Toyota Corolla T Sport – TRACK DAY [with wider Tires]

Toyota Corolla T Sport – TRACK DAY [with wider Tires]

and it’s the day before the race and
it’s getting very very hot I’ve been out for like five minutes and I’m already
like sweating so yeah it’s gonna be a tough time for my car at the track with
all this temperature and speaking of temperature I bought this useful thing
on eBay and it’s like a pistol that measures the temperature where you
pointed for example you can see the laser so it’s 40 degrees so let’s see
the asphalt is 55 degrees Celsius it will be interesting to see after the
stint to see their breaks how hot they are and the tires and all that and yeah
it’s gonna be a tough time for me and the car um because there’s no shade
there anyway I’m gonna go I need to go to the barber to cut my hair and to wash
my car and lastly to show you what I’ve done to this car for the track day
tomorrow so yeah let’s go the first and the only thing that I did
so far is changing the wheels and tires the original ones were skinny 16-inch
wheels so I went with wider 17-inch wheels along with sport continental
tires here are the differences in great detail finally the Beast is all ready for the
truck day tomorrow early in the morning I bought sandwiches
and packed my camera equipment and after that we hit the road barely started
every time came over father oh boy we never learn we just keep girl we keep it as you see we came 30 minutes earlier so
we can be in the shade and for me to mount my cameras and thankfully my dad
found a nice spot in the shade these cars you’re seeing now are the
cars that are in my group mostly turbocharged cars over 200 horsepower so
it’s gonna be interesting the temperature was around 32 degrees
Celsius but thankfully it was also windy and here you can again see just how much
wider the wheels are I simply couldn’t wait to test them out but because I
didn’t properly warmed up my tires the car was sliding right now I noticed my engine
temperature was raising which was weird because I barely drove fast still
because of the mistake in the first corner I decided to do cool down lap but
then I glanced at the engine temperature and I saw the gauges all the way up to
high I was slowly starting to panic naturally because I mean I motor Bosna
visibly temperatura I stopped and restarted the car just in case the
sensor is faulty but that wasn’t the case receipt dosing as an official check
engine email and pizza mr. Radames check engine light I don’t know what’s
the problem I hope it’s gonna be some small thing we quickly realized that the coolant was
leaking because the hose that goes to the intercooler popped off thank you
ma’am thankfully my dad had a new clamp so he
will try to put the hose back lastly we refilled the coolant because
of the leakage such boost good luck after around 10 minutes the temperature
was back to normal and the check engine light went away I hope you can hear me but the first
stint didn’t go well thankfully we fix it right now and over
all the tires the tires were holding me in the corners very very well I’m so
surprised it’s really really for a good first step
hope I’m gonna be lucky to get the fast lap and I only need one that’s all so
yeah wish me luck I wish you luck after one fast lab the temperature was
raising but I got so so happy just seeing the gauge going down after 10
seconds during cooldown lap so I got the confidence back and started to do more
fast laps after making that mistake I was still
pushing because I need to practice since I only had few laps in the first and now you will soon see how we nearly hit
the BMW who broke down in the middle of the racing line I saw him late because I was focusing
and looking at the corner the apex and all that now there are yellow flags on
that part of the track because of BMW but I was still pushing and learning the
first part of the track at this point I got so upset of myself
because of making so many mistakes now some of you are asking why I didn’t turn
off the traction control I don’t know I never felt like it was bothering me and
cutting the power so I decided not to but in the next track day I will try it
for sure during this upcoming lab I had traffic
but it was the best lab during the second state after that lab all I did was more
mistakes temperatura dabra dabra samehada young
crew goostin look at the sweat like I was I was so
sweaty that if I started to drop oh my goodness the drops of sweat like that
that’s how hot it is today but thankfully there’s no issue with with
the engine temperature and all the everything is fine just I have to do one
good lap there was every lap it was like the traffic problems or I ended mistakes
I just need to do one perfect lap play and I’m getting so frustrated but I
can’t do it the car has potential but I can’t use it
with the with these with these original original seats that move me a lot and
the steering wheel steering ratio the slow steering ratio so yeah but similar
13th this club wasn’t bad but then I
encountered traffic I had to keep trying and start my lab
that had no cars ahead of me for no 233 Oh extra mobile yeah Google
logo signal second volley to bring children I got so relieved but deep in my mind I
knew the car had potential for a much faster life the brand
in this attempt I try to do the fast lab following a fast car but got surprised
when I was catching to the car ahead of me so because of that I backed off now this Mercedes driver I don’t know
what he was doing he had his hazard lights indicating that he is on a
cool-down lap yet he’s driving on a racing line after my mistake and the traffic problem
there was little time left to improve pressure was high but in the next lap I
managed to fight my way out Satsuma SHINee Bosch member alehrer team
acquired a desire and I burst out of happiness that the car nearly went
off-track when I heard my dad telling me the
laptime Dobrin and that was the best lap I did that
they comparing to other people’s times I was very very competitive I’m so happy I was still dressing like
went even faster but still I don’t want to I don’t want to say what I would have
I would have gone faster because I’m so happy
and I can my I can cool down now and the the car did excellent like I got used to
it and it was performing so so well although it is a big struggle to control
my let’s see my good driving skills helped and I was second second in my
group and that’s crazy because they were like cars over 200 horsepower I had
under under 200 horsepower and I still managed to so there was that’s all stay tuned for
this project I can’t wait for the suspension and the racing I got no into that idea and I can’t end this video without
thanking my dad and my friend for fixing my car my whole family was supportive
and that made me even happier for even exceeding my goals and drinking more
water because we drink so much water today ok I took a bath and I relaxed a
little bit because it was a very very long day but a happy day for sure one
minute forty three point five seconds to somebody it’s just a number but for me
like I felt like I won the f1 race or something like it it really meant a lot
to me and I am super happy that the car is actually showing the potential and
after the third stent many people were coming up to me and asking like hey what
did you do to the car like it looked very fast and it’s a very nice feeling
to like smile at them and say like I haven’t done anything just to wider
wheels and tires that’s all and they they’re actually like good surprise and
that’s what I mentioned in the video where I was talking about starting the
project I didn’t wanna just go and buy the most popular choice for the race
track I wanted something unique in short it’s much more impressive to put down a
very very good lap while not having the popular car for the track and on that
note stay tuned for the next video of my theater project bye

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  1. Now just remove all the useless items like the rear seats, luggage cover, tools etc. If you have another car as a daily you don't need comfort with this car. I would like to know how much weight you can strip.

  2. The 2zzge has temperature problems, with your general, the engine will not do that long !!!
    Liftbolts already exchanged?
    And another landing gear will be a big plus as well as more crash on the front axle

  3. “need to go to barber to cut my hair and wash my car” 😂😂 didn’t know u could get a car wash at the barber ??

  4. If you're going hard on the track I would suggest go for better anti-roll bars,coilovers,cooling and ofcourse better brakes!

  5. Top 5 things to do :
    1)Weight Reduction
    2)New All-wheel performance brakes
    4)New Coilovers
    5)Optional (Cooling Upgrades/Mods)

  6. I really admire you for you tries! Keep it up and get better! Btw its lovely to see that you also
    get support from your family! Wish you the best!

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