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  1. Looking great cant wait for you to show us a few runs with them. Did you order the wheel adapter as well. I see that they sell tires with adapters and stand alone with only tires and wondering which to order.

  2. Nice video …
    Have you tried the wheels yet?
    How are they holding up ?
    Would love to see a update …
    Looking to buy this …
    I see the kit …
    my esc just died

  3. i have hade these tires and wheels for couple months now. and they fit the xmaxx really well. and i love them compared to the stock tires. i recommend a stronger steering servo though. just my opinion though

  4. Hey Rusty Dusty RC where can you purchase these Xmaxx Mad Max wheels and tires from? You said in your video 5/16" socket and it says 15/16" on the socket.

  5. Handsome boxer Go with the power hobby 4s they are great and cheep I got two sets of 5000 for a hundred a piece. They are small light and efficient. The max seems to run more efficiently at 33 volts because I get roughly the same run times as my old 3s powerhobby 9000s which are twice their size. Those tires look well built

  6. to get the most from your batteries you should cut over to the xt150 connectors . the stock cant handle the burst amps from thoes smc's

  7. dude you have people all all over you videos five people have posted in between me. How do you get traffic like this. no one sees or comments on my shit. good for you.

  8. The Madmax guy got links here on his ebay auction for the tires maybe you should ask for discount next time 🙂

  9. Hey man can you tell me the weight for the x-maxx with the MadMax wheels and tires without batteries ? Thanks

  10. I want to do the same thing to my t-max . My volcano s30 already sitting on something beefy. Just my try this on my backdraft 3.5

  11. Well it’s definitely been awhile so what do you think about those tires/rims now and what did you pay back then?

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