– Atturo Atturo Atturo,
buy Atturo, Atturo. (explosion) What’s up guys, Junior
with Custom Offsets. It’s been a while but we are back again bringing you the truth about Atturo tires. Now there isn’t much out there on the beginning of Atturo. However, we do know that it
was started by Don Mathis. Don isn’t new to the industry and he knew exactly what he was getting into when he started his new company,
Atturo Tire Corporation. He wanted to go after a tire that wasn’t super expensive but offered good performance quality
for performance users. He wanted Atturo to be the middle ground for people who didn’t want super expensive high end tires, but they also didn’t want the lowest quality
stuff on the market. The first break through tire
for Atturo was their AZ800. Initially launched in 15 sizes, the Atturo AZ800 was focused on performance for trucks and suv’s and the unique thing about them is that they were
designed for staggered setups. And then from there, you move into the Atturo Trail Blade Lineup. Now they have a whole
range of tire applications. So basically anything you could want. They have their AT, they
have their Hybrid XT, they have their MT, and they even have a tire called the TrailBlade Boss! The first to really take over the truck scene was the Atturo MT. Yeah, it looks a lot like some of the other tires out there on the market but it did exactly what Don Mathis wanted it to. It filled that middle
ground between the high end tires and the low end tires, giving people an option for a good looking tire that performed decent, it was super cheap on the
pocket, and it was awesome. It offered enthusiasts an aggressive looking tire that performed well and at a super affordable price. We don’t really take our trucks to mud holes so I can’t personally tell you firsthand how they do in the mud but from what we have heard, they do well. I mean, they’re muddy, they’re luggy, they’re big, they’re aggressive. It’s a mud tire, it’s gonna
do what you want it to. Now stop, stop typing your comment. We already know what you’re about to say. My Atturo’s rode like crap! I had four out of round tires. How does that even happen? We aren’t here to just
tell you what’s good. We’re here to tell you what’s real. So for a while, Atturo had a lot of issues with their MT tire being out of round and a lot of warranty claims were filed. Fortunately though, Atturo was super easy to work with for all the warranty claims they had filed. And I’ve actually talked to customer service and they’ve said that Atturo probably has one of the best warranty processes in the industry, making it easy for you guys to
get your tires fixed. Now that doesn’t justify Atturo’s mess up with the tires being out of round and everything and they were super quick to bite that in the butt, get it fixed,
and get quality tires out. And recently, they’ve had almost virtually literally almost basically no issues with their out of round tires because they fixed the process. They’re gonna give the tires you want. They’re holding up to their standard that Don Mathis created way back when and they’re doing awesome. So that out of round hiatus happened about 2016 but Atturo’s come
a long way since then and they’ve got basically no
issues with their orders now. Of course every once in a while, there’s gonna be one that’s here or there but for the most part, they’ve
got significantly better since all of the known issues that Atturo had a couple years past. If you check on the design for these videos you can thank Jared West from Quartermaster Knives for that. Did you know that Quartermaster is a proud Texas 100%
American made knife company, located in Texas?
– I was really just looking for you and I
couldn’t find you anywhere. Even Parker was looking for you. I was about to call you and I was about to screw this whole video up. – Yeah ’cause you didn’t
just ruin the whole video. Quartermaster is 100% American made knife company located in Texas and Atturo knew when they brought on Jared that they wanted functionality and
look so boom, there you go. So the side wall styling
going into the lugs is all based around knife styling and clawing for both functionality
and just for the looks. They talk about something
called karambit designs but I’m not completely
know what that means. It’s just sounds big and
fancy and it looks super cool. Shortly after Atturo followed suit with the big boys releasing
their hybrid tire called the Atturo Trail Blade XT an
this was in around like 2016. Boasting a manufacture
warranty of 45,000 miles, this is basically your all
terrain tire on steroids. Next he has a great
tread life and a pretty aggressive tread pattern as well. It was definitely a smart move on Atturo’s part to offer a tire like this because a lot of them,
a lot of the companies, the tire companies specifically, are moving towards a like in between tire to offer aggressive looks, good functionality, but also
have a decent tread life to it. The Atturo XT, just like the MT, has the Quartermaster knife designer influence and you can kind
of tell with the side wall. It’s got the knifes partially to protect the side wall and just
actually ’cause it looks cool. Now (slaps legs) for
Atturo’s most recent model. The Atturo Trail Blade Boss! ♪ Promotion, like a boss bleep ♪ – This is your true mud tire designed for off roading to the fullest. Designed around the
Quartermaster Boss Hog knife, you can see the Atturo Boss basically has the exact same look as the knife, both the blade and the handle
as the lugs for the tire. The sidewall shares the
same design as well. Like literally it looks
like a f-king knife! These are basically
like a brand new design but you can pick up a 325 60R20, which is around like a 35 1/2
by 13, for around a grand. Which is super affordable for this huge, luggy, off road tire. As far as Atturo goes in the enthusiast lifestyle, they are pretty active. Right up there with like Nitto and Toyo. You’ll see their booths at shows and they even sponsor events like
TORC and other off road series races, which are pretty cool. With all the badass pre-runners
going off jumps and shit. Like literally you can take these things, bomb ’em through ditches,
it’s pretty cool. And little bit of knowledge for you guys. The trophy trucks that run the TORC Series an all of that stuff that
are running Atturo tires are running these exact same tires that you could be running on your truck. They’re DOT approved,
street legal Atturo MT’s. They’re running on the trophy trucks that are jumping through ditches. So if you have a set of these, you can jump your truck
through ditches too. I wouldn’t recommend
that, that was a joke. Jumpin’ ditches and bleep bleep! – Wow. – A lot of the top tire brands out there were developed in Japan or some other country oversees and they’re some of the top tires on the
market and perform amazing. It happens guys, don’t just assume that because they’re made oversees they’re not as good as your
Goodyear’s or your Cooper’s. There’s a lot of tires out there. Just do what you’re gonna do,
run where you’re gonna run because you’re gonna run it anyways. I’m just here to give you guys
a little bit of knowledge. And I wouldn’t be doin’ my job if I didn’t tell you guys to package with wheels at That’s where you can
save hundreds of dollars by taking your wheels, adding tires to ’em and you get to save
hundreds on your tires. Remember, all that at Peace. Price may varry… (mumbles) Alright guys, this is in no way sponsored by Atturo but they sent
us a bunch of gear. (box slams on floor)
So we’re giving it back to you. Comment your favorite Atturo
tire and your T-shirt size. We’re hooking a bunch of you guys up with Custom Offsets and Atturo gear. Peace. (guitar rock music)

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  1. Have 35 inch XT's with about 10k miles on em. Have had em in the sand and some light mud, been good so far. Medium.

  2. I just bought a XD 20" wheel and a 35" 12.5 Atturo Trail blade XT package from you guys. Love the look but I notice that when driving around 60 mph, I am getting a bunch of vibrations. Also, the TPMS are not being found my F150. Sort of annoying. Not sure what the issue is, maybe they have become out of balance? Have about 100 miles on them. I guess I will have to have a local shop check em out. Medium Shirt size.

  3. Had mt’s on my 2010 jk. They were terrible. Just my .02. They were a terrible ride and also didn’t do very well in mud or snow or on the road or any other terrain. Switched to pro-comp and fixed everything.

  4. Atturo tires suck. They wear fast and unevenly, they rip off toyos mt and the nittos mud grappler, the best part about them is the price they are cheap but honestly not worth it. I dont recommend these tires

  5. Getting som enew shoes for my Xterra like…now. Researching… landing on the Atturo XTs! I wanted that AT but MT. I drive a lot and offroad/overland a lot and budget was in mind! SO thanks for the push over the edge with the info I needed. Ill do an update on them once I have some time and miles. Also I'm an XL thanks!!!

  6. Bought a set for my truck mid October this year. 2 out of the 4 were out of round so bad to the point that it was shaking me in my seat between 50-60 MPH. So they haven’t actually fixed the out of round issue yet. Luckily my tire shop was very easy to work with and I got replacements that work fine. But 50% success ratio is still not good. Also spent a lot of time dealing with this issue. So at the end of the day it still may be worth it to buy the nittos or Toyos. We’ll see how many miles I can get out of them. Good news is that they work great in mud.

  7. I actually just picked up a 02' isuzu rodeo sport. 2 Dr convertible… Its pretty much a JDM VERSION of a Jeep Wrangler. Now the fun part…… What rim/wheel set-up.. I definalty want ure recomendation.. Also im a size large for t-shirts. Keep killing it.. On the YouTube!!💪

  8. Just bought Arturo trail blade xt based on you guys. Since the skinny dude with a fohawk introduced them. I’d love a shirt but I don’t imagine you have large as f*ck… ok so I’m just large with long ass arms. Same thing

  9. Thinking about buying Atturo Mt's in a 33×12.5 18 for my 2010 f150. The Hankook dynapros I have are around 6/32 and are really slipping in the rain. If I try to go up a hill if I barely touch the gas too hard I have to wait for the limited slip and traction control to come on. Also I find myself having to slow down for puddles now or it hydroplanes pretty badly. I'm just worried the MT's might be a hair too loud for a DD. I really wish their XT looked a little better. To me it looks like an AT instead of a hybrid

  10. I have the 37×13.50r20 Mt's on my truck. They look great. They were about worn out maybe 1/4 tread left or less when I bought the truck and I have put over 18000 on them but they are almost slick in the middle now. Shirt size 3XL

  11. Love the Arturo Trail Blade MT. Run them on my 06 F150 w/ 6” Pro Comp, Rough County Lift Struts, and custom dot brake lines. Switched from Toyo Open Country MT to these and am very happy! Size Medium please guys!! Love y’all!

  12. Nope had set of MT’s they rode like crap. Two tires were out of round. Would never purchase again nor recommend.

  13. I put 45k miles on my trail blades and still have enough tread life that Someone is buying them from me ordering a new set this week Would love to have one of the T-shirts size large thank you!!

  14. The Atturo trail blade XT hands down for the on and off road capability for us citiot boys. This will be my second set. I sold my other truck with the Atturo XT's I'm purchasing another set from custom offsets. Can't wait to get my rim and tire package. Chit I never knew until I started watching these boys.

  15. Can you guys do a video about super swampers? I’m thinking about buying some from you guys and was wondering about width and tread life

  16. Running 33×12.50 Atturo Trail Blade X/T’s on my truck and I absolutely love them. Definitely my favorite Atturo tire. My T-shirt size is XL.

  17. I've been running Atturo 285/65/R18LT on my 2016 Colorado for over 18000 miles with no issues at all. Great tire in light sand and mud. Not good for deep Florida black goo but that is why I have a winch!

  18. Had the Atturo MT on my lifted super duty and loved them plus I tow often. Now I’m gonna put them on my FX4 f150 great tire for the money.

  19. XT’s for the look and ability of them and the pricing not being to bad but milage warranty being above reasonable. Shirt Large.

  20. Anyone running the BOSS? Love the way that tire looks. Thinking about putting on 24×14 tis rims, wrapped on 42×15.50 BOSS tires on my f350.

  21. The trailblazers XT’s run quiet look good and wear slow. A great California tire.

    Size medium shirt please 🙂

  22. About to pull a trigger on trail blade xt 33×12.50R20 to put on my OEM wheels if yah got more shirt size L 🤘🏼

  23. I bought the trail blade ats for the winter and I love them I’m getting the mts for summer and I wear a xl

  24. About to get a set of XT’s 22”x12.50” on some Gloss Black RBP 74r 22”x12” on my 16 Z71 can’t wait hope they don’t rub too bad. Shirt size Large!

  25. XTs have been on my truck for 20k miles. They have good traction in sloppy mud and sticky pack, slick asphalt you gotta watch yourself cause there wont be any traction found with how flat the center pattern can be under weight. Easiest thing to do for getting the most mileage is baby powder and watching what wears off first. Took me 3 tries on my 295/60/20 for 20x12s at 65 front 60 rear, 3/4 ton truck.

  26. I can’t wait to put the XT on my 2018 Silverado and a squeeze and 35s in there with just a level kit I will make it happen trust me shirt size large

  27. Definitely the trail blade xt 285/70/17 come to Pappa..triple xxxl like my favorite tires son…I might be a little late…

  28. Atturo Trail Blade MT 35×12.50R20s on my 2012 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman! Also, you guys hooked me up with a set of Bora 1.75" spacers! Will get pictures up as soon as they're mounted this weekend! Size LARGE like a boss! lol

  29. Jumpin ditches and rocking free t-shirts! Trailblade BOSS is what I'm ordering. And i rock a large. Thank ya

  30. Anybody know what wheel that is in the wide shots that’s all the way to the right and sort of in the middle. The grey one?

  31. Yes the atturo trail blade xt were loud as fuck the tread was unbalanced… yes the tires were rotated every 10k… won't buy them again way too loud on a 2010 f150 lariat… I'll stick to the ko's next time I think my grandfather's grandfather ran the ko's… can't go wrong with them!

  32. My favorite Atturo tire has to be the trailblade xt because of the tread pattern and it gotten me out of some sticky situations. Shirt size is medium thank you

  33. On my 17th set of Arturo tires. Never let me down in the car line and on the trail. I just like the style and the tires. Xt is my fave over the fuel gripper m/t. I've got great life out of them on my daily drivers and have reached over 50k miles on a mega cab diesel dodge truck. Long as Arturo on the market I'll keep running with them. And far as shirt I'm a 2xl. But would take a small for a kid in need.

  34. I just ordered a set of the Atturo Trail Boss 375/45/22 for my 2015 Yukon XL. I'm looking forward to see how they will preform. Shirt size XL

  35. Just ran the 35 12.5 on my 20s. 6 inch lift on the f150. Not enough ride yet, but they are certainly gorgeous.

  36. Have a set of the AZ800's on my wife's 5.7L Grand Cherokee Altitude, and LOVE them! Actually had them to 140-mph, and performed great!

  37. Just ordered atturo trail blade xt 305/45r22s with ballistic rage 22*12s from y’all today going on a 2016 Ram 1500 4*4. Size XL thanks in advance!!.
    @custom offsets

  38. 5000 miles on a set xt . Personally can not reccomend. Handling is horrible especially braking in a turn . As far as mud grip they are amazing

  39. About to order the atturo trail blade xt and ultra hunter 20×9 from you guys! Can't wait to see the look on my f150. Size XL

  40. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES!!! they are not good at all, they are impossible to balance!, Ive had replacements sent to me, and they still are out of round! Stay away from Atturo?!?!?!?!

  41. Quartermaster is a joke anyways.
    They're just assembled in the US. All the parts are made overseas and imported.

    Not to mention the owner is a class act douche, stolen valor, all kinds of no bueno stuff

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