Top Ten Cheap Or Free MTB Upgrades

Top Ten Cheap Or Free MTB Upgrades

– [Neil] Who likes a freebie?
– [Scott] I do. – Lucky. This is our top 10
upgrades for little or no money. Make your own front mudguard. Make a
template out of cardboard that fits onto your fork base and wrap it around the fork
legs, and then cut one out of plastic. I’ve used a fizzy drinks bottle. I think
an ice cream tub might’ve been slightly better. Punch some holes in it, and then
attach it to your bike using zip ties. – One of my personal favorites is
using an old punctured inner tube. You can wrap it around the chainstay, and
this will silence it and protect the chainstay from chain slap. It’s a great
use, and you feel way faster without hearing that noise rattling around. – Make your own chain guide using a piece of plastic tubing, or, as we have, a
piece of garden hose. Zip tie that to your chainstay, and voila,
you’ve got a homemade chain device. You might need to extend the chain
slightly, depending on the size of your chain ring. – A great use of an old tire is to cut it up into a section and put it onto
the downtube with a couple of zip ties. It offers great protection from stone
chips, and you see a lot of people in Alpine resorts putting these on
to protect them from chairlifts, or gondolas, and also big stone chips. – Another great use for a piece of old tire is to zip tie it to your saddle.
This is an old down hiller’s technique that you use in really muddy conditions.
Normally you’ll slide around on the seat, but zip tie that tire on,
and you’ll stick right to it. – Everyone has them, you get them
when you go shopping, a couple of plastic bags. These are great
as a cheap version of waterproof socks. Put them in between your socks and your
shoes and you’ll have dry feet at the end of a wet, muddy ride. A great tip. – Another great tip for muddy conditions and it’s a down hiller’s trip as well,
is to stick an old goggle lens on the end of your peak. They’re zip tied to
your helmet peak, just extends out, and it stops the rain from hitting your
goggles, and you’ve got clear vision. – If you don’t have lock on grips,
and you’ve got slide on, or push on grips, then a great tip is to
use some hairspray. Finished with that, Donny?
– Yeah. – Just spray it on the end of the
bars, pop your grips on. Leave them for a couple of hours to
evaporate, and they will come out solid as a rock. No more twist grip. – Whilst these last couple of upgrades aren’t exactly free, they are very cheap.
This one is an ass saver. Attach this to your seat, stop getting a
wet bum on those wet rides. – One of the best upgrades I’ve
done in recent years is converting my wheels to tubeless. It’s quite easy to do.
You just need a couple of valves, some rim tape, and tubeless sealant. Now,
we’ve already done a video on this, so go and check that out for your top
tips. And who wouldn’t want to do it? You get more grip, and hopefully, less
punctures. So there you have it, our top 10 ways for almost free upgrades.
Click up there for how to fit tubeless tires.
– And click down there for our top 10 mountain bike accessories. Don’t forget
to leave us a comment if you’ve got any other free upgrades, I’m sure there’s more
that we’ve missed. Click in the middle to subscribe to channel GCN, if you haven’t
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  1. where is the video about first essential upgrades? I saw it before but would like to refresh my memory as I am getting a Capra cf pro race in about a week. It had the brand new GT Sanction.

  2. thats a whole lotta zip ties fellas lol great ideas but I'm sure no one wants thousands of zip ties on there bike

  3. Thanks for the tip. Btw, I'd love to see you guys review entry-level mtb's, the kind most people buy as their first bikes, and ride it through technical trails to see which ones hold up to abuse. I think that's very useful for people getting into the sport or those buying their first mtb.

  4. Put a plastic bag on your seat to keep it from getting soggy in the rain. Did anyone else have to listen four times at 0:54 to understand him?

  5. Does anyone know if the downtube protector works on frames where gear shifter cables(no housing, just the cable) goes right where the piece of tyre would be? Would this mess up shifting by rubbing and tensing the cables,or is it a non-issue?


  7. @gmbn: Can you recommend me a gps tracker for my mtb incase of theft. I hate locking them up every now and then.

  8. Tubeless. Has any company come out with a tubeless tire constructed like a heavy, knobby tube on steroids? No liquid sealer needed. Just wondering if that is next.

  9. just saying u guys already mad this video… for some reason u guys make like 2 of the same videos but different people… I just don't get it.

  10. personally I have a specialized £600 MTX bike which is a very good mountain bike, I have specialised mountains gears, smooth gear changing and my chain is tight and smooth, also I have a bottle holder

  11. Could you do a review of the cube aim pro as it's a entry level bike and Id like a proper review of it please

  12. Great video, I’m going to try some myself and see what they’re like. I really like the chain guide one and the front mudguard one.

  13. I got a new bike recently I then bought lock on grips I found that if I cut my Rubbery slide on ones length ways then put them around my chainstay it provided great protection and silencing this would be a great hack in a future video

  14. Is this for real? You can also use some empty crisp packets for grip covers and goat jizzem for chain lube…..

  15. I have a hack: u can tie the watch at the handle bar in stead of putting it on Ur wrist .u can even watch it easily.pls show this hack in Ur next video.pls.if u have any other ideas pls do send.

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