully able to make it into an executable. The Problem was this .. 5 images on a widget spinner = *424 MB of HardDrive data*. I also couldn't get it to create an Android version of this, even with installing the Nvida Code-works, and Android skd = So in the End Unreal is not practical for me, in what I wanted to achieve.
    I tried Lumberyard = failed at that due to the "Lua" scripting that I couldn't find any real examples of (why am I calling this or that explanation)
    I reluctantly went over to Unity and Guess What … Video Tutorials on what each module can do or does! Brilliant (and as far as I can search, C# examples are everywhere) – making my need to learn a New Language much easier.

    In the End, I know what I want to do, I just lack the experience and know how on how to implement it- I also see they are implementing more Graphical Programming (like BluePrints) in Unity – Drag and Drop Nodes – While Unreal is Gorgeous it's probably not for me – Screen Shots of 3D model – Unreal will be awesome, maybe Cinematics (but for small sized games) and those who don't know the in's-out's of C++ (This is for Noobies) – Maybe Unity is Better.

  11. JAYANAM, I wonder if you vould help with one little Unity thing MANY ppl have trouble with, Simply making a wall of cubes (or whatever) to 'Start Asleep' (like with Rigidbody 2D) and not 'fall over' etc, until collided with or 'triggered'. I will be very grateful, if you would be so kind as to answer! I have asked for weeks in many forums. No one seems to know. Thank you Thank you!

  12. I search for Unity or Unreal programer to make me some games i need price how much its cost and how much time you need i like only online games Survival games / MMORPG

  13. Hi Guys you may want to check out John Galt he teaches how to make a multiplayer game that has teams and how to package your project so you can play your friends on Steam. 😉 Unreal Engine 4 – (Free) Multiplayer Steam TPS Tutorial Series 1

  14. The most noticable difference is, games which are made with the unity engine are often crappy games somehow… I think the Unity engine must be a bit cheaper then for developing facilities, that's why.
    Well the UE4 is compatible with everything, no matter if PC, console, mobile phone and supports nearly everyhin (finally even real time weather calculation which wasn't part of the UE3- while even much older engines could), planning to ad raytracing and other things in the future- but Unity wants, too.

    Still both can never beat the power of Dunia, modernisized Frostbite and the new Cryengine version gameplay/graphical and game adjustment wise. (now 2018)

  15. My opinion here. Is that UE4 UI is horrible and ease of use is just not there. I would use Unity for no other reason than ease of use and UI and that's critically important. Unreals saving methods are questionable. Unitys is literally a 1 click save

  16. Hey Jayanam. I just wanted to let you know that your videos are very helpful and I can easily follow along with them.

  17. I know that the video was made a year ago but, just so you know unity kinda made a little visual scripting system, but I'd stick with normal coding in both engines as it's much faster .

  18. I am developing a virtual reality game and tried both for 100s of hours before I made my decision. I chose unity. Unity is much more geared towards small teams (solo in my case). The unity asset store has a lot of build in/freely available functionality that unreal just does not have. The biggest difference is VRTK, a package that has majority of vr features build-in, but there are many more features that would take me months to build from scratch in unreal and is downloaded and implented in mere hours in unity like saving, health systems, enemy AI (nav mesh), animating (mecanim) etc. If you have limited resources (work in a small team with less than 5 people, don't have skilled/experienced people, not much money etc) than unity is almost always a better choice imo. If these are not problems for you then choose unreal.

  19. if You are beginner and new to game designing go for unity3d, if you are hardcore programmer or big company that want to make state of art games go for Unreal engine end of story

  20. What's up with the thumbnail? Why use linear colour space on Unreal and forward without ambient and tone mapper in Unity. Isn't that kind of misleading? It's not a proper comparison screenshot and prejustified statement you bring over Youtube users before they even clicked on your video.

  21. I can confirm the people saying that Unreal is way better. I got stuck nearly 6 months with Unity's shadow rendering engine. Why you ask?
    Directional Lighting -> Shadow Casting
    Particle effect -> Shadow Casting
    Resulted into every single directional lighting rendering horrifically flickering shadows all over the scene and meshes.

    Don't have that problem with UE4. The visual coding is way more comfortable, even though I didn't learn to code C++, I am more heavily trained in C# (quite advanced due to my server development stuff back then), and yet, I can create realistic materials for the overall usage without watching tutorials about it, since it is very intuitive and quite obvious. I would always recommend switching to Unreal Engine, no matter which engine you used previously. Even the conditions at UE about "You win, we win" sharing is much more humane than other companies do offer.

  22. more 2D VR android game build to cardboard tutorial please…for my final project on College this month… merciiii 🙏


  23. You have no idea how bad UE4 is at 2D games XD
    I tried to make an AnimBP with sprites but it did not work at all. Then I tried using the paper 2D template to get basics of flipbooks, and I saw a weird hand made state machine in the CharacterBP. Clearly, Unity is more powerful in 2D games, take Hollow Knight as an exemple.

  24. I have only tried unity in 2019 and find that the lights controls are not good ,how can I get atmosphere with these lights , I am doing cinematics and do not need game controls .If you have any advice I welcome it , would unreal be better . Thanks

  25. They didn't even metion the most important difference: Unity has the incredibly awesome cross platform export feature while UE4 is optimized for PC graphics.

  26. I'm currently using Unity with C#. I prefer it over Unreal Engine because C# is more flexible than the more complicated C++. I honestly don't know which one is better at a professional level, but I prefer the one that I can be the most technical with without it becoming too difficult. Can someone give me their honest, well calculated, and professional opinion on this?

  27. I recommend to work with the unreal 4. Unity is an unstable plugin monster that has an outdated usability. The "new" updates in Unity have been promised for many years and come with a lot of bugs. In addition, these things have been well implemented in Unreal for years.

  28. i'm pretty sure unity gets a bad wrap since its many peoples first games engine and usually people first game is terrible

  29. Hello, how are you, I need the following help please: What is the procedure I must follow to give a body with armature to the head modeled and animated in FACESHIFT ?. Use BLENDER. Please help !!!, greetings from Argentina !!!

  30. I already know "why not Blender Game Engine" (T_T), but … why not CryEngine? why not source engine? why not other, for the best comparision? why only this 2?

  31. If you want high graphics great animations when making your game go for Unreal..

    If you want to custom made everything from the light, the animations, the style, physics and artstyle go for Unity…

    These 2 Engines are awesome and they do have there own down sides like Unreal isn't actually as flexible as Unity since it was made for 3D rendering where as Unity was made for Universal purposes but becuase Unreal was focused for 3d rendering Unreal has better Light Physics along with better volumetric effects and if your using Unity and want to get a similar effect you just have to make your own light and code its properties along with the objects…

    Interms of Optimizations, if your going to make a mobile game I would recomend you to use Unity since it's more suitable for mobile and is much more optimized than Unreal, and if you want that jaw dropping, PC burning graphics for your game I would suggest using Unreal…

    Both Engines are awesome and excel it there own ways like how Unreal proves to be realistic and where Unity goes for flexibility..

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  33. If you use any Unreal Engine code in your product (even just a little), then your entire product is governed by the Unreal Engine EULA for Publishing, and is subject to 5% royalties when your gross revenues from that product exceed $3,000 per quarter.

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