Toyo Open Country MT Tire Review | Why I Love These Tires!

What’s up guys! soyLEGEND here! Welcome
to a product review of my Open Country Toyo MT tires. For those of you that
watch my Vlog..I figured out where to mount my camera! Up in the corner here
and it’s actually upside down, but I’m gonna flip the video later. But I
figured it out! So, yay! Alright let’s get to this product review. Currently on
my truck, if you watched my walk around, you’ll see that I have 35 inch Open
Country Toyo MT tires. MT is mud terrain. And I love them to be honest. I
absolutely love them. So, I originally had 33 inch of the exact same tire on this
truck. I bought them used off of Craigslist
though and they were a little worn down, but they lasted me quite a while and I
ran them all the way till they were bald. And I was off-roading almost every
weekend with them. And they lasted me like three years or
so and I was seriously..I mean..I was out in California. I was driving on the
pavement a lot and MT’s don’t do the best on pavement, but however it’s not as
bad as you might think. They are extremely knobby. So when you’re
driving on the pavement, you can probably see my camera’s shaking a little bit, and
that’s probably because of the knobs on my tire. When you first put them on
you’re going to notice like a loud rumble and some vibrations in your truck,
but don’t worry about it. It’s nothing wrong with your truck
and you probably didn’t install the tires wrong. They’re just knobby and big
and make a lot of noise! So, don’t worry about the noise or the vibration. So
you’ll get used to it really quick, but like I said I had 33 inch of the exact same
tires on here. I ran them bald, as you can see here. And I bought these 35 inch
ones, because I like the brand so much, I bought the same exact brand, but 35
inch, because I went up two inches in my lift and I bought them brand new. Decently
priced actually for like four huge truck tires.
I picked them up for like 14 I think, but I do have a link in the description to
the tires. I’m sure the price has changed, so if you want to check the link to see
for yourself and pick them up if you want. And I promise you won’t be
disappointed if you buy them. So, I guess I’ll go over like capabilities now. Again,
like I said on the pavement, they’re a little rough riding, but that’s because
they’re MT’s and super knobby and you’ll just get used to it. Don’t worry
about it! But off-roading they’re awesome! Like absolutely awesome! I only have a
two-wheel drive Ford and I was able to climb over things that other guys that I
was with had to swap into four just to get over it, but I, in two, was able to climb
over it because of the knobbiness of the tires. Or go through like a mud hole that
people have to swap out to four for. So even if you have a two-wheel drive, these
are the tires you’re gonna want to keep up with your four-wheel drive buddies! So,
don’t be ashamed to own a two-wheel drive truck! Just get these tires and
you’ll be just fine! I suggest while you’re off-roading
though, to deflate them a little bit if you’re going to be like rock climbing or
whatever. That’s just like common knowledge. If your tires
are lower in air, then they’ll grip the rocks better and you already have the
knobs on there so if you have that extra grip from the deflation, then you’re
seriously going to perform quite well off-road. And then if you’re just driving
around on the pavement or you’re just going to and from work, then just put the
normal amount of air in there, drive and have a nice day! There’s not much else
really to do on this product review of the tires. I love them! Like I said, I
highly suggest picking up a pair for yourself. Any size that you want to rock
on your truck. Just pick them up. Like I said, I have a link to the 35 inch ones
which I’m currently rocking. So, I suggest those if you have like a 6 inch lift
or maybe like a two inch leveling kit, at least. You might have to do some bumper
shaving on that. I did not have to shave any bumper, but I do have an aftermarket
Road Armor bumper. So, I don’t know what you would have to do with the stock bumper. I
did however, even with a 6 inch lift, have to shave a little bit of the
plastic mud shield inside my wheel-well up in the front. Just a little bit. Just
because I had some tire rub, but I did it pretty smoothly with like a cutting disc.
Cut it like butter. It turned out really well and now I’m fine. I probably could
have avoided that with like an 8 inch lift or higher, but I didn’t really want
to rock that with this truck. So, I just shaved it and we’re good! So yeah! So, an
overall rating for these tires, in my own opinion, would absolutely be a five out
of five! Price worked out really well for me,
my original 33’s lasted forever for me, I’ve had these 35’s for like 6
months now and there’s like zero wear on them so far, but I haven’t been
off-roading very much. So, I’m probably saving my tires a little bit. So, price is
good, quality is good, installation is easy. If you don’t know how to do it
yourself, just take it to a tire company. They’ll do it rather quickly and it
won’t be very expensive either. So, I highly suggest picking up these tires.
Open Country Toyo MT’s. They have an AT’s as well, but I rock the MT’s, because I
like off-roading and the meaner, knubbier look. And that about does it for the
product review of these tires. For more product reviews on the rest of my truck
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the next one have a nice day!

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