Trailer Tires: Determining Size and Load Range |

Trailer Tires: Determining Size and Load Range |

Hi, I’m Travis and today we’re going to talk
about the size, load range, or ply rating, of your trailer tires. First, let’s go over where to find the tire
size and load range, or ply rating, you need. You can find this information in the owner’s
manual for your trailer. You can also look at the tire sidewall to
see what size tires you have on your trailer. Let’s take a look at the sidewall of a trailer
tire. This is the tire size. The “ST” stands for
Special Trailer. 225 is the width of the tire in millimeters. 75 is the aspect ratio, which is the ratio
of height to width. And 15 is the rim diameter. The “R” in the
middle of the tire tells us that this tire is a radial trailer tire. Now, let’s check out the tire’s load range,
or ply rating. It’s also on the sidewall of the tire. This is a code that tells you how much load
the tire can carry at a particular pressure. You can see that this tire says load range
“C”. The “C” is code that refers to the ply rating of the tire. This code can range from B to F. B equals
4-ply rating. C equals 6-ply rating. D equals 8-ply rating. E equals a 10-ply rating.
And F equals a 12-ply rating. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a tire
with a load range “E” has 10 plies, it means that the tire has the equivalent strength
of 10 plies. Here are a couple trailer tire tips. When you replace your trailer tires, it’s
important to use new tires of the same size and load range. Unless your trailer owner’s manual recommends
a different size and load range. All tires must be the same size in order for
the tires to properly manage the trailer’s weight. If you have any questions, or need help finding
the right trailer tires, give our tire experts a call.

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