Unfriend ‘Em All! – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 22

Unfriend ‘Em All! – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 22

[birds screech] Huh? Oh. There you are! Oh, I thought I’d lost
you. That would have been terrible. -[gibberish]
-Of course I’m going to worry, Bob. You’re my only friend.
I mean, don’t you know how I got here? [gibberish] You don’t? Well, it is a sad story… -[music pounding]
-With a totally fun beginning! We were throwing a big company party
in our garage. -[boing]
-Agh! Sorry, Ginger.
This party is for grown-ups. Come on! -Woo-hoo!
-[phone plinks] Oh, no. Another message from him? Him who? Huh. He seems familiar. A hipster tech reviewer who hates tech.
He’s been bugging me online for weeks. -[phone plinks]
-You know what? I’m going to block him. Woah, Tom, that’s harsh.
I ignore my haters. Done! Now I never have to deal
with that guy again! -Ugh, plastic cups?
-[gasp] I only drink of cups
that are made of the wood. Ugh! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ Don’t run away. I want to interview you
about your garbage company. It’s a garage company! How’d you hear about this party?
You weren’t invited. Invitations are so needy.
Can I get a quote from you? I’m thinking, “My party is terrible
and my company is lame.” Go away! Shut up! -Leave! Huh?
-[music stops] -Uh… Hey. Party on. Right?
-[murmuring] Right? -[honk]
-Here, why don’t you bother Hank? And not me. Oh! Do I spy an InkStamp 4000?
Mind if I take her for a spin? -[laughing] Yeah!
-[Tom] Psst. Ben. That hipster is here, and he’s making me
lose my cool in front of the tech people. What? You’re supposed to be being cool!
Pull yourself together, man! I tried! I blocked him on the internet,
but now he’s here. -I can’t block him out in real life!
-That’s never going to happen! Hm. Or can you? [music, cheering] -Meet the Unfriender.
-Wow! Of course, I haven’t tested this yet,
but if it works, it will prevent your brain from seeing
or hearing disagreeable people. Like you’ve blocked them from your life. Yeah, we’re going to make
this jerk disappear! [whirring] -Enjoying the party?
-No. I found four potato chips
that are shaped totally dumb. Really? I think the potato chips
at this party are perfect. That’s absurd! Let me describe
seven ways you are wrong. One– -[distorted]
-Whoa. It worked! Hey! Leave Tom alone! He’s just trying
to give everyone a fun night! Don’t worry, Angela. I can’t see this guy
or hear what he’s saying. -[distorted]
-I didn’t catch that. But I’ll assume it was,
“Wow, Tom. You’re the best.” -No, Tom, that’s not what he said at all.
-I don’t know that. [chuckles] Ben, the Unfriender is fantastic! Well, I’m glad it works. But this was just a test.
I have to undo it. No! What if I meet someone else
who I don’t want to deal with? It’s too dangerous, Tom. Look directly into the lens, or
the de-programming won’t work correctly. -Uh… Sure.
-[whirring] [Tom] I fooled Ben into thinking
he undid the procedure. Huh. That’s when things took a turn for the amazing! Yeah! Woo! [tires screech] -Hey, watch where you’re going!
-Oh, yeah? Maybe you should watch
where you’re going. Yeah, well, maybe you should– [distorted] [whistling happy tune] Would you stop that whistling? It’s loud and my baby wants to– [distorted] You want me to pay the rent, even though
we just paid the rent last month? [distorted] And… You’re being so charming tonight! I know! Ever since I used the Unfriender, I’ve blocked all negativity out of my life
so that I can focus on people who matter. Wait. I thought you only used that thing
on that guy at the party. Uh… yeah…
Well, he was all the negativity. Oh good, our cheesecake is here. You know, it’s funny they call it
cheesecake because it has a crust. So really, it’s just like cheesepie. No way. Cheesepie would be a pie
with cheese in it. -Angela, that’s crazy.
-Tom! I like you, but you are totally wrong– [distorted] Angela? Oh, no. Aaaah! [screams] -Tom?
-What’s going on? Ben? Oh, Ben! You have to help me.
I can’t hear or see her! She’s blocked! Blocked? But that could only happen if…
What did you do? I may have kinda… closed my eyes when
you were trying to undo the Unfriender. You did what?! You have got to be
kidding me, you utter, absolute– [distorted] Ben? Ben! [sobbing] Ben! -Hey, hey!
-Oh, Ginger! You’re still you! How’d you recognize me? Doesn’t my goatee
make me look all grown-up? I don’t have time to play right now.
I need help! I’m not playing. This is serious– -[distorted]
-Oh, no! -Um…
-Hank! -You’re my last hope!
-Okay…? Listen to me very carefully. No matter what happens,
don’t let me argue with you, okay? -Okay. That shouldn’t be too hard.
-Good. Good. That’s, uh, that’s good. -[distorted]
-Really? I’m not sure, Ginger. -Tom, what do you think?
-I do not know what he said. You must have been distracted.
Ginger, can you repeat that, please? Wait, no, no, but– Ugh, Hank. -Tom! Pay attention!
-I can’t! I told you, I blocked him! Blocked him?! I don’t know what that
means! Tom! I am getting sick and– [distorted] -Listen.
-[sobbing] [distorted voices] -Aaaagh!
-Tom! Stop! -It’s all right, Tom!
-Aagh! Aagh! I couldn’t be around
all those happy faces. -So I came here.
-[sobbing] Yeah, I know.
I warned you the story was sad. Ow! What was that for, jerk? Aw. [birds screeching] He looks terrible.
We adults have to help him. I have a plan, but we’re only going
to get one shot at this. W-w-wait. What is going on? Oh! Guys? I still can’t talk to you,
so I’m pretty confused. [gasps] Ben! How’d you do that? I made some dangerous modifications and
created an area that cancels its effects. But it will only last for a minute. We need to make your brain realize
that blocking people is bad. I know that now! It’s not enough to just say it.
We have to go back to the source. Did you ever see that classic
surgeon adventure movie, Patient Zero? -We had to find your patient zero
-Patient zero? Well… No. No! Oh, anything but that! No, no. No! Hello, Tom. We got off to a bad start,
but now you blocked the whole world? That is impressive. Oh, yeah? Well, why don’t you just–
Wait. You aren’t going to insult me? Why would I do that? I mean,
I am too cool for the school, yeah, but you are too cool
for, literally, everyone. You’re, like, the ultimate hipster. Huh. You’re right. I guess I am.
You know what? I’m sorry I tried to never see you again.
That was wrong of me. Aw… Make friends faster!
The field is shutting down! -You’re running out of time! Hurry!
-What else am I supposed to do? -Wait.
-No! This is no time for social media! You’re a good guy and I don’t want
to block you in real life, or… online! Ben! You crazy genius, you did it! And not a moment too soon. -Welcome back, Tom.
-Thanks. I owe it all to you, Angela,
and what you said at the party. -You don’t have to block your haters.
-Ha-ha! Woo! [cheering] [owl hoots] [Ben] Huh. I think we just knocked out
the power grid for the entire town. [everyone] Oh, no!

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  1. 4:35 haha… That Lady wants Tom to shut up bc her baby was asleep by Yelling at him….
    7:14 why did they're blocked? They not even doing anything negative.

  2. All the people. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Tom. Cry’s 😿😢😢😹😹😿😢😢😢

  3. If i was tom and the women with the baby screams to me i say: don’t talk so to the mayer or you get arrested!

  4. If i was tom and the women with the baby screams to me i say: don’t talk so to the mayer or you get arrested!

  5. Respect the people who are interested 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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  8. InkStamp 4000 typewriter. A vintage piece of equipment that has a modern and cool sounding name. Do I need to say anymore?

  9. One friend I could never block….it should be….
    My bestie Abiha or Warisha I CANT DECIDE good question 😉

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  12. If this is real I will Block My Cousin Well Here's A Story, Me And My Friend Which Is A Girl When I Talk to Her, And Were Lonely Together But My Cousin Comes In And Takes Her Away From Me (My Cousin Is A Girl I Have No Bros Only Girls 😭)

  13. The green guy is like "WATCH WHERE YOURE GOING!
    And tom is like "but watch what youre going!
    And the green guy is like "yeah"

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