Unboxing – Bullitt Motorsport Chrome Wheel & Mickey Thompson Tire Kit

Unboxing – Bullitt Motorsport Chrome Wheel & Mickey Thompson Tire Kit

what’s going on guys the left uh Scott
here and I think this is what I’ve been waiting for pretty awesome mod to my
Mustang so our Mustang so it’s getting a new paint job currently there and to set
it off we had to go with better rims the tires that I got on now I just purchased
they were water than the original tires the rear are 235 s but there’s a deal
going on where you can buy these rims and also by the tires with them and they
will do free mounting and balancing of the tires then how to purchase new
sensors for it and also had to get the tools I don’t think the tool came yet
but it’s alright the Mustang still in the shop so these tires are 18 inches
they are bullet classic I guess it’s all solid crew the tires are 255 now the 255
45s and I got 235 sixties on one right now so size wise you know doesn’t do it
justice so there we go these are American Muscle wheels so let me change
your camera here so you guys can see don’t forget to change your setting to
4k because this video is being recorded in 4k Ultra HD the tires okay so we’re going to come back right
here I’ll show you guys up close very nice so I think they’re gonna look
really good on the Mustang and they’re definitely definitely a nice tired check
out the back look at that I think you guys gotta see them up close I think
they said they are 60 pounds the tire in the rim so I’m first going to zoom in let you
guys look at it a little bit all right now it’s gonna get a little shaky but
we’re going to take out the tripod according in 4k Ultra HD you know any
little movement it picks it up so I’m trying to be again this is inside and it’s dark in
here so outside they’re really gonna shine up so here you go these are Mickey
Thompson Street komp2 5545 rim 18 so there’s my hand me and they are high so
I got these from americanmuscle.com it was a complete kit and one thing I want
to point out is that this kit is designed for I think it’s 2007 to 2011
or 2014 Mustangs so the tires are according to what they say are a direct
fit so you can mount these right on your car and they are supposed to fit 100%
with no issues so got the other three to unbox very cool I’ve had people say
extremely good ratings on these tires with gripping just everything again
these are the Mickey Thompson Street competition street comp tires let’s lay
this tire down here so you can get a good look you know what we’re gonna take
it outside as well so you guys can see how it looks outside I mean look at that
shine I originally was gonna go with this same tire but black and then chrome
on the outside but I saw these and after I saw the new paint job the shop shared
I had to go with these rooms because they’re just gonna set it off extremely
nice and I mean it’s still dirty so imagine if I polish this thing up
oh man it’s really gonna shine all right guys let’s go outside oh man oh just
wait till you see this guys so it’s cloudy out too actually
fogey out as well got a he’s starting to rain a little bit as well Wow
III can’t this is the my all-time favorite rim is a cragger SS classic all
chrome but these and these give that a run for its money I actually might like
these better so guys I actually have to be honest with you I only got these
tires because they’re gonna be my new barbells you see I I wanted a shiny
barbell so I’m just gonna work out with these I’m not gonna put them on alright
guys stay tuned to see more videos don’t forget to Like favorite and subscribe to
my channel and I know I shaved and I cut my hair I
look like I’m 13 years old I know I don’t know why I do it
take care

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  1. Those tires and rims are going to look so good on the Mustang! I can't wait to see them.
    And just exactly why DID you shave your beard off?

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