Trailer Hitch Installation – 2004 Nissan Xterra –

Today we are going to be installing Curt hitch
part number 13183 on a 2004 Nissan Xterra. OK, we are underneath the vehicle, and the
first thing you want to do is to go ahead and remove the spare tire to get it out of
the way. Taking a look at the passengers side frame
rail here, you can see we have got one, two, three existing holes here at the bottom of
the frame. Those are going to provide our attaching points
on both sides of the vehicle. With the installation kit, you do have this
long plate that it comes with, one for each side of the vehicle. One end has a flat edge the other end has
a rounded edge. The rounded edge is the part that actually
needs to go inside the frame. The flat edge will be the one toward the bumper. We will just lay that in there and align it
over the existing holes. And then we are just going to take our carriage
bolts that are provided in the installation kit, and we are going to them down into all
three locations. OK, we are going to repeat that procedure
for the drivers side as well, and then we will go ahead and put the hitch up into position. We are going to fasten those carriage bolts
with the hex nuts that are provided. OK, then, on the drivers side, we are going
to be using the same procedure with the long block in the carriage bolts. But here on the drivers side you can see we
do have the exhaust tube that is going to kind of interfere with us putting everything
into place here on the frame rail. So to get that out of the way, we are going
to go ahead and lower it off of this rear-most hanger,
which is right here.

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