Trailer Wheel Measurements –

Trailer Wheel Measurements –

In this video we are going to describe how
to measure a trailer steel wheel. I have two examples here one is a 14 X 5-1/2,
5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern steel wheel. This other one is a 16 X 6, 6 lug on 5 steel
wheel, and the way to measure to know what size it is, on the diameter of the wheel,
in other words what size tire will fit on this wheel is you want to measure from the
inside to the inside where the bead seats and protrudes 60 inches. In other words thats the bead seat to the
bead seat. You do not want to measure over all length
from edge to edge, okay and to measure the width of the wheel. Again you will not want to measure, do not
measure overall because it will show 7 inches incorrect. You will measure bead seat to bead seat again,
which is 6 inches. And then on the bolt pattern, there are 6
lugs, so when there is an even amount of lugs, you will measure from the center of one lug
directly across to the center of the other lug. In this case if we put a ruler on it, it would
measure 5-1/2 inches, so its 6 lugs on 5-1/2 inches. The next measurement you would want to do
is the pilot diameter, which is where the hub from the trailer would stick through. In this case it would measure 4-1/8 inches,
and the reason that is critical is because on some trailers they would have a hub with
lug holes that a lug bolt would screw into.

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  1. Not helpful at all !
    on the first rim you said to measure from the inside to inside bead but your hand was covering up the end of the tape measure as it slipped to the outside side of the bead AND THEN you moved the tape measure just as the camera man was zooming in to show the measurement you couldn't see from the distance he was standing !

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