Trading My iPhone X For A Car

Trading My iPhone X For A Car

– Oh, it’s smoking. Ah, so our car is on fire. What did we get for an iPhone? – What’s good guys, Keaton, here. So I have this kinda crazy idea and I asked you guys on Instagram, if you don’t know it it’s just techsmartt, what I should do. Is this something you guys wanna see? Something that’s just too crazy. – It got too crazy. – Basically I asked you guys
if I should trade my iPhone 10 for a car and probably do
something on Craigslist or just one of those sites. – I wish never heard of Craigslist. – Where you can buy and sell cars, and you guys all said yes. – Yes! Yes! Yes! – So in this video, we’re
going to try exactly that. I have two iPhone 10’s
right in front of me. Each of these cost 999 bucks, plus tax. – I’ll do your taxes. – So we’ve got one in space
gray and then one in silver. I’ll let the buyer, or the seller? Buyer? I’ll let the person getting this phone pick whatever color they want. They’re both sealed as
you guys can see here. I’ll let them open it up just so they know this is 100% official and legitimate. – In fact, I was too legit. Too legit to quit. – I don’t totally know what
to expect from this video but I’m getting similar
vibes to when we sold an iPhone 10 to Walmart for 370 bucks. If you guys missed those videos, I’ll leave them linked right up there. Wow! $370 for my iPhone 10. This video’s gonna be crazy, I know it is. Drop a like if you guys are pumped. Think I’m going to get a car? I don’t know, but we’re in this together. This is a phone, for a
car that hopefully drives. I’m definitely going to test it. I don’t want paperwork I
have to sign if I can just walk away with a car after
I’ve given them a phone. We’re gonna learn a lot today. – We gonna learn today. – And if you guys wanted to see it early it’s on Snapchat and Instagram. Here we go, let’s trade and
iPhone 10 for a car, hopefully. – Man, I hope so. (rythmic music) – So how I’m imagining this to go down is basically I’m on Craigslist right now. I’m going to start
searching up for some cars between like $500 and $1500. Start making some phone
calls, see who’s interested and someone today will be walking away, hopefully, with one of
these two iPhone 10’s. And we’ll be driving in a car. Everyone’s winning. – Duh. Winning. – So let’s go search car. See what we find. Oh, wow, here are the junkers! I’m loving it! Okay, first car under 1000 bucks. This purple 95 Toyota Corolla stick shift. Real good running car. I sorta know how to drive stick. For all my boys that drive
nice cars that are stick I know 100% how to drive stick. Don’t you worry. I got your car. We won’t stall it, we won’t
burn the clutch, we’re good! Do you have a phone number? No! Really? These are the same damn picture! It’s four listings for the same car! No! That’s not good. Whoa, 2007 civic clean car. This thing looks stunted a little bit. Rebuilt engine, I wonder why. Custom wheels, Kenwood
touch screen, $800 cash. Feeling good. – [Voice On Phone] Hello? – Hey man I just saw your
listing on Craigslist for the 2007 civic? – [Voice On Phone] No, I’m not. – Oh did it already sell? – [Voice On Phone] No, they
put the wrong phone number on the ad. – Oh have you been getting some calls? – [Voice On Phone] Yeah, you’re
like the 80th, 90th person– – Dude, I’m sorry, that (beep) that’s a bad prank I’m sorry. – It was a prank! It was a prank! (phone ringing) – Hello? – [Voice On Phone] Hey this
is Brad, I missed your call? – Hey Brad, yeah, just
callin about the car I saw on Craigslist? – [Voice On Phone] Sure, which one? – Sure, I’m just goin, I gotta click back, a few links just because – There’s too many of them! – Oh yeah you have the um the Ford taurus? Yeah so, crazy idea,
would you take a brand new iPhone 10, sealed in the
box, I’d let you open it, I have the receipt, for the car? – [Voice On Phone] Nah,
I don’t need a new phone. – Alright no worries, thank you so much, I appreciate it man. Alright, wow, didn’t even
get a goodbye, a thank you. Sounds like I just wasted his time, alright, he sounded so friendly! Then just became evil. – Then it’s settled,
we’re becoming villains! – 93 Lincoln Town Car, here we go. Low miles, automatic,
interior, runs smooth. Hello? Hi I saw your listing on Craigslist for the 93 Town Car? – [Voice on phone] Yes, yes. – Is it still for sale? – [Voice on phone] Yes it’s for sale. – Hey, crazy idea, would you
take a brand new iPhone 10, for the car? I have the receipt, it’s still in the box, just figured I’d give you a call. – [Voice On Phone] iPhone 10? – Yep, the brand new one from Apple. (electronic music) – [Voice On Phone] From
Apple, yeah, bring it. (electronic music) It’s like, it’s just last
time I bought a phone, you know what happened? It was brand new in the box,
but the guy didn’t pay the bill and then the phone disconnected. – Yeah no this is a brand new one, you can put any sim
card you want in there, it’s never had a plan
on it, it’s brand new, I’ll even help you set it up if you want. – [Voice on phone] Anytime
you have a time to stop by. – I will give you a call,
I will text you okay? – [Voice On Phone] Okay no problem. – Thank you, bye. What just happened? I got a little bit of
an anecdote there too. Wow. 93 Lincoln Town Car, 750. Alright I’m gonna make one more call, see if we have any other fish on the line, then I might give our friend a call back. Let’s give this guy a call. See if the transmission is working. – [Voice on phone] Hello? – Hey I’m calling about the Volvo? – [Voice on phone] Yeah? – Yeah is everything all good on it? Just wanted to make sure it looked good and that we could trade
you an iPhone for it. – [Voice on phone] What? – Could we trade you an Iphone 10 for the Volvo car that you have? – [Voice on phone] That’s
the latest Iphone isn’t it? – Yeah it is! – [Voice on phone] That sounds good! – Awesome, and the car
works, it runs fine, like no problems with the
transmission or anything? – [Voice on phone] No, no. – Sweet alright man I will
see in probably around like 15-20 minutes okay? – [Voice on phone] Okay, alright. – Alright sounds good, thanks man. Dude it sounded like he just woke up. – Ow okay I’m awake, I’m awake. – Was not expecting that call at all, we’re going for it! 96 Volvo, never owned a Volvo, looks a little bit better
than the Lincoln Town Car, and it is older. We’ll see how many miles is on this thing, I’ll check it out, if I’m not into it, we’ll go pick up the other car. I’m excited boys, I’m pumped. (electronic music) We’re about two minutes away right now, I’m getting excited,
anxiety starting to raise. Holy, dude, dude, look at that, Kyle. – [Ev] Is everyone alright? That’s where my mixtape was! (air horns) – It’s not every day we
film crashes on the 101 but only when buyin iPhones. Buying cars with iPhones. If Ev gets us there in one piece that is. I hope it looks as good
as it did in the pictures, and works, A to B, that’s all I need. Car to take me from A,
deliver me to point B. We’re gonna die, Ev’s going to kill us if he doesn’t see these speed bumps, 100%. See that’s how you do it Ev! We don’t go flying back here. End scene. We just got here, we’re here at Denny’s, not the restaurant, but
this awesome guy’s house. I think I see the Vo – Nothin on the sweet speed Vo here. – He got it from the driveway
to some part of the street so that’s all we need. – It’s alive! – I got both iPhone 10s
here, let’s go meet Denny! – [Kyle] Denny from the block. – Denny from the block. Hello? Hey I’m Keaton, won’t bite. – It’s a good day. – Nice to meet you. – My niece bought it new. – [Keaton] Back in 96? – [Denny] Yes. – [Keaton] Wow! – [Denny] And then I ended up with it, she bought another car. – [Keaton] How many miles are on it? – [Denny] It’s got 80… close to 100. – [Keaton] Okay! – That is American muscle. That car fought in Vietnam. – Do you think, can it take
me from point A to point B? – If you need it fast. – Oh, I sound like a
fast kinda guy, you know, if my car aint foreign, what are we doing? – I am speed. – There’s probably been like
three kids born in here. What! This is awesome! We got the new chella mobile! We’re takin this to coachella! I love it! Denis, have you seen the new iPhone 10? – No I haven’t. – Alright well you get to pick the color. – I’ll take the black. – The black, alright
cool open that up man. – I haven’t anything brand new. – I don’t want anything to fall out. – I haven’t had anything
brand new for a long time. – I’m glad I took your call! – No problem man! – We got a deal! – Yeah of course we got a deal! – Cool! – Awesome, alright can I,
is there any paper work I need to fill out? (soft electronic music) Sweet. Lemme get the keys and let’s head out! So he said the radiator
is gonna be an issue. I think we can still make
it, it’s like six miles away, it’s not bad, but he
said it might catch fire. I think we can make it. – What part of we’re screwed
don’t you understand? – Dude there’s a hole
in the seatbelt buckle, that’s when you know. Dude we can feel this car moving, what did we get for an iPhone? We’re gonna try to get home. Oh dude that just sounds
like gears grinding. Like you know the reference,
you grind my gears? Literally this car grinds it’s gears. – You know what really grinds my gears? – It’s running, just we need to watch for the engine overheating. That is the number one thing we’re looking out for right now. Please don’t break down, I
think I’m gonna throw up. Should we bang it? If we tried to bang it this
car would just fall over. Please don’t get hit,
please don’t get hit, please don’t get hit,
please don’t get hit. – [Kyle] You’re barely making that. – Yeah. Drop a like on this
video if you guys want us to try this again, maybe
try it with some other tech. If it can happen with an iPhone
10 and get us this Volvo, anything is possible. – Ipad, iPhones, whatever. – Alright it’s almost
at a third overheated? Let’s hope we make it back. Dude the fucking speedometer
does not work Kyle. I kid you not. We do not know how fast we are going. Man this car is a gem, a gem. The car works? It runs fine, like, no problems with
transmission, or anything? – [Denis] No, no. – Alright so we got about
three miles exactly, nine minutes, the engine
is starting to overheat. It’s climbed up from about
half where it was chillin for a while to now about
three fourths overheated. I’m scared. We’re close, we got some hills. Dude there’s something
coming through these vents. – Ahhh! – We’ve ruled out rubber,
we’ve ruled out other cars. It is the car sending
fumes into our faces. – [Kyle] Alright, this is the
big hill we’ve gotta go over. – [Keaton] Oh boy. If it just dies halfway,
like rolls it back, hits the civic behind us. – [Kyle] Oh it’s at full heat! – [Keaton] No way! Oh my God! Dude it’s gonna get exploded! – [Kyle] Can we make it? Can you limp it in? – Dude it’s at full heat we’re making this turn
– [Kyle] It just went down! – [Keaton] What a great day. – [Kyle] Oh it’s smoking. – Uh so our car is on fire. This is not safe. – [Kyle] The car’s
actually on fire right now. – Like we’re just getting
it back to the boy’s shop. – [Voiceover] Many unbearable hours later. (laughing) – Look at this! (laughing) So we made it back safely, kinda, sorta, the minute we turned the car on, I started to smell something funky, Kyle and I just wanted to dismiss it, and maybe it’s the tires,
someone in front of us, the car just has some nice musk to it. No. The radiator caught on fire
as soon as we started it. We drove home with it basically smoking, we just kinda didn’t see it,
we could smell it for sure. So to quickly recap what went down, I had this crazy idea to
trade an iPhone 10 for a car. Drop a like on this
video if you guys want us to try this again and let
me know in the comments what else you want me to try for next. A house, that’d be pretty sweet. The sky’s the limit so, had this idea, made some
calls on Craigslist, a few people laughed at me, one guy actually thinks I’m still coming, I have another iPhone 10,
maybe I’ll get a second one seriously you guys let me know, and then we got to Denis’s house, tells us the radiator’s a problem, it was kind of an issue in the listing, not anything too big to worry about. So the car works, it runs fine, like no problems with
transmission or anything? – [Dennis] No no. – It’s a big thing to worry about. We barely got home safe, but we made it, like what do we name her? Let me know in the comments real quick. Subscribe if you’re new, check it out on Instagram if you guys missed any
of the behind the scenes anything’s possible. Peace! (soft electronic music) So we got the car for the iPhone 10. Check out where the window buttons are. In the center! Not on the side. And we’re somehow still
alive and still running.

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