Top Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV Accessories

Top Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV Accessories

– What’s up guys? I am Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATV MC coming at you with some of
our favorite accessories for the CAN-AM X3. (upbeat music) (engine noise) So, in late 2016, CAN-AM unveiled their all new X3 lineup of side by sides. So we got our hands on this X3X RS turbo and holy crap. This thing is a monster. Tons of power. It’s 72 inches wide. They look awesome. And at 20 plus inches of
travel in the front and rear for me, that’s just the cherry on top. So, we carry a lot of accessories for these at Rocky Mountain, but today I just want to walk you through and show you some of
our favorite accessories from CAN-AM that we have installed. So we’re gonna start in the front. And we’re just gonna work our way back. So starting out in the front, we wanted to add a little
bit of protection to it. So we’ve got the Lone Star front bumper. So with this, it’s one
and a half inch tubing. Gives a nice aggressive look to the front. Now with mounting, it’s
gonna just bolt right on. It’s gonna bolt to your frame, so this thing is very sturdy. But one thing you want to keep in mind. Here in the front you’re gonna need to do a little bit of modification. You’re gonna have to drill
out these holes in your bumper and that’s gonna allow you to
get that tubing through there. But other than that,
install is straight forward. It’s easy. I like the look of it. And I like that the aluminum
plate you see on the front, that actually comes included. So that’s the Lone Star front bumper. Now moving from there,
if we work our way up, we’ve got the CAN-AM half windshield. For us, with any side by
side that we ever get, a windshield is a must. Gotta have it. Give you good protection and coverage from the wind or the elements. So, we put on the tinted windshield, because we thought it looked really good. Now keep in mind, this
thing is pretty dark. They do offer it in a
clear version as well. So if you are concerned
about it being too dark, if you’re doing some night riding, just check out the clear version. But, what I really like
about this windshield, nice aggressive look to it, but it mounts really really fast. In fact, you’re just gonna
have these plastic clamps that really just snap onto your roll cage. You don’t need any tools
to get this installed. It just pops on and off really quick. And when we were driving around, this thing is actually really sturdy. There was zero vibrations. So that’s the CAN-AM half windshield. So from the half
windshield, if we step back, next thing we’re gonna talk about is the lower door panel from CAN-AM. So, for me personally, I like the look of a full door versus just the half. Another nice feature about
having those lower door panels? Is it’s gonna give a
little bit more protection for the driver and the passenger. Now with these, mounting is real simple. It’s gonna come with all
the hardware included. I’ll open this up and give
you guys a better look here. So here’s that full lower
door panel underneath. So you see, you’re getting a
lot of added coverage there. Three bolts that hold it in place. And it’s really sturdy. This thing doesn’t rattle around. Really good looking lower door panel. Now, one thing that you
do want to keep in mind, is if you have the four seater, the Max, the lower door panels in the front are not gonna be the same as the rear. So make sure that you pick
up the lower door panels as well as the front. Other than that, install’s real easy, and a real nice accessory to
have on your side by side. So here in the back of
the machine, a couple more CAN-AM accessories that
we want to show you. The first one is the
pre runner rear bumper. So just like with the front, we wanted to add some protection. So we put this on. A couple nice features about this. It comes with the aluminum plate included, which I think looks really cool. It’s gonna mount up to the frame in a bracket that has your radius rod. So really secure mounting. And it’s also hitch receiver compatible. So if you want to run one of those, you have the ability. And from there, you move up, we have the rear cage extension. Now these two pieces were
actually meant to go together. Keep in mind, you can’t
run the rear cage extension without that pre-runner rear bumper. But the reason we wanted
to put this on here is because it allows us
to have a spare tire. For us, for any side by
side that we’re ever in, we always have to have
a spare tire on there. For us, it’s an absolute must have. So these bolt together right
here at this connection. But then it’s also gonna mount up to the top of the roll cage. You can see right here, they have these custom
hooks that were welded on for a tie down spot. And the tie down strap you see here actually comes included with
the rear cage extension. So that’s the setup that we like on here. Gives a nice overall look
to the back of the machine, good protection, and it allows us to get that spare tire on there. All right guys, so thanks for checking out some of our favorite X3
accessories from CAN-AM. So if you like these,
head over to our website at
to check these out. And also remember, there’s
a lot of great accessories from different brands, so make sure you shop those as well. You guys have any questions
about anything you saw today? Well, comment below, give us
a call, or chat live online. We definitely want to get
your questions answered. And do not forget that
orders over $75 ship free, I’m Chase at Rocky Mountian,
and we’ll on the trails.

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  1. This is a most unfortunate list of recommendations. The bumpers do very little for you, the windshield does even less. Smart riders will wear a full face helmet, negating the need for any sort of windscreen. The spare tire is useless, because you can't change a tire without tools or a jack, and you're never going to fit a jack anywhere on this machine without a cargo carrier. The most obvious and most useful upgrades for the X3 are 1. a tire plugging kit and a plug in compressor. 2. door pockets or a storage container for your lunch, shades, tools, etc, and 3rd but probably most important are the trailing arm rock guards that keep rocks from lodging in between your wheel rim an your brake caliper, which is an absolute day ender.

  2. It makes no sense y they didn't talk about the wheels & tires they have or the light bar or anything more useful mods. What about 4 point harness, a tool kit, or an extra belt?

  3. Il manque le treuil à l’avant c’est hyper important si tu es coincer
    Et aussi la glacière c’est pas mal
    La rampe de led au dessus
    Et la petite boite au milieu du tableau de bord qui sert a mettre aussi une tablette

  4. If mounting a spare tire right in the middle of the center rear view mirror is your favorite accessory then side mirrors better make the list as well

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