Tractor Tire Repair

Tractor Tire Repair

hey this is Mike with as you can see I have a problem. I was getting ready to go out and do some
brush hogging and I have a flat tire on the front of my tractor which gives me the
opportunity to tell you anytime you have a flat tire on the front of a tractor there’s no need to go get a jack, there’s a jack built into the tractor with the front end loader
and I’m gonna show you how that works Now, I’m gonna try to fix this problem
without taking the tire off the tractor and at the end of the video I’m gonna
tell you about a product that I just love that does a great job of sealing holes in
tires and I’m gonna try to use it on this one to get me back on the field and I don’t get
paid to endorse it I’ve sold it I use it I love it I endorse it they don’t pay me
they could send me some free product if they’d like but they haven’t, it’s a
product called Multi Seal and we’ll talk about that here in just a minute but
what we’re going to do with this flat tire, first we’re going to lift it up and
make sure its not off the rim. We’re going to start the tractor, and right now there are pallet forks on
the front of the tractor, we’re gonna make sure they’re dead flat and then we’re
going to use the pallet forks to pick up the front of the tractor, it has more
than enough power to do that Now at this point if I were taking the
tire and wheel off I would put jack stands underneath the front axle to make
sure that it didn’t fall on me when I had it off you don’t ever want to rely on the
tractor hydraulics to do that but we’re not gonna take the tire off we’re going
to try to make it seal. Multi Seal is a product I’ve used for a number of years
and if you have thorn trees it will seal the hole in a tire quickly and what
we’re going to try to do we’re going to take the valve stem and this little tool
take the valve stem off comes with a multi steel container. We’re gonna take that valve seal off and we’re
gonna squirt a bunch of this Multi Seal down in the tire, then we’re going to put the valve stem back
together put the little plunger back in the valve stem and we’re going to fill
this tire with air and then we’re gonna spin the tires around multiple times Multi Seal finds the hole and when it
finds a hole it should seal it. This Multi Seal is a real gooey fibrous
substance and it finds holes and actually up to close to a quarter inch
in diameter holes and just fills it immediately it’s a great product and it looks like it worked, I can get back
to the field. Hey I survive on web traffic I
appreciate you watching my videos if you’d like to share them with other
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  1. Don't forget to pull whatever caused the flat out of the tire first.  Don't want it to chew up the inside of the tire.  Pump up the tire.  If you can't find the leak by ear, soapy water will.

  2. I have also had good luck with "Slime". We have mesquite, prickly pear cactus and other hazards, but none have flattened my Slimed tires.

  3. Hi Mike I've been getting to really enjoy your videos I watch quite a bit of them the one on your tire repair and it is a great idea but you should've shown the size of the bottle how much was in there and Shown approximately how much you used so you'd have a better idea of not putting to much in

  4. Thanks Mike for another great video. Just bought a MF GC1705. Can you do a video on a good quality grease gun for tractor use. These $20 jobs are awful. Looking for a quality grease gun with good zerk attachments for little to no leaking or side seeping.

  5. Hi Mike, coming back around to this video after getting a flat on my front R4 and 2 flats on my UTV. Do you know what the difference is between the different multi seal formulas? I saw the outdoor power equipment on your amazon page but then saw they had a sportsman and also a trailer formula. Also wondering how well this stuff holds on on tires when heavy loader work is being done. Thanks for the video, I’m seriously considering this stuff because the tire shop charges me as much as one of these bottles every time I get a flat.

  6. I feel that it wouldn't have sealed the tire as fast as what is shown there you just spinning around and it's automatically boom sealed it doesn't have to sit after you spin it so that the gooeyness Harden's

  7. Thank you… That was a really helpful video. I think the hole i have is a bit too big to fix like this though it is about as thick as my little finger diameter.

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