Traction Control Explained – Safe Winter Driving | with Rick & Scout

Traction Control Explained – Safe Winter Driving | with Rick & Scout

Hey, see those two playing Frisbee, the real
cute one? Now look to the other guy, that’s me, I ‘m Rick and that’s Scout. I’m going
to solve a little mystery today about this button on your dashboard. What is TC or TCS
or the squiggly symbol? It’s traction control, and relax nothing will happen if you push
the button. Here’s the deal traction control helps prevent your wheels from spinning on
roads that are snowy, icy, or simply wet. TC helps your wheels grab the road better.
It is important to remember that TC only engages when your wheels start to slip. So, turning
it off, like this, does not change regular driving or improve your mileage. It is best
to ignore the button and keep traction control on. Except, in two very specific cases. One,
if you are stuck in deep snow or mud turning off TC will help you when rocking the car
back in forth to break free. Second you’ll also want to turn off TC if you ever install
tire chains. That’s it. Traction Control is now standard on most new cars and activates
only when needed. So stay alert and remember, you are your car’s best safety feature. Know
more, Drive Safer. Visit My Car Does What dot org. Lots of great information and graphics
and videos there. So check it out.

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  1. This is a great feature, especially in winter Chicago driving. Traction Control is almost a necessity in Chicago.

  2. If traction control doesn't help me come out of snow/mud then what's the use of having it in my car? In normal drive we don't need TCS, then what's the whole point of having it when it can't help me in extreme situations?

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