Tyre tread depth | Inspect Used tyre | what tread depth to replace tires

Tyre tread depth | Inspect Used tyre | what tread depth to replace tires

Hello youtube and welcome to my channel Budding Biker So in this yet another informational video I’m going to speak about how to check whether your current tyre Or the used tyre which you’re going to buy for your motorcycle has some life left in it so there is a manufacturer’s way of knowing it that means the tyre manufacturer has given some indications on the tyre which we must know to check the life of our particular tyre basically it is nothing but measuring the depth of the tread of the tyre so let’s see how it is done So on the side of the tyre you need to look for a triangle mark so yeah Can you see the triangle mark Yeah so this is a triangle mark which is The indication given by the manufacturer So now once you’ve found out the triangle Mark you need to traverse to the centre of the tyre tread where you find some projection yeah so this is the projection inside the tyre treads so you need to check the distance between the Surface area of the tyre which actually comes in contact with the road and this little projection inside the tread of the tyre The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm if it is less then it means that the tyre is worn out and you need to change It or if you’re buying a used tyre then You should reconsider buying this Particular piece of tyre Also if you’re considering about your Own tyre then i will recommend that you Change your tyre at 2mm tyre tread depth Instead of 1.6 mm So guys I really hope that this video was Informative and you got something out of it So that you will choose tyre with the Right tread depth for your motorcycle Thank you for watching guys Goodbye!! from Budding Biker….

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