Trying To Get KICKED OUT of Walmart DRESSED as a GIRL

Trying To Get KICKED OUT of Walmart DRESSED as a GIRL

whats up everybody how you guys doing
today hope everybody’s having an amazing day so far if not hopefully this vlog makes it a little bit better okay guys so we are starting off today’s vlog by me and
Cody over here going out to dinner yeah it’s 7:00 p.m. and I have a hammer I
don’t know it’s just like a thought that’s on my mind guys have any
solutions for hemorrhoids or leave a comment double up you got a hammer so
the reason it is so late and I’m starting my video just now is because
I’ve been working all day on a little project we actually going to work on it
tomorrow as well so that took a big chunk of our day upper atom dived is so
deep into this one project that I think it’s gonna turn out awesome in the end
and I just want to make sure that it does but enough talk about that we’re
gonna go to dinner dinner is actually gonna be awesome because we’re going to
this place where you can cook food in front of you it okay you gotta put the
camera closer I got a whisper it does bro nice by the way if you did not get
the brand-new merchandise it just came out the other day last you 10 calm you
got the truth yes yes get it over there I got the 210 drawstring bags that just
came out he also got the brand-new 210 tank top super comfy super awesome get
it while you can go boy bro you’re really gonna zoom in
on my crusty fingernails while I’m like putting easy juice in my baby let’s see
the action you know look at this what is that it’s like my now growing back after
I smashed it while I was working on my G looks pretty nasty yeah it looks pretty
nasty it looks like a face that’s is the person Joe first you are I don’t really
feel like driving a rental like yeah I need to get some preparation H so can
you bring me to the store and get some I’m like yeah I got way what is
preferably under stand that it’s a hemorrhoid cream
that’s for you boy hey you got one too don’t lie no I don’t want one hemorrhoid
gang what are those what are you I think
they’re called wood storks or something like that did you go try catching one
can they fly you see if they can fly yeah I’ll just walk up on some random
property Wow hello there jumping so majestic oh I wish they could have seen that from
your point of view I was intense wow the Sun is bright dude
unlike my future but you can’t hear me because your eyes are closed
Jackie all right guys I know it looks like we’re just sitting at a table alone
together right now but we got our invisible friends with us as well now
we’re definitely sitting at the table really really long table yeah this place
is sick because we can actually cook our food in front of us it’s like a seven or
800 degree blah blah and then we can cook like steak and whatever we want
right sir you get steak chicken what you got I’m gonna die I’m actually not
getting anything here wait what I’m not gonna tell them but we’re gonna go get
like a 40 ounce like say did you see the dessert on the menu wait let’s talk
about that after I’m gonna I’m gonna pick up a bucket all right Oh bro wait
what you don’t want to die why are you looking at the dessert come on you know
better you’re a bad influence no I really end up your lies
this would seem oh my god I was just here like two weeks ago and it’s nice
there’s an ice cream cone that’s tips up tipped upside down with ice cream in it
and then if you like whipped cream chocolates you’re a caramel oh that’s
gonna be a hard thing to like turn down yeah it’s a yeah cheat new every day is
literally keep it I know I’ve actually been a really good like the past few
days so I better than you have been Cody’s been strict super strict on the
diet made not so much got you got enjoy life a little bit there it is guys you
can kind of get a sneak preview have you ever done any place that like does this
before I think I haven’t been I just don’t think I’ve ever gotten something
that implies me like actually being able to plug it in from it’s so good because
like you know me like you know heart right here I would go out to places and
I would never even help the although is that pastas and just Street car bro I
used to go this place all the time in Hollywood oh just get pesto and yucky
every time it was amazing but it’s a straight car that’s so bad for you okay
that hardback kid Cody would eat like one meal a day and his metabolism is an
increase of pretty much to do that you eat portions throughout the day like
smaller meals would you just eat more time start the day so your metabolism is
constantly burning it’s increasing he wasn’t doing I was eating one meal a day
and he would think oh I’m eating less like this is gonna lose weight no it
actually does so some pointers out there for people
that don’t know yeah my metabolism is down his views on me and Cody were
together we always make like YouTube jokes bro
do monetize agents or big I think it’s funny it’s true stylist it really it’s
real life problems that nobody knows you guys up there though okay guys I’m gonna
go with the Kobe filet 8 ounces of American Kobe filet served on stone
which is what I’m gonna cook it on with two sides so I get broccoli and
something else my bank accounts not is as juicy as Lance this takes about the B
so I think I’m gonna get the six ounces for $16.99 actually perfect though
you’re getting six ounces yeah that’s pretty much like a meal or like to see
if the whole thing and you’re definitely medium because I kind of want the
brownie to and I fried you today first I’d like some fruit later on in the day
I didn’t deny I was gonna say if you do want the Kobe I’ll get you bro now
you’re gonna know I figured you wanted that more anyway though six out six on
you know I’m Kody I’m sick you’re shit bro I’m leaving yes right I moved to go
and do about it oh my gosh there it is by the way guys Kody got the nine ounce
state at phone Apple tea he got an ounce higher than me I thought you were
getting the six note that you didn’t see the way it’s on no I did I wasn’t
picking up on that in there is my smoking first buyer I’ll fire is that I put any
of the signature sauce on it take a piece dip it in the signature sauce and
then you could try my signature sauce wait what
how good is that is what is that like I said bro I already got you on that
signature sauce don’t worry a little extra salty but you’ll be all right
you sure so quick little faster the meat that I got it has Toby styled me the
same meat that I get at my favorite burger place
this meat is phenomenal I love everyone and me always like the Kobe meat is you
like a cozy home I don’t know which I like more I know which one you like more
definitely this we like the 8-ounce Kobe meat or the 8 inch qotb all right good
okay guys here it is the very last bite I’m surprised I do not usually get steak
you guys know this and that was phenomenal Cody looks like a giant baby
right now with the big guys I’m caving I’m doing it right here and see that I’m
getting that you need to eat some girl you need to eat some for me oh you I
probably won’t finish it all okay something really cool that just happened
the manager actually watches my videos they’re hooking us up with the desert
for nothing you off with the disturbance I’m not participating in the I’m
including you like stick into the Shire did you see the dessert on the menu but
let’s talk about that after I’m gonna I’m gonna put up a blog yes guys don’t
go it’s free dessert you got either but I can that way this is gonna be amazing
I love brownies literally my weakness is brownies and ice cream and fudge and
just so good bro this remind to monetize because they you okay did you check out
to Black Rock for hooking it up that it stings though thank you oh my gosh that
is awesome happy birthday oh look at that Cody they
brought you a spoon not for me for you so you can double fish on you baby my
mouths watering thinking about it I was diving in a fire
wow that was good and Wow my stomach is bloated right now I don’t know how it
all hi Owen this is crazy dude you
absolutely destroy that all on my own Boston I’m tiny for it nope give it
nope the minute sound like my grandmom right now she’s always trying to pay for
myself you talk like my grandma come on put it in no he literally won’t let me
hide I’m paying for the thing that we’re doing later
yeah yeah get back here I want to pay for it you won’t let me pay thank you
see the thing about me is I never like people buying things for me but I always
like buying things for other people I don’t know it makes me feel weird but
like I really do appreciate that bro I got you dinner and I need a new car so again with the amazing Park job prank
I’m actually not as full as I thought I was gonna because we barely ate today
you spent like five or six hours on a little project that I’m working on they
just consume about I’d say sixteen hundred cows no more than that you
think’s he’ll probably like that thousand do the whole meal over two
thousand that’s wrong no I’m on a diet dude stop following me get away guys he
just farted and it smells so bad it he won’t leave me alone
dude it’s following you the skin really it’s staying in that area I feel bad for
anyone that enters this area Cody’s in the dressing room right now trying on
some t-shirts yo Cody let’s see it no dude you’re gonna be fine trust me
bro it’s literally the color that you wear every day bro you look like you’re
a hospital patient right now this is hilarious what do you think perfect yeah
it’s great it’s him full blast brings all my yeah it does yeah we are
buying it oh that’s perfect that’s perfect for you oh yeah that fits you
perfectly yeah do you think he’s sexy
would you smash you like would you smash would you smash a pair of heels no I
can’t do heels I’ll break my feet don’t make women’s shoes big enough for Oh Big
Momma coming through damn bro you so fine let me get that number let me get
that number so fine you guys want to be in the video hey what up what up what uh
you have to do it all slow like that yeah you look sick
everybody’s favorite grandma the kids are flying the best cookies yeah nice to meet you little kisses have
asked you for youtubers what the hell’s our YouTube know what do you – my
grandma we gotta leave you need your meds where’s the toilet I thought one
more so toilets I guess not my great grandson would absolutely love oh I did
this like five six years ago and now Cody’s doing it but you look more
voluptuous I look way better than you do yeah it’s not up there it’s down here oh
no like in my armpit huh is it facing the right way not turn it an ice cream
bar why are you getting ice cream Oh mommy daughter I look good in this be
honest I know hey thank you I got it Cody when you say we get out of here we
rotate those tires just do it let’s do it all right you die what’s up I thought
if you are what’s going on you want me in there okay what happened oh the
camera okay oh all right well we literally got just
enough footage and then we paid for it right I forgot where I parked the car
again what the hell where’s the car wreck we just paid for
the dress and as soon as we did that we get kicked out before I would had a
better chance if we didn’t pay for it at that moment we just kept blowing we
tried getting as much contest we could for you guys I hope you enjoyed if you
did make sure to smash that thumbs up on from we’re crazy content and don’t
forget to subscribe subscribe you are subscribed
hey guys follow me on Instagram she’s hitting that follow button hey can you
follow me I don’t know how to use these things Wow the whole point of coming to Walmart
was actually to get Cody t-shirts and we did not do that so I’m gonna leave my
camera in the car run back inside and grab them for you got my t-shirts that’s
the whole reason we came here can you see that Muslims coming in and I bro
that I can see that 210 tattoo and he’s swinging behind first like a ball get
your merchandise you get yourself your own tattoo hurry up to 12 the
meatloaves getting cold thanks buddy and now I’m up the car I was like a hamster
crawled up there it’s all that food we just smells so bad it does I think
that’s worse than the one I did in Walmart no do nothing tops that
literally sounded like nuclear weapons went off in your pants bro because they
did hey Cody Oh GTRs get it oh you ready to play some
golf boys let’s get it go grab a driver take your club and wave it above this
little laser thing ball comes out I am up first probably go ahead and say no
you get anything you didn’t get anything oh this looks legit man i’ma try it out I’m kidding do not break that Club okay that wasn’t too bad I think it’s
just warm I mean my form pretty trashed boys oh wow
we both got 42 hey good job alrighty guys that is gonna do it for
today’s vlog we just made it back home I’m going to end it here I hope you guys
enjoyed it if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up button I forget to turn
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go check it out and other than that I’ll see you guys next time

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  13. Soooo he happens to be at the same place lizzy was few days ago she posted a snap about it. Hmmmmm for some reason i think they are full of shit and are still together and all this is for youtube pathetic

  14. Soooo he happens to be at the same place lizzy was few days ago she posted a snap about it. Hmmmmm for some reason i think they are full of shit and are still together and all this is for youtube pathetic

  15. Soooo he happens to be at the same place lizzy was few days ago she posted a snap about it. Hmmmmm for some reason i think they are full of shit and are still together and all this is for youtube pathetic

  16. Soooo he happens to be at the same place lizzy was few days ago she posted a snap about it. Hmmmmm for some reason i think they are full of shit and are still together and all this is for youtube pathetic

  17. Soooo he happens to be at the same place lizzy was few days ago she posted a snap about it. Hmmmmm for some reason i think they are full of shit and are still together and all this is for youtube pathetic

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