Treadwright Tire Review: 5 Reasons I Took The Warden’s Off our 4Runner

Treadwright Tire Review: 5 Reasons I Took The Warden’s Off our 4Runner

>>SPEAKER 1: Friends
this is Mike and today I’m going to talk to you about
why we’re not running the Treadwrights on the 4Runner
anymore. So a lot of questions about
if we’re running the Treadwrights anymore
and if not why we’re not running them anymore
what we think of them and I’ve sort of held off
posting a full on review of these tires. But I think you know
now I’m ready to do it. So we’re going to talk
about the five reasons five reasons that I’m not
running the Treadwrights anymore. First a few disclaimers. Number one this isn’t a hate
video. Now I’m not going to sit
here and talk about how something or people are terrible
or companies bad or what you should spend
your money on. I have no bad experience
with trade right. They treated me well
and I think it’s a fine company and have no problem
with them at all. Number two the tires that we
had on the 4runner were the 265 75 16
and the tread pattern was the warden all terrain. Now these were light truck tire
and they were 10 ply range tire. Third full disclosure I did
contact trade right initially and asked them
if they would like to send me some tires for review. They did. They sent me the tires
and I’ve posted my review. And so this is it’s I got
paid for myself. They did send them to me. I did pay to have them mounted. So you know that’s just one
of you know that that’s where we stand
with trade right right now. Fourth I’ve had no bad
experiences with the Treadwrighwright tires. They didn’t have any failures. Didn’t have any major issues
that made it so that I couldn’t use
the tires or made it so they felt they were unsafe
so I didn’t actually experience anything
anything bad or catastrophic or any failures of any kind. Fifth are they safe. I personally have had no
experiences that leads me to believe
that the tires are not safe. Everything that I hear
is conjecture from other people and comments
on our other videos. I have no firsthand
experience with that. Now I did have one of the GS
that’s on the truck right now. Well it’s not on the truck
right now but one of the ferries that I bought
in the set developed the crack right down
the middle and BFG did not replace those under
any kind of a warranty. They were replaced under
the road hazard warranty which has nothing to do
with quality or anything. Sixth are they a good deal. Well that it’s going to depend
on you if you can receive a set of tires
at your home or business. That’s not a problem if you have
a pickup truck or a vehicle where you can put
all of your tires in it all at once and Holum to entire shop. And good for you and you
don’t mind doing it then yeah I mean
it’s could be a good deal. Just realize you’re going
to spend at least twenty five dollars per hire
to have them around an unbalanced and probably more. That’s just what it costs
around here. So it’s not necessarily
super cheap. The set that I had was for tires
and a spare and it was 140 dollars to have
them mounted balanced disposed. Plus they also will
sometimes charge you unmounted fee for the tires
that you have on your vehicle now. So you got to pay that fee
plus the mounting unbalancing. So it’s just something
to think about. Seventh on this show here’s
the review here’s five reasons that we’re not running
the Treadwrights on the 4Runner anymore. The number five reason
is going to be handling now these tires had kind
of a little shimmy they would they would change
directions a lot. On the freeway with those
little dips that are in the freeway
from the trucks I noticed that at first quite a bit. And I noticed that it went
away when I put the BFG back on. So that was an issue. I’ve since discovered there
were several front end issues with the foreigner
that may have been causing that. So something to think
about is kind of like I don’t know
if this is 100 percent because of the Treadwrights
Could be another issue. So you know these are also
these are these are heavy tires and they’re stiff tires
with a 10 ply sidewalls and the remolding process these
are going to be a lot stiffer than what you’re
used to probably. So that’s going to affect
handling and comfort and ride and everything. Number four traction
but these tires I think honestly everybody knows
what the tread pattern is with the BFG
with the Treadwrights Warden it’s same as the old
BFG all trains. And honestly I think they’re
pretty comparable to that tire. They’re not you know
amazing but they’re not terrible. And so I think you know given
the price point we’ll do a little bit slippy
on gravel and they tend to slide sideways a bit. And we didn’t the experiment
too much with tire pressures. Imagine if you lower
the tire pressure quite a bit that you could get
through some of that and some of the handling issues as well. So it’s a little bit
of experimenting you need to do with these tires I think
because of the remolding process. We had I’d have noticed
that they slid around a little bit on this round
about near a house in the rain and that was an issue. Honestly though the old B.F. Goodrich all terrains
that shared the same tread pattern I think they had
the same issues so I think again it’s a good
value given the price point that they
come out. Threet vibration there
was a constant sort of oscillating vibration
with these tires anywhere over forty five miles an hour
for the entire time we had him on the car never went away. Could have been a balancing
issue could have been just a tread issue. I don’t know. Number two is wait
the Treadwrights weighed almost 10 pounds more
than the BFGs and that’s that’s pretty significant
for a vehicle like this with that kind
of underpowered to begin with. And it’s under geared
to begin with as well. So that’s some to think
about if you’re going to a like this they are going
to be on the heavier end. Of course the fees
are on the light end. So industrywide it may
be comparable. The number one reason we’re
not running these tires anymore. They’re just too darn big. The BFG is about 31 and a half
inches tall in stock form. You know when they were new. And the Tred rights
were 32 and a half new. So they’re quite a bit bigger. They’re noticeably bigger. You roll one next to even
when it before it’s mounted. They were a lot bigger than B.F. GS. So if you’re looking
for to get as big a partyer as you possibly
can from a 265 65 75 16 then hey you might like that. I didn’t like that
for the 4Runner for a couple of reasons. Number one is gearing. It’s a manual and we
were slipping the clutch a lot going up
hills pulling the trailer. It was brutal. It slows down noticeably
from the BFG crawling rock crawling off road. Very noticeable. Honestly the biggest reason
that the size of such an issue was that all four tires rub
the fender wells with it went four wheeling and even just
driving into our driveway had a big bump
to go into our driveway. The front left would grab
every time and with the lift we have on the truck
it’s pretty good for us right now and I just didn’t want
to change that. And so the two tires being
that much oversized was really the main deal breaker for us. And then also the spare tire
would not fit in the spare tire well on the back
of the car. So I like having it there. I like never seeing
the spare tire. I mean you almost never
use it and you never see it. It’s just perfect. So the Treadwright when mounted
up on the spare rim Wood would sort of bounce between
the track bar on one end and the trailer hitch
on the other and I could have taken the trailer hitch off
but I need the trailer hitch so had to leave that on there. Okay so that’s why we’re
not running the thread rights on the forerunner
anymore. Hope this helps you make
a decision with tred rights if that’s what you’re
looking at. Again if you have any
questions or comments or issues go ahead and post them
down in the comments section here and I’m sure I know
Tony from Treadwright pays attention to this stuff
and he will answer questions that I can
answer myself. You don’t go easy on him too. I mean this is a good
American company. They make these in Houston
or Dallas I think Texas is Texas right. So yeah. So take it easy on them. Don’t be too negative. Everybody has bad experiences
with things and good experiences with things. Definitely let me know
how they’ve worked for you. If there’s something I didn’t
mention as always we appreciate you watching. Be sure to like this video
if you thought it was helpful and subscribe
to the channel if you like other stuff
that we’ve posted here we have overlending videos
of cycling videos got some four wheel drive
videos coming up. Lots of good stuff so thanks
for watching and Happy Trails.

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  1. Thanks for checking out this video. Hope my honest review of the Treadwright Warden is helpful. Please let me know if your experience with Treadwright tires is different than mine and if you have any questions.

    Check out my other videos on the Treadwrights in this playlist:

  2. I have a 97 4runner and 3 inch lift. This isn't about tread rite but I went from a 265 70 17 BFG to a 265 75 16 Falcons AT3. They ride nice as the BFG but at about 400$ less. I am a little concerned about that plastic faring on the front bumper rubbing but they are good tires.

  3. Maybe i'm crazy and seeing things, but I think i saw your rack and/or rocket box slide to the right when the vehicle rocked at 7:32. Anyway, thanks for the honest review, I've always been curious about treadwrights.

  4. Awesome video and review! Your review covered some very important aspects that one might not even think about when purchasing a tire like this. Thanks!!

  5. Really liking these tires, I like the idea of reusing or the remolding process. I'm on the fence as I'm wanting to go with a 245/75r16 a big part of going with that size is I dont want to stuff a huge tire in my fender wells….I've got a jeep grand Cherokee 02 model 3" lift. If any of the treadwright folks see this, can you tell me how tall in inches is the 245 claw and warden?

  6. I didn't have a good experience on road with the old BFG, but I'm running Goodyear wrangler MT now so I'm pretty used to bad highway behavior now.

  7. I’ve got 265/75/15 toyo all terrains on my truck now and considering going to the 31×10.5×15 treadwright warden. How would they compare in terms of ride and handling?

  8. What concerns me is the fact that the dimensions described are not accurate.
    I would love to try these tires out and see how they handle but with that happening I rather not have rubbing

  9. I think a couple problem could be from being tires way too high in load range. I run range E on a truck that requires it (8000lbs empty) so they could be good. A 4 runner is not a heavy vehicule maybe treadwright have a lighter duty tire that would be better suited ?

  10. i have these on my chevy. used the warden's for about 3 years. they've worked great. gonna put some new ones on my tacoma next.

  11. loved my 33's, but I was familiar with the effects of the tires and they were the correct load range. I don't think the prices are as appealing as they used to be. You have to be really chewing up tires offroad now to make the smaller savings worthwhile.

  12. This was like a guy breaking up with a fat chick, but talking about what a nice person she is and she has a pretty face. Fair review though.

  13. I bought a set of Treadwright tires and have had nothing but problems.
    Couple hundred dollars down the drain just in having shops try and
    figure out why they wobble so bad (Out of round). I have contacted
    Treadwright multiple times just to have them tell me that despite
    purchasing the warranty they still can't help me.

  14. I had a set of Treadwright 275 70 16 claw II blemishes on an 04 F250 powerstroke that weighed 8k empty. Never had a tire issue. Traction was through the roof. Dragging a tree, could not get the tires to spin. (500+hp 700+ftlbs)

    Have a set of 275 70 18 claw II blemishes on my jku. Running them at 40 psi, they ride nice, no problem in the rain this morning. 1 took a lot of weight to balance, the other 4 didn't. Vibration between 35 and 40. Everything else is smooth as butter. Mild tire nose for such an aggressive tread. I love them so far.

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