Trial on Downhill Bike |SickSeries#49

Trial on Downhill Bike |SickSeries#49

hey guys, it´s us again – Sick Series we´re back after the fail with the speed trap from last week Cheers for so much comments and likes we had a look at the channel from apecrime, we didn´t know this video we watched the video and they made it to get caught so, it´s possible, and we will try it as long as we get caught. but today we´re here in Innsbruck, and today we´re doing something new we´re riding our Downhill bikes lot of you wished it for a long time and today we will try us out in Trial on a Downhillbike Right – Street trial session – here we go first line: we have two boxes here don´t know if i can make it, jumping onto this box but for this I need to have a stone or something like this – so let´s search something are you Bob the builder? yeah, but it looks scatchy guys, how do you like the “MartinMonday”? Martin Monday goes viral this bikes aren´t made for this looks good easy feels weird to do stuff like this on the downhill bike yeah, and now – drop sick not that bad on the Downhillbike my line will be the same, but on the other direction i´ll jump onto this box – easy cheesy than this gap and than down there ok, i´m excited are you ready? I´m always ready you don´t need a stone? pretty impressiv how you did this let´s go it´s pretty funny with the big bike one line needs so much energie than 2 hours on a normal trials bike rolling over the stones without touching the stones so, like hops hops hops right good luky to have a chainring on the bike yeah, that´s sick dude!! now do it pull the last one dude have to do this one just onto this one and than down ok, let´s do it do you hate the stone? I think he don´t like me just wear a longsleeve in summer – the air condition is soo good he isn´t sweating it´s so hard with this bike please replay it in slomo haha pull something is wrong with the stone can someone make a meme with the stone? make a pose film me haha “the car was pretty sick, we jumped over it” “you can see the profile on the roof” yes this one was sick – but my focus wasn´t at your line 1:0 Fabio VS. Stone so I would say let´s search another spot new spot, and it´s Elias´s turn right balancing onto the bank and than down it won´t be that easy because you can´t hop it on the backwheel – it´s a Downhill bike – but let´s see the bike is longer thanks thanks did´t really opened the brakes sick that it´s possible to ride things like this with the downhill bike it´s so exhausting – but pretty sick the plan is onto this stone, than balancing over there and than the gap from there to there and than down ok, excited if you´ll make that gap so and now the balancing rail dude, that was pretty pretty sick with a downhill bike dude, respect – not bad pretty interesting to test it out yeah, first try didn´t thought that i can make it was pretty sick dude over this tight rail, turning around on the backwheel and riding back so, it will take half an hour would be sick if i can make it in half an hour was pretty close bro you can make it if you´re concentrating 10 hours later soo sick dude yeah yeah, the wind is always your excuse the bushes stand still – so there can´t be any wind now, turn the bike superstar is angry whats your excuse, that you aren´t able to turn around on the downhill bike? I´m dead It´s not that difficult on the trials bike but on the downhill bike – it´s not possible on it but, let´s go, next spot nooo, I´ve to cut down the Sick Series Mudguard so luky that I´m still able to ride the mudgurad haha this is next level style from there to there to the rail – let´s go the batterie from the cam is empty – our batteries are empty trials on the downhillbike is so exhausting it´s pretty hard – it´s hard on the trial bikes – but much harder on the downhill bikes the whole energie goes into the suspension and this is why it takes so much energie but cheers for the sick idea- just write down if you have any new and sick ideas don´t forget the fan friday every friday we will feature the best, sickest or maybe most creative post. All you have to do is to tag @sick_series and be creative – win and get your free Sick Series Fristband so let´s have a look at the Sick Series insta page so in this case – that´s it from the video was pretty sick, we did something different – but it definitely payed off thanks for watching – see you next week. Cheers

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  1. Подари мне пожалуйста трюковой велосипед я очень люблю кататься и хочу научится трюкам как ты

  2. … Brauch ich ne kleine Hilfe…. Müssen wir mal ein Stein suchen (1;01) da liegt doch aber schon einer im hintergrund

  3. Didn't understand shit at first but I have watched inglorious bastards too many times so I don't know I just want to let you guys know that. Margareteeee

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