TRICERATOPS TAKEDOWN! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 1

TRICERATOPS TAKEDOWN! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 1

(intense music) (tires squealing)
(race car engine revving) (upbeat music)
(crowd chattering) (tires screeching)
(engine revs) – New news! Dinosaur footprints have been
spotted in Hot Wheels City. (car engine roaring) (tires screeching) (car engine roaring) (upbeat energetic music) (excited yells) (car engine roaring) (both laughing) (tires squealing) (engine roaring) (tires squealing) – That was our best time yet! (booming thud) (glass shattering) What the heck? – We gotta check this out! (suspenseful music) (booming thuds) (metal crunching) (sirens blaring) (booming thud) (sirens blaring) (booming thud) (dinosaur roars) – Let’s go now! – Let’s do it!
(car engines roaring) (tires squealing) (energetic music) – [Male Driver] There he
is, let’s go around back! (booming thuds) – Oh, look who created a time
machine in his jail cell! (sinister laughing) (tires screeching) – Another perfect day
in Hot Wheels City. (booming thuds) Ah, what was that? (crackling) (sinister laughing) Ah, that’s not good. (car engines revving)
(tires squealing) (slime splashing) (dinosaur roars) – Ah, gross! (dinosaur roaring) – One thing I hate, boogers! Especially green ones. (tires screeching) (suspenseful music) (car engines roaring) (glass shattering)
(metal crunching) (tires squealing) (glass shattering)
(metal crunching) – Hmm, time to finish the job! – Oh, that backfired! (horn honking) – Oh, it’s time for
the big guns, jump in! (feet quickly pattering) (truck engine whirring) (booming thud) (tires squealing) (calm music) (ice cream splashing) (crying) (tires screeching) (rapid crashing) (slow dramatic music) (glass shattering)
(metal crunching) (tires screeching) (loud footsteps) (dinosaur roars) – [Male] Sheriff, hit the lever! (tires squealing) (glass shattering) (intense exciting music) (claws scratching) (tires squealing) (glass shattering) (lever clicks) (engine roaring) – No! (booming thud) (intense music) (tires screeching) (pops) (excited yell) – You’re gonna have
to do more to do the. (wet squishing) (dramatic music) (tires squealing) (loud footsteps) (moans of agony) Oh, my back! (upbeat music)

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  1. Can Elliot and Chase take down this Triceratops that's terrorizing Hot Wheels City? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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