Turning $75 in Pins and Hot Wheels Cars into $1,000 Plus | Trash Talk #2

Turning $75 in Pins and Hot Wheels Cars into $1,000 Plus | Trash Talk #2

– 7:45 in the morning,
episode two of Trash Talk. Josh, you’re confused, my friend. I’m a winner. You root for winners, dick. – [Josh] Yeah, it’s true, very true. – Where I turn your trash into cash. (upbeat music) 8:01 in the morning, Trash Talk. First of all, big shout out to everybody who watched episode one. I’m not even sure if this
is gonna be an episode. It just might be a great
story of a bunch of boys that are trying to achieve something. You boys thing you’re doing something, but Mama Nature’s got another plan. (laughing) ♪ Okay, I’ve been
working like three jobs ♪ ♪ Probably why I never see ya ♪ ♪ Probably why I never have time ♪ ♪ For the fake friends who won’t be ya ♪ ♪ Oh god, I been running now ♪ ♪ Up early with ♪
A lot of people the feedback was
incredible for episode one, but retail arbitrage,
literally going to Marshall’s or Five Below or Dollar
Store or Target or outlets or clearance aisles is an incredible way to make flip dollars. When I talk 50 to 100,000,
I really believe it, but it’s gonna need scale. Whereas my thing with
garage sales and yard sales and specifically town-wide sales, I think you can make 100 to 1000 a week and again, for people who
don’t wanna do it full-time or can’t do it full-time, that 100 to 1000 can really add up, you know. 100, 230 bucks a week
is 800 bucks a month. That’s a different place
that you can live for rent. – Wow. (chill music) This is interesting. This will be some good content. Worse start to Trash Talk ever. Not only is it an accident,
it’s raining like crazy. This sucks. No, I lost… Mother Nature is destroying my face. (Brandon laughing) I’m like… – [Brandon] Obviously the big play is that very few people would actual hustle out in a rain storm like this, right? So, you know. – All you need is one, baby. What are you seeing on the Doppler Radar? – [Ty] The what? – Show me the Doppler ra… You don’t know what the Doppler Radar is? (playful music) When you’re a garage saler, you know what the Doppler Radar is. That and or you wanna miss
school all the time in your life and the snow storm
trajectory meant everything. – No! (upbeat music) – All right, here we go. Garage sale number one. Not fun. Do you have anymore action figures? – [Garage Sale Host] There are – [Gary] Random, around here. Cool, thank you. Let’s see what’s up here. How much you want for Papa Smurf? – [Garage Sale Host] A dollar. – [Gary] Thank you so much. I’ll take this. Thank you so much. All right, so what you– we thought it was gonna be terrible. Literally this box of
Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels could be monster. Dollar Papa Smurf. – Smurf it up! – Literally in some weird way, bigger find than all of
Trash Talk episode one. We gotta go through it. The condition’s meh,
but it could get real, real, real serious. Let’s go, Ty guy. Trash Talk quick scores. Papa Smurf with tag. Fucking Papa Smurf always sells. A little Hard Rock Cafe mug. We’ll see what that goes for. I gotta look this up. I know this is a Thundercat,
but it’s ’87 a little later. This might be rare. – [Announcer] Thundercats ho! – But this is the big score. 10 bucks for this monster box
of Matchbox and Hot Wheels. We’re gonna have to go through it. The condition’s a little meh. – They were definitely played with. – Yeah, these were not
not not played with, but there might be some stuff. These are pretty banged up. We’re still gonna go through it. Pretty pumped up. All right, guys, garage saling again. Huge score, Papa fuckin’
Smurf with the tag. We’re gonna look that up. Papa Smurf plush with the tag. What? ♪ We’re gonna go through
it nice and slow. ♪ – This is super interesting to me. Thundercat, ready? (upbeat electronic music) I’ve never seen this figure. I feel like he’s rare, man,
’cause I’ve just never seen him. That’s him. Holy crap! – [Tyler] Captain Shiner. – [Gary] Bang. 35. Wow. – Wow. – Look at this. All day. 35, 35, 30, 59 if you have the gun. All day. This is why I love this game. Picked up this Thundercat. I knew it was Thundercats
’cause of the LJN underneath ’cause I’m knowledgeable like that. Literally, it was a throw
in with the Matchboxes. 10 cents, just looked it up. Watch this. Dude, 30 bucks. Like come on. Trash Talk, talk to me. Five cents, 30 bucks. People working fucking
four hours for 30 bucks. It’s there. The flip game’s there. 35 dollars for 10 cents. I just don’t know what else to say. That was amazing. That was a good garage sale. That little Thundercat
was just sitting there. I was like huh? – Yeah, it was
– The other thing people don’t realize is how
knowledgeable you get over time. I knew that was a Thundercat. – [Tyler] From the LJ, yeah. – I didn’t play with Thundercats. Yeah, I just know. (upbeat electronic hip hop music) I can’t believe how good that
was, just like the first one. – [Tyler] There should
be one left right there. – Garage sale, boom. And how much are these action figures? – [Garage Sale Host] Oh, I’ll take two dollars an action figure. – [Gary] Okay. See, the problem there, Trash Talk is she was
super over-priced, right? We had the Cars from Disney. That would have been a huge score, but she wanted two bucks a piece. It wasn’t even worth… I needed to buy the
whole bag for two bucks. She had some Skylander’s
toys, which are worth a bunch, but she was fucking overpriced. Look, I love negotiating,
but I don’t like insulting. She wanted two bucks a car. There was like 30 cars in there. I wanna pay two bucks for the whole bag, so where do you go with that? I’ll show you some negotiations later, but when she’s at 60 and
you need to pay three, that’s a big delta. (electronic hip hop music) Here we go. It’s pouring now. – [Garage Sale Host]
What are you looking for? – [Gary] Video games, coffee mugs. And how much are these? – [Garage Sale Host] Actually, that was 10 dollar and
these are two dollars. – [Gary] Two dollars in this? – [Garage Sale Host]
Yeah, I think two dollars. – [Gary] I’ll do this for two dollars. All right, so far a huge Lego score. Trash Talk, let’s see what else happens. How much is this Ticket
to Ride Europe game? – [Garage Sale Host] About three dollars. – [Gary] Ugh, no. Would you do a dollar
for that Ticket to Ride? – [Garage Sale Host]
No, maybe two dollars. – [Gary] All right, let’s
do two, that’s fair. All right, three to two. Here you go. Thank you so much. Yes! Okay, hold on, she’s looking. Put it back, put it down. – Run, Forrest, run! – All right, guys, Ticket
to Ride, you heard it. We’ll get you some visuals, I’m sure, but just a quick. – [D-Rock] Record the screen, please. – D-Rock and his… Sold, 20, 35, 27, 21, 40. – [D-Rock] Two dollars.
– 23 bucks, 12, 23, 30. All day. (upbeat hip hop music) Me and D-Rock are gonna make some content. – [D-Rock] I’m getting out there too. – Come on. – [D-Rock] I’ll leave the
camera here. (laughing) – Watch this. I’m gonna screen shoot
this little Getty Fire car. I paid five cents, D-Rock. Five cents. I’m gonna show it in my screenshot. Completed auctions. Go to my Instagram story right now. I’m gonna show you. Here we go. Boom, boom. Watch this, boom. Hot Wheels, here it is. Boom, ready? Three bucks. So, I was wrong. Fuck! All right, but that’s all right. Watch this, Papa Smurf plush. Which one is this? Nanco. There we go, $13.99, boom. Papa Smurf, pay one dollar with the tag. Nanco, 12 inch, here we go. This item has been sold, 13.99. That’s what I call 14 bucks
all day, mother fucker. Amazing. Let’s go, it’s 9:41, it’s time
to get to some garage sales. It’s starting to clean up a little. What’s the Doppler saying? – [D-Rock] The Doppler. – The Doppler. (phone notification bell ringing) You pay them! I love when people ask about rules. What about shipping? You pay shipping or you charge shipping? What about taxes? You pay them. Palm reading? There could be a sneaky thing back there. I’m gonna try and figure it out. This is a tough one. Thank you so much. – [Garage Sale Host]
You’re our first sale. – [Gary] Yes, first sale! I love being the first sale. Great, thank you so much. People are gonna understand mug life. Mug life! Mug life! Mug life! She clearly wanted two bucks for it. She didn’t get it. She got one. I’m telling you, you’re gonna
see this Hannah Barbara. We were the first sale, but
I’m telling you right now, wait til you see how I
market this rare mug. Get it. Nebraska. Bang, 20, what. Oh, did it come with the little guy? Yeah, that’s a lot. But eight all day. 50 cents, eight bucks. ♪ Put ’em in the dirt ♪ ♪ Say it again ♪ ♪ Man, and that’s in reverse ♪ ♪ Never rehearsed ♪ ♪ Jumpin’ in first ♪ ♪ Call up the nurse ♪ ♪ Put the beat in the hearse ♪ ♪ This is absurd ♪ ♪ You say to preserve ♪ ♪ Don’t get on the tracks ♪ Mug life. Mug life. Man, 15.
(D-Rock laughing) Picked up this mug. She wanted two. She didn’t get it. She didn’t get it, she got a dollar. Unicorn mug, mug life. This is fun, it’s the best. I forgot this. I live for this. ♪ They love the tow ♪ ♪ God, take it all ♪ ♪ With a grin salt ♪ This one’s all-time bad,
take a loot at it, show it. As bad as it gets, folks. That’s as bad as it gets. All right, I think we should
possibly go to Madison, let this rain… It’s gonna take us an hour
to get there, you know. ♪ Yeah yeah, yeah yeah ♪ ♪ You could never hold on nigga ♪ ♪ I could never hold on nigga ♪ ♪ Gotta keep them chonies on you ♪ ♪ Thick like a fuckin’ phone book ♪ All right, quick update. We’re at half time now. It’s cleared up a little bit. We went to a different town. Now, we’re in Madison, New
Jersey, starting in Closter and we’ll see what’s happening. Only five or six or seven
sales we went to in Closter, but we did some work and
hopefully Madison here, it’s 11:30, we’ll get
there in 10, 15 minutes. D-Rock’s mainly been
doing behind the scenes. Big shout out to Caleb on our team. – [D-Rock] Yeah. – Big shout out to Iris, we miss you, big shout out to Justin, we miss you, big shout out to Babin
who’s holding it down at Vayner Talent Division doing
his little influencer thing. I see his posts. Big shout out to D-Rock,
the rock of the foundation, and Caleb, who is the
editor of the last episode that got a lot of love. I’m a little bit more
like executive producer for this next one ’cause
I’ve given a lot of feedback for this next one, so we’ll see. I’m a little EP’n. ♪ I could never hold on you ♪ Ooh. Oh. – [Garage Sale Host]
Everything is two dollar each. – [Gary] Two dollars each? – [Garage Sale Host] Stuffed animals and Beanie Babies and stuff like that. – [Gary] Okay. ♪ Yeah, y’all know what’s goin’ ♪ ♪ Yeah yeah ♪ ♪ Y’all know what’s goin’ ♪ How much are cars? – [Man In Hoodie] Cars? I think it should be right, let me see. – Oh, sorry. – 25 to 50 cents.
– 25 to 50 depending on – Got it. Got it. What do you think they
would do for the box? – [Man In Hoodie] For the whole box? – Yeah. – [Man In Hoodie] Probably about fuckin’ (Gary laughing) 50 of ’em in there, at least. Where’s my dad? Dad, what do you say for the
whole box of the Match… The fucking cars? – [Father] Oh. – They’re a quarter to 50 cents. – 45, 50. – I was thinking way less. (laughing) Stitch is always a winner. I’m trying to figure it out. Trying to figure out what I wanna do. Five, six, seven. Trying to figure out what a
good price for this would be. What do you think about
30 for all the cars? – [Man In hoodie] For what? – The cars. – [Man In Hoodie] Everything in general? – How much? – 30. – 30? – [Man In Hoodie] I mean, I said 25 for the box, so
I mean, with that one– – And for these? – For these, you got them for 10 bucks. – Honestly, I gotta go
up to 40 for all of it just ’cause I know what I have in here. I saw on eBay. – Yep. – And I know you have the
Tonkas that are very good. Yeah, I’d say you have to do 40. – Alright, I’ll do that. Okay, that’s fair. – I think it’s a fair price. – I think it’s fair. – Because they’re hard to get rid of. – (laughs) Yeah. – And, it’s a nice set. – Thank you. – I mean the case alone is nice. – Thank you. – I know it’s old. – It’s banged up but it’s good. I’m gonna leave the non-cars for you. – Okay. – Thank you so much. – Here, I’ll put this one in with it. – Thanks, brother. – No problem, my man. – Appreciate it, my man. Wish you well, take care of yourself. – [Man In Hoodie] You too. – Destroyed their faces. This is at least a hundo. Aww! (D-Rock laughs) My fault! Aww, that’s awesome, you catch that? – [D-Rock] Yeah. – [Gary] That’s amazing. (laughs) – [D-Rock] Aw, the cars. – [Gary] 25! (Gary and D-Rock laugh) Aw! Alright we just crushed some serious Matchbox and Hot Wheels. We’re gonna look up a
couple of them, destroyed. Hot Wheels, P9. I don’t know, watch this. It’s about to get crazy. – [D-Rock] Fun now. – Oh yeah. Yo, 47, just for this one. Actually this is in great shape. This’ll probably go for more. This is probably 70 bucks
itself, or 50 bucks. Let’s go, let’s really go. That was huge. Dude, I just got a huge Hot Wheels score. – [Justin] Another one? You had already one, right? – [Gary] Another one that’s real good. I paid 40 for it all. – [Justin] Shit. – [Gary] Yeah it’s a real score,
like a real fuckin’ score. Hello. – [Garage Sale Host] Hey, how are you? – [Gary] Good, how are you? Well have a great day, thank you. Shit, a Patriots fan. – [Voiceover] Boo! – [Gary] Any garage sale
with a Patriots fan sucks. Just went to a sale, got nothin’. Which has been rare today. Even though it’s been a rainy
day and it’s late already. A lot of people talk about
early birds getting worms. Super smart snails get things too. I got that Hot Wheels Matchbox
killer at like, 11:30. So when you know your
craft, there’s also that. Alright we’re about to
roll up on two more. It’s a nice little town. (hip hop music) – How much is this? – [Garage Sale Host] Oh, I guess two. – Two, alright, two is fine. Ty guy? Tyler you gotta look this up right now while I go to the other one. This feels real right. – [Ty] Whoa. (Gary laughs) – [Gary] How are you? Have a great day. – [Garage Sale Host] Thank you very much. – Ugh! Seems like there was so
much potential there. Ugh, fuck! Some of the Minecraft
books were interesting. Talk to me. – [Ty] 10. – Ten? That’s it? No way, that’s it? Let me see, that’s it. Wow, I woulda thought more. There, now it’s nice. Hi, good how are you? – We’re both garage saling. We just came from here, pulled around and said holy fuck, dude. (Gary laughing) Dude, you’re my idol, man. I look up to you so much. – [Gary] Thank you,
brotha, thank you, brotha. – All’s we do is every
weekend go garage saling. – [Gary] I love it, I love it. – All’s we do is flippin’. Can I get a picture with you, man? – [Gary] Of course. – [Man With Camera Phone] You
goin’ to the game tomorrow? – Of course. – [Man With Camera Phone] Yeah, man. – [Man In Khaki Shorts] Let’s go Jets. – You guys find anything today? – [Man In Khaki Shorts]
Nah, nothin’ too much yet. – [Man With Yellow Striped
Jacket] A couple things. – It’s been raining, right? – [All Three Men] Yeah. – [Man In Khaki Shorts] Now it’s supposed to get nice enough. – What town do you live in? – Forstown. – Oh, so not far. What’s the best thing you found? – [Man In Yellow Striped Jacket]
I picked up a Yankee thing, it’s like a big Yankee
thing, so it was pretty cool. I bought it for like two bucks, should get good money out of it. What about you, anything? – Yeah I found a huge
collection of Hot Wheels. – [Man With Yellow Striped
Jacket] Yeah I saw that. – A second one, just now. Alright guys, see you later, take care. – [Man In Khaki Shorts] Alright be good. – [Man In Yellow Striped
Jacket] Take it easy. – Trash Talk fans. Tyler’s dialed in right now. Tyler wakes up after noon. Tell me if you hear me, give me thumbs up. Alright, porch life. – Big fan, man. – What’s goin’ on? – What are you doin’ here? – I’m fuckin’ garage salin’,
showin’ people how it’s done. – Yeah? – Yeah. If you go to my Instagram
story right now– – Yeah? – You will get a huge laugh. – That’s insane. – What’s your name? – Brendan. – Brendan, real nice to meet you man. – Yeah man. – Yeah, what’s your story? – What’s my story? I’m in an influction
point of my life actually. – How old are you? – I’m 21. – Nice. – I was finishing up school. I don’t know if it’s the
right thing right now. – Yeah. – We’re actually talking right now about, I’m trying to move to
Colorado with my buddy and do some really creative stuff. – Good for you, bro. – Yeah, we’ve been
scripting up some videos and thinking about starting a podcast and I’m in finance school, that’s what everybody does around here. – I get it, but, fuck that. – I want to do my own thing. Yeah, you got your mic on? – Yeah man.
– This is insane. – Dude, I’m fuckin’ literally filmin’. – Can I get a selfie? – Of course. – Awesome. Thanks brother. – Go do that, you can
always go to finance school. – This is like an omen. – I think it is. – Yeah. – I really do believe that shit. – Yeah. – Dude, you could always
go back to that shit. You could do that at 24,
you know what I mean. – Yeah. Stay well, man. All the shit you preach man. – I believe in that shit. – Yeah, I watch all the shit. I watch all the videos. – Thank you, bro. Go do that. – Yeah man. – Go to Colorado. He goes, Gary Vee, are
you on my porch? (laughs) – Right, quick left? Dane Street. Christmas life, which I need
to get more educated on. – In general, Christmas, there’s so much. Nice Jewish boy that
needs to learn Christmas. How are you? I hate when they fuckin’
look it up on eBay. Yup and there’s another little, quick little yard sale going here. This guy (laughs) Oh this is cool. – [Garage Sale Host] Yeah
it’s all Olympic pins. – [Gary] That’s really cool. – [Garage Sale Host]
You see I had’em on sale for a dollar a piece, 25? – [Gary] I would do it for 20. – [Garage Sale Host] They’re
not doin’ me any good. You got it for 20. – [Gary] Thank you brother. – [Garage Sale Host] Now, let
me tell you about that pin. – [Gary] Which one, oh this one? – [Garage Sale Host] Right there. That is specially made for Calgary and the Calgary Olympics,
it’s a large pin. It can go anywheres from 30 to 50 bucks. – [Gary] Really? – [Garage Sale Host] Yeah! – Alright guys, we struck again. This is insane. I just bought a ton of Olympic pins. He wanted a buck a piece, I got
the whole collection for 20. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,
17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31,
32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 pins on the first thing. He wanted a dollar a piece, I
paid 20 for the whole thing. And boom, and boom. I don’t even wanna. – Oh my goodness. – And boom, and boom,
we gotta look this up. Take this in there, start lookin’ them up. D-Rock come with me. I have a funny feeling that’s
like four or 500 bucks. No Starbucks mugs, that’s a
good opener for a nice family. Get me the pins. Guys, I just bought
hundreds of Olympic pins. And I mean hundreds, for 20 bucks. He wanted a dollar a piece,
the first sheet had 40 of ’em. I paid 20 for it all. Monday Night Football 20th anniversary. How many are there, Ty, can you count’em? – [Ty] Total pins? – Yeah just literally total pins. Tyler’s been counting for a while. That’s about as unpromising as it gets. Yup. Come, let’s go get the,
there’ll be good content. – [D-Rock] You want me to come down there? – Yeah, come with me. They might shoot us, Jesus Christ. (D-Rock laughs) Go. This one feels rugged. (upbeat music) How much are these things right here? – What? – These. – 10 for the lot. – How much, maybe seven? I would take these for two. – Okay. – Thank you very much. Have a great day my friend. I thought the woman was gonna take this. She didn’t for five bucks. It is super vintage Matchbox. (laughs) I have no idea what it’s
worth, but it’s worth a lot. Holy shit, Ty guy! Matchbox, it’s been a car day. – [Ty] 245 pins. – 245 pins? Let me just show you this,
I can just guarantee it, I can already tell you. Matchbox Speed Controller X7. I knew it, just, look. I mean there’s a whole
slew of stuff in here. Just this one single controller, 16 bucks. – [D-Rock] Jesus. – Rolls Royce, here we go D-Rock, 30. – [D-Rock] Wow. – Wow. – 30 bucks all day. (D-Rock laughs) – 20, 15 to 30, 15 to 30. Guys you don’t even want
to know, this whole box, the woman had it for five. Old Matchbox stuff, like
real old Matchbox stuff, with this Roll Royce. I paid five for the whole box. Guys the pins update is ridiculous. It’s either 100 bucks in one shot, even 200 bucks by the way,
’cause at a buck a pop. There’s how many pins? – [Ty] 245. – [D-Rock] 245. – [Ty] And then, there’s Coca-Cola collectors one’s in there. – That’ll go for how much? – [Ty] Someone was selling, I saw a lot of the Olympic Coca-Cola’s, ’cause they have different flags, – Yup
– [Ty] for like 125. – 245 pins, if everything fails it’s 200 bucks for that 20 dollar buy. It can go for 500 if I stretch
it out, ridiculousness. I haven’t even looked up the
Coca-Cola one’s that are rare. Crazy town today, crazy town. Guys, the game comes down to time as well. For example, the pins and the Matchbox, again, buy for 20, sell
the whole collection in one lot of 100, 150. Amazing score, very quick. You know, you ship in one
package, there’s a time savings. But for a lot of people, time
is what they actually have. A lot of people that are
struggling with money or complaining about money
are Netflixing and chilling, or NBA 2K’ing, going to
movies, just hanging out, sitting around in their Instagram feed. So if you stretch out the pins collection and the Matchbox that I just did. This looks proper. Then you can get 500, 600. And so if that’s worth
your five extra hours, which for a lot of you it is, or seven extra hours,
then that’s what you do. Game over, let’s go. (intense rock music) The Patriots, that’s tough to
see in these neighborhoods. (Man and Gary laughing) Have a great day, bye-bye. How are you?
– Hello. – Thank you my friend. Take care of yourself, have a great day. Yeah, paid, all set, thank you. Mug life, like what. And a little Cat in a Hat, Dr. Seuss. How much for a train, sir? – [Garage Sale Host] Uh, five
dollars for the whole bag. – Just paid five for all
this Thomas the Train stuff. Wait ’til you see what it looks for. You know who’s gonna freak is Justin. – [Ty] Yeah. – He’s all about Thomas the Train. – [Ty] Right. – Oh my god. Early birds get worms,
smart snails get scores. I just paid five bucks at
1:07 PM for a boat load, and I mean boat load, of
Thomas the Train, motherfucker. Look up Thomas the Train
case, this case is worth, 30. 10 bucks for the case,
21 bucks for the case. Morning, how are you? I feel really good as
the last one, let’s go. Straight up I spent 100, no doubt in my mind it’s well over 1000. I don’t know what else to say man, I’m tryin’ to show people out here. Last garage sale. Awesome, well have a great day. – [Garage Sale Host] Okay, bye. – Thank you so much. There we have it, great day. Trash Talk, what a wonderful day. Made it late into the day, smart snail beat the early bird. We did a lot of negotiating, we loaded up. Now we’re gonna transfer all
the stuff to Justin on my team. We’re gonna post a bunch
of stuff and see how we did but what an incredible day. ♪ Ay doe, this that momma we made it ♪ ♪ This that I ain’t goin back ♪ ♪ To dem cages them people racist. ♪ ♪ They remind me of Satan ♪ ♪ Never gave ’em a statement ♪ ♪ Outta sight and outta mind ♪ ♪ Bitch sent a happy belated ♪ – Good to see you man. – Thank you. – Take care of yourself. – Many people are watching you man. – Thank you man. – Many people.
– Thank you. – [Justin] No way! – Yes, I know you’d– – A case? – Yeah, case it 20 by itself. – No fuckin’ way. – I knew you were gonna go wild. – Wow! – Guys, I paid 50 bucks for all the cars, 50 bucks for all the cars, and this one is just 50 bucks
by itself, just this one. (cash register ringing) (cash register ringing) (cash register ringing) (intense music) (cash register ringing) – Guys, I just bought
hundreds of Olympic pins, and I mean hundreds for 20 bucks. He wanted a dollar a piece,
the first sheet had 40 of ’em. I paid 20 for it all. ♪ Gonna say see these
plays up on my Spotify ♪ ♪ That’s money in the bank about my face ♪ ♪ ’bout my face, don’t got time to waste ♪ ♪ I don’t need permission
I’m a do it all today ♪ ♪ They just can’t believe it
man it’s all they gon’ say ♪ ♪ See these plays up on my Spotify ♪ ♪ That’s money in the bank ♪ ♪ Yo I remember back when
they said I won’t do a thang ♪ – I paid five bucks for this
entire Thomas the Train lot. Justin’s about to break it down. – Gary had grabbed a good,
it looks like 25 pieces. What’s the most exciting really
is the fact he had Rocky, which already had sold, but more than that it’s in mint condition. He also has Gordon with the
tender in mint condition, and this is an older one, this is like one of the first releases. But it’s really cool
to see the older pieces that I never get my hands on,
it’s just exciting fun stuff. ♪ You know it, bet you know it now ♪ ♪ Switchin’ lanes, I can’t slow it down ♪ – Paid two bucks for this. Paid a dollar for this Papa Smurf. (cash register ringing) Paid a dollar, actually paid 50 cents for this Hard Rock mug. (cash register ringing) Paid 50 cents for this Dr. Seuss. Paid 10 cents for this rare Thundercat. (cash register ringing) Paid 50 cents for this Bambi gun. (cash register ringing) Paid 50 cents for this rare Nebraska mug. (Cash register ringing) I picked up these vintage
Santa plastic cups. I mean vintage, rare retro, for a dollar. (cash register ringing) I bought this retro 1983
White Sox mug for 50 cents. (cash register ringing) – Well since Gary gave
all of those amazing buys to us we’ve been going crazy nonstop. I think it’s been like a
good three or four of us but a lot of the team
has been chipping away and everybody’s learning stuff, and I get to teach this stuff. So breaking it down like
that is just amazing. (circus music) We destroyed it today with Hot Wheels. – [AJ] That’s awesome. – I bought a collection, like a big batch of cars for 40 bucks. – [AJ] Awesome, so good day. – Yeah good day. I mean video games are so
finished, it’s not even funny. – [AJ] Uh-huh. – We used to find’em every sale. (laughs) – [AJ] Right. – Now it’s all about mugs, baby, mug life. Mug life. 2500 fuckin’ dollars. And yes in the comments,
after a couple of fees and some eBay fees and PayPal fees, guys it’s 2000 fuckin’ dollars. 2000 fuckin’ dollars. ♪ My momma always told
me just to go for it ♪ ♪ Every time they see me they say ♪ ♪ Oh lord! ♪ ♪ And it is, what it is ♪ ♪ So why you so mad at me
lat, so mad at me lat ♪ ♪ But there so many rappers ♪ ♪ That they all started callin’ dad ♪ ♪ They callin’ me dad ♪ ♪ Who run up that on me
somebody gon’ end up dead ♪ ♪ And the boy with the flow ♪

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  1. Awesome stuff im not sure why i find this video relaxing and inspires what i do for my videos as well 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  2. We don't have garage sales in the UK. And the vintage sellers use eBay to price their products so it's quite hard to arbitrage here. Especially in London.

  3. I love that your ad revenue on these videos pays for all of your exspenses while out….i call that gravy….

  4. Gary stop biting your nails lol , very bad habit. You can improve your immune system but also get sick. But Im no doctor ,anyways good shit and good finds. Thanks for the inspiration. People have all the time in the world to make money.

  5. I would like to do this full time, my parents are trying to talk me out of it saying I wont make much money that I should just get a job and work 40hours for $200 every two weeks becoming mentally ill i'm so stuck

  6. In my country (tunisia) we don't have ebay or amazon or stuff like that and i don't really understand how you can sell stuff so quickly i mean , it takes me 2 days to sell a ps4 and then you go and you sell a thundercat in a couple of hours i mean i really don't understand so might someone explain me how it works please… Love you from Tunisia gary <3

  7. Quick question. How can I develop a selling mindset if I'm a cheap minimalist? Like I don't even know what people want to buy because I never buy much except food and gas for my car. My clothes is old and my shoes are old but they still work well. I just like to save money but I do want to start a business. Thanks for any advice.

  8. I found a guy on Craigslist who wanted to get rid of a bunch of servers and switches and other computer gear that was donated to his non profit. He took $150 and it took two trips in my car to get it all. Ended up making around $3,500 on the lot piecing it out. Covered my expenses for months. He was happy because he didn't have to deal with a bunch of stuff he had no idea about, plus he was moving offices the next day and didn't want to haul it. The deals are out there!!

  9. How does he determine the items a automatic sale, money in the pocket if the sale, let-alone the post hasn't even taken place?

  10. I don’t understand @18:30 the kid is a rich kid he would he be scared to drop something and pursue his dreams if he has a safety net he lives in the suburbs…….

  11. Watching how you interact with the fans I can only think, “people’s champion “ you’re so kind to your fans and such an inspiration to all of us! Thank you so very much!

  12. You know what ….Alan Watts…..same philosophy…I like the guy but really …another Tony Robins talking MF and making money on who ? think about it !! Marketing and their propaganda ways…..content …social media …zombies ….rigggghhhhttttttt ….another piece of ..taking advantage of ..god knows who ….new terrorists of adverts…and marketing …..believe that ….

  13. 9:36: Love that Lustron metal home, only 2500 built after WWII. I own one in Madison, Wisconsin, a real jewel.

  14. Anyone any idea what minimum shopping fee you guys have for the smallest lightweight packages In the US? Want to know if I could do this with international costs.. Thank you, and much love!

  15. This content is amazing, it's inpired me. Actually i'm a reseller for things i bought from a thrift shop, nice garry, proud of you 👍🏼

  16. My 14 y/o son and myself went to garage sales Yesterday since we’ve listened your Trash Talk videos on YouTube few days ago.

    First garage sale! Bang 💣… We found THE MOST DANGEROUS TOY OF ALL TIME. An original 1970 Hasbro Wing Darts game. That was banned from US & Canadian governments in the 80’s. They ask every owners to destroy them. This is a piece of art. The kit is complete (box, instructions, darts, hoops) and we haven’t seen anyone on the web. We have paid 1$. 🤣

    Any advice for flipping price? Anyone interested? My sons is looking for a big win on this one… 🤞

    Thanks for your generosity and inspiration! Respect ✊

  17. What have you found better to sell? Paying for shipping and raising price a little or lowering cost and making them pay shipping

  18. Wait why are you adding minimum asking price to your sales total?? 🤔🤔🤔 i respect the hustle, but i see what your doing mofo

  19. This is a great idea and all but my question is, would people actually buy the items online. I feel like most of the stuff your buying is going to be sitting around and nobody is going to buy them

  20. In have a question Gary. If u sell an item for let's say 13.99. Do u include shipping? Or do u let the customer pay shipping?

  21. Wow that amazing ! I wish I was more like you, I’m a 16 year old high school student I was wondering if you could help me out Gary !

  22. It seems like your just figuring out prices , are you actually selling them close to the price you listed ? Maybe you can show us you selling your finds in one of your next trash talks

  23. Ok, you can make $2000 from $100, but you need to start slowly. I mean if I start thinking that I want to do exactly that, I just get overwhelmed & stop. I feel like you have to work up to it…

  24. When I’m on eBay looking at how much the item I have has sold for, which price do I put my up for? Cuz sometimes it’ll range a good amount. So do I price mine as the highest or the lowest it sold for

  25. Damn i'm hitting garage sales i guess. When i look i usually get lucky. Maybe not big money but for time its great. Plus its fun.

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