Trash Can Transport Train Via Golf Cart + Garbage Commander

Trash Can Transport Train Via Golf Cart + Garbage Commander

[Music] Welcome to the Grok Shop! In this video I’ll show the number one application of my golf cart. Where I live we have a relatively large property and a pretty steep driveway and it’s a pretty good trek to hoof it up to the street to carry these garbage cans. I used to put one can at a time on the back of the golf cart but as we’ve expanded & gotten more cans we had to come up with a better system and this is it. It’s called the Garbage Commander. So, there’s a few other systems out there, but I like this one the best because it uses the wheels of the can, it’s the simplest and least expensive, yet it’s pretty robust. They do have different types of mounts. They have hitch mounts and 2-inch receiver mounts and so forth. Mine mounts directly to the frame. It’s just a little simple swivel bolt. I’ll put some links to the different types of mounts that they have below, but this worked good for me because this was already exposed on my golf cart and I don’t have a hitch mounted to it. This particular style uses these J hooks which they call “mountain hooks” which is really for steeper driveways and it also uses PTO pins to hold the cans in place. Here you can see how the mountain hooks compared to their standard hooks. Standard hooks don’t require those pins, so it may be a little less fiddly if you don’t have a steep driveway. With this setup there’s actually two pivot points. There’s the point where the diagonal bar attaches to the frame and then the crossmember at the top also pivots against that bar. these two together seem to provide enough range of motion to keep the cans on track. And here you can see the PTO pins which stands for “power take-off” and it does require a little bit of power to unhook these. Additionally there can be a little bit of clearance issue between the can and the other side of the pin. You can try doing it forwards or backwards but I can imagine this could be a little difficult getting these on and off if you don’t have a certain amount of strength in your hands. So if we’re adding additional cans, they have these things called can couplers. I put it on this way with the onesie towards the front of the cart and the twosie towards the additional can. And then I can use a couple more of these PTO pins to secure each side. In my experience, sometimes you don’t necessarily need these PTO pins if you’re going uphill and it’s not too bouncy or something but coming downhill I’ve tried it and the cans have actually escaped and gone on their own down the hill and gone for a tumble. alright so for me I have six total cans but rarely do I fill them all up at the same time and so right now I just have two of these can couplers so I can carry up to three cans at a time and most of the time that’s good enough every now and then I’ll have to make a second trip so I might get an additional coupler at some point [Music] [Music] [Music] so yeah just to show you these are the three other cans I have they’re green waste cans so trimmings from trees and bushes and whatnot this week I didn’t have any of that but it does work fine for these cans as well the only problem I’ve had with the system is occasionally when going downhill if I can flip over on me and it’ll twist this can coupler making the pin not connect well there as you can see this seems to happen because the steel and the cane coupler gets slightly twisted so I came up with kind of a solution here to fix this I’ll show what I had to do here so the first part of the solution was learn to slow down going down the hill a little bit and then the next part we’re using a couple Crescent wrenches just to sort of retorque the bar back in the correct direction and also this u-shape here has to be kind of Reed bent back and then once you’ve done that to find that the pin goes back in normally and since it’s steel that could probably been quite a number of times without any issues so you have fear in a situation where you got to move a lot of cans over a long distance I highly recommend this setup for less than a hundred bucks you can have all this stuff I have here it saves you loads of time that’s how it’s done thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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  1. I cant believe my life has come to actually being excited about towing trash cans!,
    But to be honest, i tow a few each week. And its far better your way than wrenching my arm off.

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