Traction Control (TC) –  Animated Quick Guide

Traction Control (TC) – Animated Quick Guide

Traction Control: Extra traction when you
need it. Traction control helps prevent your wheels
from spinning on slippery surfaces, such as icy, snowy or wet roads, and it increases
traction when you need to accelerate. Traction control should always stay on, except
when you’re stuck in mud or snow. Turn off traction control if you need to rock
the car back and forth; or, when using tire chains.
Remember, traction control will only engage when your wheels start to slip. Know More. Drive Safer. Visit My Car Does
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  1. Now I know what button means. My kids always turn it off, but I told them just leave it on. I guess it only engages when it's needed. This is easy to understand.

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