Under the Rim part 43

Under the Rim part 43

cold! really cold. hello- orange horse! orange horse? Tarquin, are you there? Hello! I need some Orange Horsey Puffs! Tarquin?? intruder alert the Man is here, and he’s trying to bring us down. Tarquin? why are the heaters on? we only have one generator now! It’s not even 60 degrees in here. …farenheit. well put on a sweater- I’m not made out of money you know! we have to– Gorar’s back! Did you find anyting? like food? I did find something.. what happened? tell us all about it! I set out headed south south-west the cold was biting as a prizefighter the wind whipped me like a dominatrix TMI! I had gone far into the dark night, and there was no turning back… but the storm was too much- I made for an outcrop of rocks and lit a fire among the stones, burning all my trading cards. those cards were for export only-! they were mostly Stefans. Oh, okay. what does that mean-?! then, I heard voices near Bla bla bla, menacing talk in the dark… Same here. no one about-? … nice and warm Nothing to eat but biscuits… what I wouldn’t give for some real meat! Or a hot dog. (crunching) (crunching) Do you ever regret your choices in life? whats this-! hey!look what Ifound! -what is it? it’s a beaver! O, perfect. a talking beaver! we can eat it! biut I found him- maybe you can’t hear it, but it talks to me- just because you can’t hear him, it doesn’t mean he can’t talk! we can all hear him. -Oh. it s not a beaver, it’s a human colonist can we eat it? I want to keep him! but you just said you were hungry.. well Iwant the drumstick! and Iwant the other say something beaver!they want to eat you! well, go on then, I’m not bothered. did you hear that? maybe there’s something wrong with him maybe he’s crazy maybe he’s diseased he smells terrible! colonists always smell you’re smelling the wrong end. why would you smell a colonist? you can’t help it, they stink. you know, I heard there was this disease colonists get– in the brain, a cannibal disease, from eating brain… who told you that? my Dr said so. that guy’s a quack! yes, but he’s a good doctor. if we eat a cannibal, isn’t that like eating the person they ate? well, I’m no cannibal. if you eat a cannibal that’s a p[erson anyway… I mean, eating one person doesn’t make you a cannibal, right? but isn’t it a beaver? but a beaver is only a cannibal if it eats another beaver so we cfan eat it! No no! are you afraid to eat me? did you hear that?? he’s doing it again! there’s nothing wrong with me– I swear it! what did he say? he says there’s nothing wrong with him that’s what he wants us to think! it’s finders keepers- it you don’t want to eat me, you don;t have to. right! finders keepers is the law of the land! and Ifound him! if you can convince the others not to eat me, then you can eat me all yourself! so thats your plan! he ate all the crackers too! I did not! snacker creaker! I mean, cracker sneaker! I should have known! you’ve always been the greedy one! but I’m not! and they’re not crackers, I keep telling you- they’re biscuits! they might have argued all night, if it wasn’t for a cross dissolve to indicate the passage of time. I sneaked away, and spent the night in the drop pod. The drop pod was full of food- we should be fine, for a few days… Oh joy. …not that I care. what kind of eggs are those? we had to listen to all that waffle, jsut for some lemons.. and now, I’m going to bed. but- this is inadequate! wehre does Gorar sleep anyway? I do not know. I know where it is he sleeps. where? he slumbers in the land of Who Cares, under the Tree that gives not a S**t. well, you know what they say… when life gives you lemons, make– -Hisss! who hissed!?

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  1. If there is a final season, this is it.
    I'm getting a good amount done, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring how much I should diverge from the RimWorld reality, or from the original LP story. This is a problem, and it's slowing me down.
    If you have any thoughts on whether I should: follow the original, diverge a bit, or just go nuts– please comment.
    Thanks again to many patient people and kind comments!

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