TOP 8 Motorcycle VS Cops Bike POLICE CHASE Bikers On Freeway Caught On Camera 🏍️VS🚔👮‍🚨🚓 Videos

TOP 8 Motorcycle VS Cops Bike POLICE CHASE Bikers On Freeway Caught On Camera 🏍️VS🚔👮‍🚨🚓 Videos

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  1. No way those cops knew for sure that was buddy flying by.their way holds up in court.but bikers lawsuit that could be another story

  2. Some of the remarks on here are just stupid and ignorant. If you obey the law and don’t draw attention to yourself you won’t get fucked with. That dude clearly was going over 100 mph. And no cops don’t get fucked with in high school.

  3. So if a cop sees a speeding bike he can just grab the first bike he sees and start assaulting them and damaging their bike? Is there info on what happened to this cop?

  4. 21:20 To be honest I think that cop did a really nice job of regulating the speed of that bike crew using its zigzag shit and all likely with the goal of keeping the regular traffic safe, escorting them on the highway.. And throughout keeping up inside the pack the different methods of controlling the squad were interesting. good job on that cop.

  5. Cops should just smash these retards, world is better off without them. Love it when the bike wankers get f*cked up … Great viewing 👍😂

  6. So what was the reason for the arrest? I'm confused because this power tripping cop didn't know how fast he was going and twisting a throttle is not a crime.

  7. you can tell that's a cycle cop just by his laugh and his action in the way he talks to people psycho cop sooner or later he's going to wind up in jail dumbass

  8. I can only imagine all the impotent rage these cops dish out on their wives after a frustrating day of not catching anyone.

  9. 3rd video

    Kid : walks in side

    Dad: was that good enough son

    :kid yah dad now I’m gonna get a girlfriend

    : dad my boss just called I’m getting fired

    :kid I would to you couldn’t even catch a 13 year old on a 85 pit bike 😂

  10. Why even buy a dirt bike when there is no dirt where you live lol? Only dirt I saw was front lawns and he rode on sidewalk

  11. Stupid, moronic, teenage little boys driving around like to total re retards endangering all lives around them with no regards to others lives or their own. All you little boys have your day coming to you, and it will all be because of your own stupidity. Man, GROW UP. Pathetic to say the very least.

  12. Why do these bikers feel they are above the law? And your bashing the police for doing their jobs..I don’t get disregard for others traveling on the roads..

  13. And you don't have the knowledge to be a police officer you didn't activate your lights so you had no legal reason to do what you did because you didn't have your lights on and what you did was inpeading traffic without your lights on

  14. Hey BLOX where's your dumb ass comments now 🐷🏍🙈🙉🙊 the cop got his butt! 🤣

    A few commented if the cop took it personal, I hope the hell so that police officer may have saved lives on the road maybe your family, maybe your own!

    Charges dropped, that county has to be a sanctuary for criminals

  15. The first one was so fucking stupid, so stupid, what a bitch, that cop didn’t have to do that, that’s so fucking stupid, he wrecked his bike, isn’t that distinction of property, I would’ve been pissed

  16. Cops need continuous education to assess and handle situations.Some are just unfit for the job.Some are really professional and committed to the job

  17. Do we sport bike riders need to behave this way?You want to balls out and do wheelies and other stunts then go to a track! I own 3 bikes, 2 are stroke and a 2016 R6. You riders are making us who follow the riding rules get pulled over. Stop with the beast mentality while riding the fast bikes we own!

  18. Every time a motorcycle crashes, an angel get's it's wings! True, in the first vid the cop was very unprofessional and needs to be retrained to stay in control.

  19. Americans, I would like to understand a little more, what the police are trying to do, force them to take a federal highway because in the state is not allowed?

  20. There is no justification. You cause more issues chasing. You broke the law too. I am sure this is in one of those hick southern state towns.

  21. That first cop sucked "You got 6 points on your licence right now." – What happened to innocent until proven guilty??

  22. Dude didnt do shit wrong he rev bombed him. Wtf where the law against that and speeding is speculation. Judge how fast was he going. Cop aaaaa real fast your honor. Lol wtf

  23. That cop should not be on the force he takes his job way too personal those are the kind of cost that kill people he has an anger problem very very clear

  24. 2 words …. "SPIKE STRIPS" …. Its the ONLY way to put a STOP to this crap …. Perfectly LEGAL to deploy them when ANY motorist won't stop for authorities !!!!!
    Let them WATCH their buddies bodies "pile up" !!!!!

  25. Wow this guy all about his little filling ..if he road he would know u rev up so that people dont pull out front of you..this cop is so unprofestional..he lieing on camra..

  26. That officer 100% right to take this entitled moron down! I for one ride a motorcycle and these idiot give decent law abiding bikers a horrific image. a pack of bikes trying to run the road must be knocked off their bikes as a deterrent for future assholes. One day just one personin a pack of bikes will kill a little boy or girl then what? Too late these assholes need to be taken out before they kill someone. Obviously they don't give a fuck about children's lives not to mention adults.

  27. This just goes to show you that it's all a facade, cops live for that shit and don't give a fuck otherwise, and they always get away with anything.

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