Understeer: Your Overprotective Mother! – The Racing Line Ep. 8

race cars can be very entertaining but
they also can be very frustrating it’s a lot like life all our operators are busy at this time please hold thank you for calling hi I have is probably your call is very important to us hello please hold life can also be really good to
you sorry to keep you holding Mr. Pobst we
will issue that refund for you right now are you really like life cars can be so good to us but sometimes
they can frustrate us to no end as a race car driver there’s one thing
that binds me up like nothing else too much understeer and that’s what we’re
talking about today on The Racing Line understeer is really simple all it means
is the front tires have less traction and the rear at the limits of grip which
is where you always want to be the car won’t steer enough and so you’re going
to run into whatever is on the outside it just won’t turn when there’s no
understeer the car is balanced and it’s easier to carve the perfect racing line
with the steering if there’s understeer the front tires don’t respond and the
car tends to plow wide that is understeer so why is understeer so frustrating it’s like a mother who’s
overprotective and keep saying no ma can I go play on Billy’s bitchen skate ramp no mom can I go skydiving please no mom can I start chain smoking
please absolutely not now you’re sweet mother
has your best interests at heart she doesn’t want you to get hurt but
like understeer this can be frustrating on the other
hand the opposite of understeer oversteer is like your mother saying sure sweet do whatever the hell you want
awesome as a kid that may seem great and all but the chances in you breaking your
neck increase significantly yeah as a driver you’re telling the car to
turn and it does just too much now be a good girl and turn just a
little I want my mommy this can end up in a spin you can end up
in a crash which can end up in a broken neck if you had an understeering mother that
cared the chances are being laid up in a neck brace would have been a lot less so how do you correct for understeer
understeer is not a problem of the steering wheel it’s a problem of the gas and brake fix
it with the pedals if the car is already understeering
turning the wheel more will not help you can crank it to full lock that will only
make it worse the steering wheel obviously works great
until you start to slide the fronts and this is where you’ve reached the
cornering limit understeer is the front tires screaming for more load to create
more grip put some weight on them ease off the throttle squeeze on the brake
smoothly or you will create bigger problems like oversteer on this tire rack minute we brought in
one of the world’s top suspension experts Frank Vasquez of KW Suspensions
to find out why most cars understeer Frank I drive a lot of cars and they
tend to understeer from the manufacturer all the time you know a big issue that
the manufacturer space when they release these products to the public is safety they want to deliver the safest product
possible to their customers and there’s a big liability concerns from
manufacturer that you know the car is easy to handle and so its easier to control
understeer from a safety standpoint understeers much more driver friendly to correct right you just ease off you
know what the car settle back down and you carry on your way a lot of times if the car understeers a
bit you may not even notice it that is a great point Frank because I’m
thinking that if a driver is driving along and you start sliding the front
like you just said he made barely notice it but if he starts sliding the rear
eyes get big screams maybe it’s it can be frightening
that it can be dangerous you know your risk spin out going out of control what what manufacturers do to create
that understeer what kind of adjustments what do you see in a chassis you can
provide a stiffer spring and shock package in the front you know when the
result of that is to you know it overloads the tires more quickly so the the front end is more likely to
break away from then the rear you can play with the wheel and tire sizes which
are you know it’s very common nowadays to see a car with more narrow tires in
the front and a big wider tire in the rear to make the back and more stable as
much more important in a car depending on the drive type front wheel
drive cars or more understeer thrown by nature of rear wheel drive car is
always going to be you know traditionally more tail happy but a lot
of that goes back to you know the setup of the car you have a lot of different ways of
fine-tuning that set up to make it behave the way that you’d like yeah just a lot of understeer is
probably the most frustrating thing there there is a race car it’s got to feel
like you can’t control the car it’s hard to drive a car fast around a racetrack
when you feel like you can’t steer it right it makes me cuss at it understeer it doesn’t have to be a dirty word it
can also be your best friend kinda like your nagging mother can mold
you into a better human being Randle Lee Pobst fix your hair mom I’m working here on that note load your fronts driving
enthusiasts and we’ll see you next time on The Racing Line if you like watching
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