Under the Rim the Lumpy Patel Story ep.34

Under the Rim the Lumpy Patel Story ep.34

three people shot, and all that food wasted… I’m never having an Expo again! -do we know their names? no, I don;t think I heard them about here you wouldn’t miss at this range, would you? -no one would. -but they’re both just sitting there it must have been very quick. -a quick two shots. two guns? or two shooters? -what’s that? another .22 slug, just like Redfields. -well, that’s it then, it was one of– It was someone in the Dome last night. why were they here? -they were invited. I mean, did you tell them to sleep in the cabin? -No, why? If I can figure out who was where, and when, then whoever wasn’t where they were, might have been where they shouldn’t have been. Um, if you know what I mean. I’m sure you can figure it out Lumpy– you’ve got to! It’s like the districts are watching our every move. -You’re just being neurotic… But Ican see them looking at me from here-! Not that I need your help- I could solve this problem myself. I’d be happy to let you. I don’t know why they insisted that You handle this, It’s almost like they don’t trust me. Sephara? where are you going? -I’m going to feed the horses. The cabin is off limits. But it might be my last chance to see them… It would be better if you stayed int he Dome. Lumpy, are you going to talk to Atticus? he still has my Beretta. -Oh! that’s right… Can you get it back for me? -Isuppose I should talk to everyone… Horsies! H-O-R See the horsies I have every faith in you Lumpy, I’m sure you can solve this mystery. I just want to check ion Redfields first. Great! And I will start setting up the turrets. It’s just me. How is he? He hasn’t woken up yet, but we gave him a lot of antibiotics. ouchie -So you’re going to straighten everything out? Before the Jewelers District comes back-? Who found him first? I guess I did, but we all heard the shot. You were in the kitchen a lot last night, weren’t you? With the villagers– it was a lot more fun than the Expo. which villagers? Oh, you know- Peach, and Shotgun Lilly, and the one with the little hat. Mr Cairo? Was there anyone else? Actually, there Was one ofther fellow I didn;t know, but he left early- he was gone before it was dark. Was he… How’s your friend? He’s better than he was. He looked like a Goya painting. Fransisco Goya? Yes, exactly! May Isee that? -Sure. They call you doc, don’t they? That’s right. We could have used your help last night. My degree is in philosophy- when he wakes up, if he’d like to discuss the nature of the brutality of life, I’m willing. -It’s a .45 Yes. and it’s not loaded. That’s how I like it. Why carry it at all-? Really, it’s part of the look. What exactly happened when you went to the cabin this morning? Nothing happened. I brushed the horses, then I came back. You noticed they were dead, but you brushed the horses anyway? I didn’t notice when Icam e in. I said hello, they seemed kind of quiet, but I didn’t insist on a reply. So I went about my chores. Did you see anyone outside, before or after? That little guy was out there– one of your fellas. Gorar? Where? What was he doing? He was standing in the snow, just looking off. At nothing, I thought. Stefan says the cabin is off limits, but Ihave to feed the horses. -Of course. -Thanks. Ryan will go with you. I hope your friend is alright. Oh, it’s you. Atticus, do you still have Sephara’s pistol? Of course0- and she’s not getting it back. Well I have to see it. There’s no reason why you should, I’ve had it all night. Unless you think I– Oh, very well. Just a minute. -Ryan, don’t you think a calendar of the cats in the dome is a good idea? Are you selling them? -Are you buying them? One round gone, fired recently. Of course it’s been fired! At me! You should find a better hiding– Say! What have you got ther? “Miss Nuclear, 4956” Look at the size of those cooling stacks! -They’re not that big. -That’s disgusting. That’s private! What’s between a man and his mattress– err, I mean– I don’t want that thing in the Dome, throw that away! -That’s not yours to throw away! -Doesn’t anyone Work here anymore?? WEll, I am surprised. here endeth the subtitles.

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  1. Wow, i can't believe i didn't see ep 33 in my subscription list. I'm really glad it's back.

    Everything doing ok Dagarvs? with your hardware and RL stuffs? Don't strain yourself too much, man.

  2. I've also noticed there are subtitles now. As a non-native english speaker, i really welcome this improvement! Text-2-speech can be difficult to comprehend at times.

  3. Ending…. gasps! How many Youtube rules did that violate! GASP!

    Keep up the good work, the mystery…. must know the mystery….. I have my theories, but…..

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