Ultra Protectant On tires, trim and bed of a crew cab Ford Truck

Ultra Protectant On tires, trim and bed of a crew cab Ford Truck

We appreciate you stopping by 3Dproducts we’re gonna be showing you today the ultra protectant it’s a quick shine product it’s gonna give you a high gloss long-lasting protection on all your trims your plastics your rubber tires everything for it set up for the exterior maybe a little bit UV protection help condition all those plastic rubbers and trim you can spray it on you can apply it with a towel if you don’t have an applicator you can use a sponge very simple very easy Do you want to get a quick shine? spray it on walk away and in turn get that nice high-gloss protective shell that you’re looking for! we’re ready to apply the dressing. Now there’s two ways to do it, you can either take it and spray it on let’s go ahead and leave it even though it has a milky finish to it over time, it will sit and it will give you that nice deep shine you can take a towel spray it on towel me and I like to take it spray it on a towel that’ll be white for a minute because it’s water-based and then it’ll dry up and be nice and shiny we’re gonna use ultra protect it is also know as a tire shine but also as your trim care. You can even use them on these plastics up here for your truck beds there you go all the plastics the tires and the trim all can be handled with one easy dressing the nice quality shine with 3D Ultra Protectant. We really appreciate you taking the time stepping out looking at some of 3D’s products here online YouTube Facebook Instagram any type of comments you have when it comes to questions you have and share us with your friends so they can keep up to date with all of 3D’s latest greatest innovative car care products till next time I’m Donald Williams with 3D international, We will see you soon. [MUSIC]

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  1. There was times when my son and I would encounter stubborn tire brands that would just not accept dressing and finish out as we prefered. He discovered that the finish detailer at his body shop was using this product. He gave him a splash of it and we tested. 3D 706 Ultra is now OUR go-to tire dressing !

  2. Here's a question once applied and then it rains will product leach of trim and on vehicle? As for tires will product fly off and on to vehicle? This is problem with many products I tried

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