Traction Süd – Autokerkhof met militaire voertuigen

Traction Süd – Autokerkhof met militaire voertuigen

Traction Süd has been a garage for trucks, officially it is a retailer of light trucks, founded in 1967. Over the years a large scrap
yard has grown in the garden of this company but what makes it extra special is that here a lot military vehicles are rusting away. Can I tell you that this is a legal location. Pay a trifle to the owner’s house on arrival and you can take photos there undisturbed for hours. If you don’t do this, you can expect
that man to come and get you from his property with the help of his dogs. Many repairs will probably no longer happen in this garage, but what a nice collection of vehicles. I hope the wind doesn’t bother you much, because there is a lot of wind today. We arrived today at Traction Süd. This is a collection from a private owner and we have paid 50 euros to be able to walk around here with 9 people. So let’s see if it’s worth it here. There is of course not much to tell about this location, that man has collected military and other vehicles. In the past many people came to this area illegally and that man was known for taking you from his domain with his dog. He has turned his nuisance into a good virtue and he has begun to ask for money for it. Now you can walk around and take photos for a small contribution. We paid around 6 euros per person to be allowed to photograph here. Here are a lot of things packed in their original packaging, it looks like. This is a bit like food packages or first aid packages. We were not allowed in the vehicles and that man is watching us. Tatti is still somewhere on this site, I am going to take some pictures, but I personally think this is an old iron trader. I think this location is more like a scrap dealer than urbex. But it is shared in the environment of the urbex, so we set off and you have seen it now. So we see you again in the next movie, at the next location, until the next.

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  1. Veel Oost Duits materiaal. Trabant Kubel, IFA W 50 vrachtwagens. Tatra. Heeft allemaal zijn waarde, of toch gehad. Jammer dat je jezelf eigenlijk benadeeld door het zo te laten verrotten. Maar ja, dat zie je op zoveel locaties.

  2. Nice filming. This is like a playground for the boys 😊 some of the vehicles are growing their own camouflage with all the moss. Great job guys 😊

  3. Goed dat er zo mensen zijn die het fotograferen toelaten zonder ravage of graffiti want dat is lelijk he wel een bijdrage voor toestemming . #EplorationTeamWaasland 👍 bedankt om naar daar te rijden 👍 op naar een volgende bestemming

  4. regel PayPal, en ik ben een supporter, maak ik wat over, And do your videos in english, please!!! it wil atracks more people!!!

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